Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Best Thanksgiving In Years!

We get some amazing cloud formations here because of the almost constant winds we get!!

Hey Ya'll,

Well, we are back from California, and we are really glad that we went.  We got to see almost my entire immediate family.  The only one missing was my niece Tiffany.  Tiffany and her significant other was on their way from Missouri, but didn't make it to my parents house until sometime last night.

My daughter Christa prepared most of the meal for us.  Walt wanted to help her out, but she was so organized, that by the time we made it to her house, most of the work had been done, as she started to prepare it days in advance.  So we took what was already finished plus the 2 Turkeys over to my parents house to help her out.  Then Christa and her family arrived with the rest of the meal about 2 hours later.  By then, Walt had one of the Turkeys Deep Fried and ready to carve, and the second Turkey cooking.

So the meal was excellent.  It couldn't have been better!

Walt and I arrived at my parents house at about 10 am, and my poor mom was trying her best to put my dads socks on him.  She could barely stand there, and she has no strength herself, so I finished putting his socks on for them.  I saw first hand how totally useless my dads arm and hand are now.  He can't even move them without using his left arm and hand.  And because it is in constant pain, he basically just places the arm and hand where it feels the least amount of pain, which is usually across his stomach or chest.

We were alone sitting together in the living room and my dad told me that he couldn't even begin to tell me where it hurt, because it hurts everywhere!  I asked him if he had taken his Morphine yet, and he said yes.  It just hadn't kicked in yet!  We feel that his Lung Cancer has spread to Bone Cancer now.  The reason I say this, is because of the amount of pain that he is in throughout his entire body, and....Mt uncle drove my dad to his Chemo Doctor appointment last week, and the Chemo Doctor asked my dad if the other Doctor had set him up on Hospice Care yet....Which means that my dads Cancer is spreading and definitely not getting better! 

Once my mom and I got him dressed, and in his chair in the living room, he never moved out of it again that day while we were there, and that was from 10 am to 6 pm!  He didn't even move out of the chair to go to the bathroom....And trying to get him to eat anything is difficult.  He says that he either can't eat, or just isn't hungry.  So he is barely eating anymore.  This too is a bad sign, because as we all know, when the body doesn't take in enough nutrients, the body starts to shut down.

So of course, we are very concerned about my dad.  He looked like he was at least 85-90 years old, and he is only 78.  And we do not expect him to be here for Christmas.  Which I will miss....My Surgery is the week before Christmas, so I won't be up to driving to California.  Not to mention the fact that I won't be able to eat yet.  So we will be staying here in Nevada and spend Christmas with my Mother In Law.  Christmas is still a difficult Holiday for her, as my Father In Law passed away right after Christmas in 2009.  So we like to spend Christmas with her when we can.

My brother is doing very well now with his new leg.  Now that they have a new one for him that actually fits, he is walking well.  If you didn't know he has a prosthetic leg, you wouldn't ever know it by watching him walk.  He said that he has one of those legs/foot thingies that allow the person to run.  So once he is in his permanent prosthesis, he will be able to use it to play men's softball again.  Which he hasn't been able to do for 6-7 years!!

So, we had a really nice day visiting each other.  I just wish that my parents weren't in such poor health.  My dad told me that once we all left their house, my mom had to go to bed, and hasn't been out of it yet.  She gets so over tired and in pain, that she ends up bedridden for at least 2-3 days after one of us visits them!

So I hope that ya'll had a great Thanksgiving too!  Till next time....

Aloha My Friends :)

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