Saturday, November 17, 2012

Walt Was Right!!

Hey Ya'll,

Well, Walt made me go to the Urgent Care place yesterday, since I wasn't able to get in to see our PCP.  The Doctor took one look in my Throat and said that I definitely have a Sinus Infection.  But on top of that, I also have Bronchitis!!  So I am on Antibiotics, and using an Inhaler.  At least this way, I will be over it before my Surgery date!!  Which is now only 4 weeks and 3 days away!!  Otherwise, 31 days and counting!!  EEKS! 

So far, Walt hasn't caught my Cold, but his Lungs are not the strongest, and he almost always catches a Cold if he is near anyone with one!  He keeps trying to get close to me, or kiss me, etc.  Well, I told him that if he catches my Cold, I WILL be sleeping on the Sofa!!  I do not want to be reinfected with the Cold so close to Surgery!

I will do what I did before my Spinal Surgery (Neck) in March.  I call it my cocoon period.  The last 2-3 weeks before a major Surgery, I try not to go out.  I don't want to risk getting sick!  So if he even has the sniffles, I will be sleeping on the sofa by myself again!!  I did it for 2 weeks in March, I can do it again!  LOL  But why does it always have to be in the Winter or early Spring when it is cold??   Oh well....Que Sera Sera!

So now I am hoping to be totally over the Bronchitis, or at least not contagious, for Thanksgiving next week.  As we are driving to California to visit our family.  My parents health is still deteriorating.  My Dad's Doctors keep telling him that the Chemotherapy is helping his Lung Cancer, but I don't believe it.  His pain is still as bad as ever, and he has lost all use of his right Arm and Hand.  He has to hold it with his left Arm and Hand in the position that is less painful, in order for him to be able to sit and talk with you. 

And he is now on Morphine for pain as well as the other pain meds.  I have never heard of Doctors giving Morphine for long term pain control, when the patient is not in the Hospital, unless it is to control end stage Cancer pain....So either the Doctor is trying to fool my Dad, who has always said that he would rather give up, than live with pain like this if it isn't helping him.  Or my Dad is trying to hide his true prognosis from us.  Either way, we feel that this will be the last Holiday Season we have with my parents.  So we don't want to miss being with them.

Well, I better go for now.  So till next time....

Aloha My Friends :)

Photos Below:
1) Back row, my Sister Sheryl, Mom, Niece Cara, Daughter Christa, Granddaughter Emily.  Front row, Niece Tiffany and Me!

2) My Daddy and Me.  I just wish that he would have told me that it hurt him so much to have me sit on him!!  But he insisted!

3) Standing, my Son In Law Mark, and Grandson Walker.  Sitting, my Uncle Emery, who is selflessly taking care of my parents when I can't be there for them....


Sam said...

Feel better soon, and I hope you stay disease free for surgery :o)

Debi said...

Thanks Sam!! I am on Antibiotics and feeling much better now...Now I just have to stay Disease free from now on, like you said...Before my Surgery!!