Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New Layout And Surgery News....

Walt Learning To Dance The Hula In Hawaii!!

Hey Ya'll,

Well, today I made it to my MRI appointment, and as usual it was not my favorite thing to do, since I am claustrophobic!!  Thank goodness for Open MRI's!!!  LOL  Walt ended up having to drive the Truck today for sure, as it was snowing this morning and riding the Bike wasn't safe.  So he picked me up an hour EARLY for my appointment!!

Since I was early, they offered me to go in immediately for a regular MRI, aka a Closed MRI machine!!  Even though this would mean that I wouldn't have to wait, I wasn't going to go Head first into a NARROW TUBE (just trying on Walt's full face Helmet last year to see if I liked it, I was screaming to get it off within seconds)!!  LOL  The first MRI I had, was in a Closed MRI machine, as Open MRI's hadn't been built yet.  And luckily for me, that MRI was of my Lower Spine, so I went in Feet first, and my Head was just inside of the Tube.  So with me being able to see the light of the room, not to mention the was bearable.  But no way could I do it Head first!  So I declined their kind offer, and waited for my regular appointment.

When I was finished, (knowing full well he wouldn't give me any information) I asked the Technician if he could see any damage in the Discs.  And of course, he immediately said that he wasn't a Doctor, and was not able to give me any Medical information, or advice....well, at least I tried.  So I asked him when my Doctor would have the results, expecting him to say within the week.  But he said that if she has the ability to go online, she could see the results immediately!  Or if not, then she would have the results within 24-48 hours at the latest!  So I am hoping to get the results from our Doctor this week....I can hope can't I???

So, now for my other Medical news....yesterday, I decided to call my Bariatric Surgeons office, to see whether my Surgery approval was received yet from my Insurance Company.  I spoke with the Trace, who is the office Insurance Specialist.  She looked my case up on the computer, and couldn't believe that I had fallen through the cracks!!  Meaning that she had sent a request to the Doctor for info on my case, so that she knew exactly what kind of Surgery approval she was requesting from my Insurance....He never responded, and she forgot to follow up, so all was forgotten until I called yesterday!

So I gave her the information again, that I only wanted to have the Band removed, and that I have decided not to have the Bypass Surgery that Dr Kozar was planning on doing at this time.  So she promised that she would get the request to the Doctor immediately, and get me some answers soon.  She called me back later yesterday, to advise me that she did request the information, and was expecting an answer soon.  A bit later (still yesterday), Dr Kozar himself called to apologize that the miscommunication was his doing!

After he saw me in the office on the 15th, and it was determined that my Band had slipped and needed to come out, he had me go over the other side of the office, where Laurie does the Fills/Unfills, for her to remove as much of the fluid from my Band as she could (which was 5 cc's).  At that point, he went in to see his next patient....and FORGOT to dictate our conversation and his recommendations!!  So nothing was done towards getting the Insurance approval started!!  So after apologizing for his error, we went over what we had discussed, and I told him that although he felt that I should have the Bypass done at the same time, Walt and I decided not to do it at this time.  He then promised to get this going asap!

So I figured that maybe next week, I would hear that they had gotten the Insurance approval started.  But I got a call (get this....) TODAY from Trace, the Insurance Specialist, saying that she had already been on the phone with my Insurance Company today regarding my Surgery, and that as we were speaking, she was faxing over my records to them for approval!!  She also said that pending Surgery approval, I have a "Tentative" Surgery date of March 8th!!  That is NEXT WEEK!!  So cross your fingers that all goes as planned and this gets taken care of.  :)

Now as for some sad news.  Our Son In Law's Mother, died suddenly about a week and a half ago.  It was very sudden, and she died at home.  We are fairly sure that she died of Heart Failure, as she had a bad Heart, and had some Stints placed about 10 yrs ago.  But apparently she had stopped taking her Heart medications, and also stopped going to the Doctor about 2-3 yrs ago.  So although it was sudden, it is not too much of a surprise.  Her Funeral Services are this Saturday in Sacramento, so we are driving down to be there for Mark, Christa, and our Grand Kids.

We also got some bad news about Walt's Daughter Kat.  She is only 29 yrs old, but has had major pain for some time in one of her Knees, from an injury she received years ago.  She has gone in multiple times through the years for the pain, but nothing was ever done.  But she has been having so much pain the last several months, that she went back in last week and demanded that something be done.  They did an MRI of the Knee, and found out that it is in horrible shape.  She will find out tomorrow whether or not they will do Surgery on her Knee.  She may need a complete Knee replacement.  So please keep her in your thoughts and prayers, that she gets some relief from this pain soon!!

So, now it is getting late, and I should go for now.  What do you think of my new Spring Layout??  I hope that you like it!  Unfortunately, when I changed it, I lost my Blog list, yet AGAIN!!  So I will have to work at getting it back in.  Unfortunately, it will probably take a week or two as I Follow around 300 + Blogs!!  So please bear with me if you don't see yours listed at first....Till next time....

Aloha My Friends  :)


Andrea said...

Wow, next week! That's crazy! Hope everything goes great and this gets taken care of for you!

Debi said...

Thanks Andrea! Somehow I doubt that it will happen that quick, since they have to do the Lab Work prior to Surgery, etc. But who knows!!

Sheila said...

I'm sorry you are losing your band, but hopefully you will be feeling much better without it! Also sorry to hear about your son-in-laws mother, I'm sure that was very sad news. I do like your new layout, makes me ready for spring and summer!

Debi said...

Thanks Sheila! I too felt like it was time to change to a Spring feeling layout!

It looks like another Spinal Surgery may be in the future as well....