Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Marathon Weekend!!


This is Mr Olivarez, Dr Lynch's #1 PA-C....And Surgical Assistant.

Hey Ya'll,

Well, today we started out at my appointment, to get my Cervical Collar is horrible, and will be very uncomfortable!  Once we got out of that appointment, we went in to my Pre-Op appointment at the Surgeon's Office to go over my Test results.

Everything looks great, they didn't say anything about my High Blood Pressure reading (if they knew at all!!), Thank God!!  So he told me some basic things that were necessary to know, and let me ask any questions that we had thought of, that wasn't answered in our prior appointment.  This appointment we were seen by Dr Lynch's #1 PA-C.  He is really good looking (even better than his photo above), and very sweet.  He reminded us of our PCP in California who passed away last year.

Anyway, I digress here....LOL  He was really sweet, and willing to take the time to answer all or questions....of course the one that we didn't ask was, how long before I would be able to have Sex again!!  LOL  Walt really would like to know this!  But I am assuming by 6 weeks at the latest, but possibly as soon as 2 weeks when I go in for my 1st Post Surgical Appointment.

We still do not know for sure what time my Surgery is.  He said that as of today, I needed to check in to the Hospital by 10 am on Monday.  But he said that this could change as well.  We are assuming that if I check in at 10 am, then my Surgery would probably be sometime between noon and 2 pm.  It should take no more than 3 hours, but the Surgeon told us that he is fast, and it would probably take him only about 1 1/2 hrs to 2 hrs max.

I am expected to have to wear the Brace for 6 weeks at least, if everything looks good, then I can probably go without it for the rest of the recovery period.  And get this....I can't drive until the Brace comes off!!  We know for sure that I will be in the Hospital for at least one night (probably in ICU), and potentially up to 3 nights, if there are any problems or concerns.  Walt is to bring my Bi-Pap Machine in, once I am out of Recovery, and in my room.  This way, they can't misplace it, or break it!!  Because of all this, Walt has decided to stay overnight in the Hospital's small Hotel, that way he can be near, and check in on me when he wants to, without having to drive over!

Mr Olivarez also said that most Patients sleep sitting up, like in a Recliner....we don't have a Recliner anymore!  So if I find that the Bed is too uncomfortable, then I guess I will have to continue to sleep on the Love Seat....I guess this could be construed as funny, and prophetic.  Me sleeping most of the night on the Love Seat this past week, trying to not catch Walt's cold....then to find that I have to sleep on it for the next 6+ weeks, as laying flat is too uncomfortable!!  Walt may have dodged this Bullet from having to sleep on my side of the RV Bed after all!!  LOL  Time will tell....

And the biggest question/concern that I had was about my being Claustrophobic!!  I begged him to make sure that I am put asleep before they mask me.  He said that they always do now (again, Thank God!!).  And I also mentioned that Dr Lynch told us that because of my Central Sleep Apnea, and the amount of Discs/Fusions involved, I may have some Breathing problems, and if so, I may have to stay Intubated after Surgery for a day or two, or three....Well, like I said, I am Claustrophobic!  So I asked if there was any other way that I could be Intubated rather than down the Throat.  He said no, but that when this does occasionally occur, they keep the Patient Sedated, so that it doesn't bother them....(whew!).

Anyway, it is getting late, I have soooo much to do over the next 2 days.  Like wash 10-12 loads of clothes, make myself a big pot of Goulash to eat on while recovering, shaving my Legs and Underarms etc.  And tomorrow I am getting my Nails done!!  So I should go to bed.  So, till next time....

Aloha My Friends :)


Lonicera said...

A testing time for you Debi - and you won't be able to blog for ages I imagine. But think how incredibly well you'll feel when this is over, I'm guessing that you'll feel better than you have for many years. So worth it. Lots of luck to you and a big hug.

Debi said...

Thanks Caroline!! I sure do hope that it at least makes me feel better too! I am hopeful to be able to blog again in about a week???

Kelli said...

praying all goes well for you and you will have a speedy recovery...

Debi said...

Thanks Kelli!! I really appreciate it!