Tuesday, December 4, 2012

I'm Not Happy About This!! But....

Hey Ya'll,
Surgery day is 14 days and counting!

Well, I have been busy lately.  What with getting ready for Surgery and all.  My Surgery is now only 14 days away....And I fought really hard to get approval to get pills in order to do my Bowel prep for Surgery....But the Surgeon insists that I drink the nauseating Magnesium Citrate!

I have had to drink this horrible "crap" before, and I know through experience that I can't stomach it!  I have a horrible gag reflex when it comes to drinking vile stuff!  But he insists that I drink it....The last time I had to drink it, it was for a Colonoscopy.  I even tried to make it taste more agreeable by adding it to Kool-Aid, but it didn't work....So I am going to suck it up, and drink it if it kills me!!!  LOL  (Which is entirely possible!)

And Walt decided that although we don't live too far from Reno, it would be stupid for him to have to drive back and forth for 2-3 days.  He won't physically go into work while I am in the Hospital anyway (he will work online via computer), and since I will definitely be in the Hospital at least 1 night, we decided that it makes sense for him to stay close to the Hospital in a Hotel.  It would save a lot of gas going back and forth as well.

We also felt that since I have to check in to the Hospital so friggin early in the morning, that we would stay in the Hotel the night before as well.  I think that I must be either the 1st or 2nd Surgery of the day.  Part of the problem I have though, is that I am supposed to start drinking that vile "stuff" at noon the day before Surgery.  But we won't be able to check into the Hotel until at least 1 pm.  But that's ok, I will just have to deal with it, and live in the Bathroom the rest of the day!!  Hey, maybe I can finish the book that I am reading..... 

And I also found out today that the Surgeon has changed my Pre-Op Diet.

I think that this is because I have informed him that I have problems drinking this "stuff", and I may not be able to get it all down.  So the Surgeon has changed my Diet.  Instead of being on Liquids the last 2 weeks before Surgery with some veggies added, I have to be on total Liquids the last 3 days leading up to Surgery!!  My guess is that with all the fluids I will be drinking with no solids, he is hoping that the fluids will flush out my Colon/Intestines for the most part, and then however much of that "stuff" that I can get down me will flush out the rest!!  LOL

Now as of the book that I am reading....I have listed in my sidebar that I am currently reading An Echo In The Bone, by Diana Gabaldon.  But since the new Twilight movie just came out, I decided that I wanted to reread the 4th book in the series before watching it.  But I will go back to the Diana Gabaldon book as soon as I finish reading Breaking Dawn.  And I am so lucky to have someone like Walt.  He knows that I don't mind going to the movie by myself, but he wants to go with me anyway.  Even though he doesn't particularly like the Twilight movies!  So we have made a date to see the movie on Wednesday after he gets off work.

This Thursday, we will be in Reno again....Walt is having another Epidural Injection, and I am scheduled to Pre-Register at the Hospital, as well as getting my Pre-Op Testing done.  Then next Tuesday, we go in for my last Pre-Op Class where they will go over the Surgery and Post Op Diet in more depth.  And I don't know why (but I am guessing that it is so that they know what our new lifestyle will be like, so they can try to keep us on the straight and narrow), but they want our significant other to go to the class with us.

So poor Walt has to miss work again, as the class starts at 8 am and doesn't end until noon.  And since we don't get into Reno all that often, we will probably shop while there for things that we can't get where we live.  Then Friday of next week, I go in for my final Pre-Op appointment with the Surgeon, so that he can see that I have lost the weight that he required....And then of course, 2 weeks from today, I go in for Surgery!!

And on top of all this, I need to do my very best to get our taxes pulled together before Surgery day!!  Wish me luck!  Till next time....

Aloha My Friends  :)

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