Monday, November 12, 2012

Bypass & Sleeve Patients -HELP !!

Hey Ya'll,

As I inch ever so much closer to my Bypass Surgery, I am beginning to freak out about the Vitamins I need to take after Surgery!!  When I attended the last Class at my Surgeon's Office, they gave us some samples of the Vitamins that they promote and sell.  They are pictured above and called Bariatric Advantage. 

Well....they tasted nasty!!  I couldn't even chew them up and swallow them completely, I had to spit them out!!  So I asked my Cousin Lisa, what Vitamins that she takes, and she takes the Vitamins from her Surgeon's Office (Celebrate)(below). 

Lisa also tells me that hers aren't much better!
Bariatric Vitamins 
So I was hoping that some of my Blogging buddies that have had the Bypass or Sleeve Surgery could help me out by suggesting a better tasting alternative to what I have access to.  Yes, I said better tasting.  After the Surgery, I won't be able to swallow extra large pills as most Multiple Vitamins are, so I will need to chew them up!

Do you purchase yours through your Surgeon's Office?  Or do you purchase them online or through a store like GNC???  Please Help Me!!  Have you found any that actually taste good?  Are there any good Multivitamins, Calcium, Iron, etc that are in Gummy form that are the equivalent to what is sold in the Dr's Office's???  I can buy Gummy Multi Vitamins at Costco, but they aren't even close to being equal, to the horrible chewable's from the Dr's Office.  I would have to take 2-3 of them to be equivalent!

Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated!  And the sooner the better!!  LOL  As my Surgery is only 5 WEEKS AWAY!!  Hoping for some good suggestions (and I am afraid that it is in vain)....till next time.

Aloha My Friends :)


Roo said...

I take an effervesent one called Supradyn. Similar to Berocca. I take it every morning and don't have to worry about swalling big pills!

Debi said...

Thanks Roo!! I am not sure if we have these in the States, but I will do some research on them and see. I see that you revised from the Band to the Sleeve, and I know that you will do really well with it!!

DiZneDiVa said...

I have been taking Flintstones Complete.... Yes, they are children's vitamins but they taste better than all the chewable adult ones... It turns out that kids take a higher dose of several important vitamins. The Gummy ones taste great but my surgeon's office said they are missing a couple very important vitamins. Boo! Calcium is harder... but they have gummy ones of those too... which are pretty good. I couldn't stand the chewable calcium from Bariatric Advantage.

Debi said...

Thanks Maria! I will check into them to see if they come even close to what we are supposed to be taking in each day in the Bariatric Vitamins, and if so....I could take those!

I know....the Bariatric Advantage that my Surgeon pushes is....NASTY! I couldn't stomach any of them! LOL

Linda Sherwood said...

I can't stand any of the calcium vitamins especially the chewable ones, but I do like the calcium citrate stuff. There are some lemon flavored chews that are actually tasty. Chocolate too. I think those are made by Celebrate, and I order them online. You can also get your calcium in a flavored powder that gets added to water. I have a sample but haven't tried it.

For my multivitamin and iron, I switched to the pill form as soon as possible. I thought it was silly to use a capsule pill for my heartburn and then not be able to take a capsule of a multivitamin. I use the Celebrate brand and with the pill form, taste isn't an issue.

Debi said...

Thanks Linda! Since you are taking the pill form of the multivitamin, can you tell me how large they are?

I take 13 pills every night for things other than weight loss, and I need to make sure that the additional pills I take will not fill up my small stomach and not want to go down!

As it is, I am going to have to switch my pill Vicoden to liquid again after surgery. Which is why I am having trouble determining what I can take as far as my Vitamin supplements!