Friday, March 2, 2012

Got A Preliminary Report On My MRI....

Hey Ya'll,

Well, here I was hoping that I would hear from our Doctor with the results from my MRI by early next week.  But our Doctor totally surprised me, and she called me this morning!!  She was saying so much, so fast, that I was having trouble taking it all in.  But in a nutshell, she said that I apparently have some damage to my C 3-4 Discs.  The Discs that I had to have Fused in my prior Surgery, was the C 4-5.  So I am not too surprised.  I was expecting it to either be the C 3-4, or the C 5-6 Discs, since the Neurosurgeon that did my Fusion, told me that by Fusing the Discs, it could cause damage from extra wear and tear on the Discs above and below the Fusion.

Dr Angermann also said that I may have additional damage in the Neck/other Discs as well.  She did mention Bone Spurs.  But that is where she got a bit vague.  She did say that she wanted to refer me straight to a good Neurosurgeon, rather than a Neurologist first.  So I am taking this to mean that she feels there is significant enough damage, that I will probably need Surgery.

****Warning, Warning, Some Explicit Details Coming....Skip The Next Two Paragraphs If Necessary!!

And since I have been having a lot of new symptoms pop up lately, I was expecting this.  In fact, one of the most troublesome symptoms that is starting to happen more often, is my not being able to fully control my Bladder or fact, "it" happened again yesterday while I was doing our laundry.  I was folding clothes, when I realized that I needed to make a run for the Bathroom.  Well, it was too far to make it to our RV, so I ran for the Women's Bathroom which is attached to the back of the Laundry Room.  I made it ok, and was surprised that it was the dreaded diarrhea....

So I went, and figured that at least I should be able to finish the Laundry before I have another wave hit me....well, not much later, I realized that I needed to go again.  But this time, even though I left as soon as I felt the need to go, I didn't even make it more than half way there, when I started to go in my pants!!  I was mortified,  and horrified that someone could come into the Laundry Room before I could finish, and smell the poop on me!!  Because I couldn't leave our Laundry, and I needed to finish, so I cleaned myself up as best as I could, but even though I was tempted to take off my panties and just throw them away....I didn't.  So the only one good thing about the situation, was that I was wearing a pair of dark blue sweatpants and a long over sized t-shirt!!  And yes, I was lucky that no one came in while I was finishing up the Laundry!!  So I am finding that it is getting harder to hold my Bladder or Bowel....  :(  I am really hoping that the Neurosurgeon believes that I am a candidate for Surgery without making me jump through a ton of hoops to "try first", and it helps me!

And thinking back, we think that it all started when I began riding the Gold Wing (Bike) last year.  As much as I like riding it, it is a VERY BIG BIKE and very heavy.  And because it isn't a "true" Trike, meaning we only put the "Training Wheels" on it so that I can ride it by myself, it turns very hard.  It is like turning a Tank!!  So we are afraid that by my having to use such upper body strength/force to ride it and turn it, it may have been what caused the further damage to my Neck!  So once we see the Neurosurgeon, we will find out if my riding a Bike is a good thing to continue doing.  Depending on what he says, we may sell the Gold Wing (well, either way, we will be selling the Gold Wing), and buy me a small AWD SUV to get around in, instead of the Can Am that I had dreamed about!!  Sigh!

As for my Surgery to remove my Lap Band, we are just waiting to get the Insurance Approval to set the Surgery date!

So!  Now that I am done with the embarrassing stuff.  My Brother called me today and we talked for over an hour!  He is doing great and has already being fitted with his first Prosthesis.  His Doctor told him that most of his Patients aren't even half way there at this point, but he knows my Brother is in great Health other than the fact that he has Diabetes.  He is really tired of having to hobble around with crutches!!  Although knowing my Brother, if anyone can do it gracefully, it would be him!!  LOL 

My Dad was supposed to have started his Cancer Treatments yesterday, but the Doctors decided to do some more testing (why, I am not sure) and to start the Radiation Therapy on the 14th.  One good thing to come out of this weeks appointment, is that the woman that went in with my Dad stressed to the Doctor how much of a hardship it is for my Dad to have to go into downtown Sacramento to do the Treatments.  So they agreed to let him do the Treatments at the Hospital closer to my Parents house.  Thank god, since he will have to go 5 times a week for 6 1/2 weeks!!  He is in so much pain, that having to drive any further, was killing him.  So I am really glad that she spoke up for my Dad.

Anyway, it is getting late, I need to go for now as I have to get up at the crack of dawn (8 am, which for me IS the crack of dawn!!) in order to be ready to leave for Sacramento by 10 am.  We are going to attend our Son-In-Laws Mom's Funeral on Saturday.  We will be able to visit with my Parents after the Service before we have to drive back up to Reno!  So that will be nice.  But I will hate to see my Dad in so much pain.  It just kills me to think that we can't help him....So, until next time....

Aloha My Friends  :)


~Sandi @ This one time at 'band' camp... said...

I just had my C4-C5 completely replaced, pins put in with spacers and 2 bone spurs removed from my C-6 on Feb 3rd...not the most pleasant surgery and a neck brace for 12-16 weeks...I see my trauma neurosurgeon on March 6th...all I want is to be able to drive again! Good luck hun!

Debi said...

Thanks for the insight into what the Disc Replacement will be like....

My prior Surgery (C 4-5) were Fused, and luckily I didn't have any problems recovering from it.

I was able to drive by about the 2nd or 3rd week, so long as I had my kids with me in the car, so that they could tell me if someone was coming when I needed to back out of a parking space! LOL

However, I did have to wear the Neck Brace for about 2 or 3 Months, I forget which now!! Not fun, but necessary. I was so happy when the Neurosurgeon gave me the ok to walk around the house without it at least!!

Unfortunately for me though, the Disc Replacement Surgery wasn't being done here in the States back then, so I am hopeful that I can get the Replacement Surgery vs Fusion this time...assuming the Surgeon feels that Surgery is an option for me at this time, of course....

And hopefully, he will take care of the Bone Spurs while in there too!! LOL

Dinnerland said...

Woah- Debi, I am sorry to hear all of this difficult news... I am glad you're going to follow up on the bowel and bladder stuff, because that is something concerning and NOTHING to be ashamed of or hedge about when it concerns the health of your spine.
Lots of luck with the band surgery stuff as well. I need to get caught up here.
Keep us posted.

Debi said...

Thanks Vanessa! I know how you feel....I post, but I have just been so busy that I barely get to read anyone's blogs!! I am soooo far behind in reading them, that I could never get caught up since I Follow soooo many!! LOL So I just hope to read them SOON from about the last week or two!!

And thanks about the Spine issues....I go in to the Neurosurgeon tomorrow late afternoon, and I will keep ya'll posted on what he says!!