Monday, March 5, 2012

My Appointment With The Neurosurgeon Is Tomorrow!!

Here is the photo of Dr Lynch, the Neurosurgeon I am to see tomorrow!  At least he doesn't look too old!!  LOL

Hey Ya'll,

Well, in my last post, I told you that I had received the call from our Family Doctor, telling me that she got the results of my MRI back, and was referring me to a Neurosurgeon.  This was on Friday morning.  Well, by the time Walt and I were at lunch in Reno, before we left for Sacramento, I got the call from the Neurosurgeon's office scheduler!

She said that Dr Lynch looked over my MRI results, and wanted to see me asap.  In fact, we made my appointment for tomorrow (Monday) at 4:30 pm!!  Because the appointment is so soon, they wouldn't have enough time to get the MRI Films at their office in time for the appointment, so I am picking them up on my way to the appointment.  So....cross your fingers that he will be able to relieve my pain!  Let me tell you, Walt sure is hoping for this....he is tired of my always being in pain lately!  LOL

Walt and I decided that I should go ahead and have the Lap Band removal Surgery before the Spinal Surgery, as it will be the easier Surgery to recuperate from, then have the Spinal Surgery (assuming of course that the Neurosurgeon feels that Surgery is warranted).  I guess that I have 2 reasons for wanting to push for the Spinal Surgery.

The first is that I AM IN PAIN!!  And I am hoping to get relief from it....and the second reason, is that since I already have to have my Band removed, between the cost of the first Surgery, with the Hospital, Surgeon, Anesthesiologist, etc, I will have paid my maximum out of pocket amount for Medical this year.  So this way my Spinal Surgery should FREE!!!  So why not???  So here's crossing my fingers and toes.  I will post the Surgeon's decision tomorrow.

Well, I have a lot to do tomorrow to get ready for my appointment tomorrow....such as shaving my legs!!  I haven't shaved them since our Hawaii vacation, and there is no way I am going to let him do a Neurological exam on me, with 3 Months worth of hair growth!!  LOL  So I am going to end this for now, I need to get some sleep.  Till next time....

Aloha My Friends  :)

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