Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Warm Welcome To...Linda :)

Hey Ya'll,

First off, Walt and I have been out most of the day doing our weekly shopping, as well as rummaging through our Storage Unit for some "things".   We just got home a short while ago, and of course I checked my e-mails and then my Blog!  And I found that I have a new Follower!! 

Her name is Linda, and Linda had VSG (Vertical Sleeve) Surgery last year on August 9th, 2011.  And get this, Linda has already lost 69 lbs!!  Linda you are rocking your weight loss battle!  What I immediately liked about Linda's Blog, as soon as I checked it out, is that Linda is like me, in that she Blogs about more than just her weight loss efforts.  Linda Bogs about her LIFE!!  So if you haven't found Linda's Blog yet, please follow this link: Digital Rhetoric, and give Linda the support we are all so great at!!  So Linda...."Welcome to my Nightmare!".

Aloha My New Friend! :)

PS) Linda, I would officially Follow you too, but I couldn't find anywhere on your page that gives me the option to Follow you!!  Let me know if I missed it....


Linda Sherwood said...

Debi, thanks so much! After your prompting, I added a "follow my blog" to my menu at the right. It wasn't there before, which is probably one reason I only have 8 followers. :)

I started writing my blog a long time ago when my dad was ill. My mom was caring for him, and she didn't get to go many places and couldn't talk on the phone a lot.

My kids were little, so I blogged to keep her updated. She could read my posts in between helping my dad.

As my life changed so has my blog, but I love writing about what is important to me.


Debi said...

Thanks for the update Linda! I will pop on over and start to "officially" Follow you!!