Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I Found Out The "Technical" Terms

This is not my MRI Scan, but it shows what it kind of looks like!

Hey Ya'll,

Well, yesterday, Walt picked up our mail, and I was surprised to see that I got a copy of the Letter that Dr Lynch sent to my PCP, regarding his reviewing me and my MRI.  It sounds really bad....LOL  Here is a breakdown of what he says is wrong with my Neck!

I have Progressive Cervical Myelopathy.  With Severe Cervical Stenosis at C 3-4 and C 5-6.  With a Large Central Disc Herniation at C 3-4, with Extension behind the body of C 3 resulting in Severe Spinal Cord Compression and Stenosis.

There is also adjacent level Degenerative Disc Disease seen at C 5-6 and C 6-7, below my prior C 4-5 Fusion, with Cervical Stenosis Critically seen at C 5-6 resulting in indentation of the Spinal Cord at C 5-6.  There's a Foraminal Stenosis on the right at C 6-7.

So what this all means in terms of Surgery, is that I am going to have a C 3-4 Cervical Diskectomy and Fusion, and a C 5-6 and C 6-7 Anterior Cervical Diskectomy and Fusion.....Meaning that because of my prior Fusion at C 4-5, he will have to make 2 separate Incisions.  One above the prior Fusion to deal with the C 3-4 problems, and the second Incision below the prior Fusion to take care of the C 5-6 & C 6-7 problems.  So now I will have 3 scars on my Neck!!  It's a good thing that I am not a vain person!!  LOL

So saying all this, the Surgeon hopes that this will take care of the problems in my Neck.  If the Fusion doesn't work, then he will have to go in a second time, and Fuse/add stability from the Back side of the Neck as well....we don't want to have to do this though!!

He also stated in his letter to her, that it appears that I have some issues with my Lower Back, but that we would deal with them later on, after I recover from the Cervical Fusion.

Oh, and today I got "the call" from the Hospital to go over my Medical History, etc.  And the Nurse said that unless Dr Lynch changes the time, my Surgery is showing as 6:45 am!!  I'm glad that we don't have a long way to drive!!  Now I can only hope that we are able to purchase my Subaru Outback or Subaru Forester before then, that would give me an easier vehicle to get in and out of, not to mention a much smoother ride to ride home in!

Well, I guess I better go.  It is almost 5 pm, and I haven't even had a drink of water today, let alone eat!!  So, till next time....

Aloha My Friends  :)


Lonicera said...

I hope Kat has come through her surgery OK.
You'll be so fused by the time they finish with you that you'll look like you swallowed a broomstick...
Start thinking about all the books you're going to read during your quiet time - sounds like it could be a while. Hope you can write blog posts on your back!

Debi said...

Thanks Caroline! Me too! I just got a call from the Ortho Place giving me an appointment to go get fitted for my "Hard" Cervical Collar!!! Yikes!

I haven't heard yet if Kat is out of Surgery, so I will post it later when I hear something!

Dinnerland said...

Hi Debi- wishing you good luck with this surgery.
I have seen MANY patients do really well with this, it was my clinical speciality a while back.
I hope it is a huge relief in every way.

Debi said...

Thanks Vanessa! It's good to hear that all could be well.