Thursday, November 29, 2012

20 Days And Counting!

This was our actual Christmas Tree a few years ago.  I loved our Tree!

Hey Ya'll,

Well, I survived another early morning wake up today.  Not to mention that I had to drive into Reno to get my car serviced in the pouring rain and high winds!!  LOL  But it is done, and now I don't have to worry about it until sometime next year....But again, I had a horrible nights sleep!  I still woke up or was up a good part of the night with pain in my Head.  I guess I should tell my Neurosurgeon just in case there could be something wrong.  But I am fairly sure that my Neck is just too tense, causing spasms of pain in my Head!

Oh, and I forgot to say that I have my Back is not comfortable to wear at all.  It kind of helps with my lower Back pain, at least for a while.  But I find that it actually makes the pain in my Hips worse!  On Thanksgiving night, after we left my parents house, my brother, Walt and I talked for close to an hour at our cars.  I was in pain the whole time, but I was able to stand there (constantly shifting my position, and keeping my Legs spread to support my weight).  But at the 1 hour point, all of a sudden, pain shot through my left Hip and into my left Thigh, causing me to grab for Walt to steady me.  At that point, we decided we all needed to leave.  And once I was sitting in the car, the balls of both Feet were numb and had pins and needles pain in them.  Which is a new symptom.  For which I will tell my Neurosurgeons office when I see them in January.

I did get my new Calendar today.  It is called Out On The Porch.  I love this Calendar as it makes me want to sit on one of those rocking chairs in the shade of a beautiful porch watching the day pass, reading a great book.  Ahh....Well I can dream can't I???  LOL

Then I went and had my Nails removed.  I loved them, but I have decided that they are not worth the cost.  Not to mention the condition they left my natural nails.  So now I will have to wait for them to grow back out and get healthy.

20 Days And Counting!!

So as of today, I have lost a total of 11 lbs from my all time high this time around.  I started at a high of 228.8 (220.0 as far as the Surgeon knows), and I am supposed to get down to 210.  I still need to lose at least another 8 lbs in the next 20 days....But I haven't yet started the full on liquid diet.  It will begin in a few days, and then of course, there is the Colon Cleansing I have to do the day before Surgery!  I should lose at least a pound if not two with it....right???  But of course, I am not going to count on that to get me to my weight loss goal before Surgery.

Just In Case....I was only supposed to lose 10 lbs, but since I had gained almost 9 lbs after my consult with the Surgeon, that meant that I needed to lose at least 18 lbs to be where he expects me to be on Surgery day.  So....another 7-10 lbs will be enough to placate him.  I just hope that I can do it!!  This time around, I am finding that my will power is way below what it was back in 2009 when I had to do the same Diet for the Lap Band.  Hunger wise I am doing fine, but it is still hard not to eat more than I am supposed to!  Let's face it, if I had the will power to do this long term, I wouldn't need the Surgery!

Oh well, all I can do is try my best!  Now I have to dig in and do my best to get our taxes pulled together before my Surgery!!  I am so disorganized, that I am afraid that I won't have them done in time.  But I promise Walt, that I will try!!  I <3 nbsp="nbsp" next="next" p="p" so="so" till="till" time....="time...." you="you">
Aloha My Friends :)

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