Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Whew!! That Was A Close One!!

Aren't the colors in these cover ups that someone was selling at the Polynesian Cultural Center beautiful???  I just love these colors!  I was tempted to buy one, but I thought, where/when would I actually use it???  So....as usual, common sense prevailed!  LOL

Hey Ya'll,

First off, yesterday I went in for my Pre-Op testing at the Hospital.  And luckily for me, I have a Handicapped Plate on the Truck, so I was able to park closer to the Building (I really needed it yesterday).  My lower Back/Hips have been bothering me for about a week or so again, and by yesterday, it was killing me!!  So I was hobbling around so badly, that everyone I came in contact with asked me if the Surgery I was getting, was for my Back.  I said no, that it was for my Neck!!  But the Back may be next!!  LOL  So that's pretty bad when they think that I should be having Back Surgery, when it is for something else instead!

Then when I got home, I was stepping up into the RV, and tripped stepping up into the RV and fell forward!!  Of course my first instinct, is to throw the Arms out to try to stop my fall.  My Forearm hit something, and I Almost Broke My Arm!!  And the break would have been in just about the exact same place that was broken years ago!!  That's all I would have needed, a broken Arm, and a Neck in a stiff Neck Collar at the same time!!  Luckily, it appears that I only bruised the Bone. (whew) 

Well, today was my appointment at our PCP Doctor, to get my Medical Clearance for Surgery....Today I had to see the Office PA, since my PCP is on vacation this week, and she won't be back until the day before my Surgery.  That in itself wasn't a problem, but because I was seeing someone new, and they really didn't know my Medical history, was a problem!

As the norm, the Office Medical Assistant/Nurse took us back to a room, and started the pre visit by taking my Vitals....we were surprised to see that my Blood Pressure was something like 169/?....So she asked if this was normal for me, and both Walt and I said NO!!  It has never been over the 140's.  So she took it again with a different kind of machine, and this time it was 170 something/?....OMG!!  But after telling her that I had fallen yesterday and was in more pain than usual (not to mention the fact that I am getting ready to undergo a MAJOR Surgery!!), she said that that could be the cause of my sudden increase in Blood Pressure.

So the PA finally comes into the room, and he says the same thing....we could just see it in his eyes, that he was potentially going to say no!  Luckily he looked over my records, and saw that all of the tests that have been run over the course of the last year, basically shows that I am in fairly good condition.  At least as far as Liver, Heart, Blood Work, etc.  The only thing that is a bit high in his eyes was my Cholesterol.  So he went in to speak with the other Doctor in the Practice to look over my chart, and luckily the PA came back with the signed release.  But he said that they recommend that I buy a home Blood Pressure Machine to check my Blood Pressure myself.  This way, if I notice that my Blood Pressure is trending upwards, I can go into the Doctor and get on Blood Pressure Meds....as if I'm not taking enough Meds....!!

After we left the Doctor's Office, we went to The Outback, one of my favorite Restaurants!!  I have been tasting a great Filet Mignon Steak (I love the seasoning they use), a Baked Potato, and I Love their Salads!  I told Walt that I would be happy just eating a big Salad from there, with a bite from his Steak and Potato!!  The meal was fantastic, and just what I wanted!!  Especially since it could potentially be a long time before I will be able to eat something as solid and dense as Steak.

So, assuming that the Blood Work and Urinalysis, that was done as part of yesterdays Pre-Op Tests comes back ok....and I do not get sick, then the Surgery is still a go for next Tuesday!!  If this is the case, then by this time next week, I should be in a Hospital Bed (probably in ICU), in pain!!  Or at least knocked out by the Pain Meds!!  LOL  Keep your Fingers and Toes crossed for me!!!

So....so far, my strategy of keeping my distance from Walt (as much as possible in an RV at any rate!), and sleeping part of the night on the Love Seat (yes, I said Love Seat!!  Thank God I am fairly short at 5'3"!!), before going into bed for the rest of the morning....seems to be working!  He finally gave up (for the most part) trying to make me feel bad about being a bit....shall we say....neurotic about keeping things that he has touched sterile, so that I don't catch his cold.  :)

Oh, and tonight I am going to start to use my Bi-Pap Machine again!  I haven't used it in over a year because the space between our Bed and the closet in an RV, isn't the best to try to place the Machine.  I got a 10' Hose for it, so at least it should be long enough to reach from the floor to my Face and have a little extra length so that I can turn from side to side with it as well.  The only problem that I could potentially think having, would be getting the settings right, with it practically on the floor!!  At our house, it was on the Bedside Table right next to my Head!!  LOL  So this should prove interesting.....

The reason that I decided it was time to start using it again, is that I have been having some problems breathing again, and they want me to bring it in with me to the Hospital to use there, so I better get comfortable using it again!

So, till next time....

Aloha My Friends  :)

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