Tuesday, November 27, 2012

And The Doctor Said....

Hey Ya'll,

Well, this past weekend, Walt said that I still sounded like I had Bronchitis and that I should try to get back in to the Doctor on Monday (yesterday).  Well, I wasn't able to get in to her yesterday, but I did get in today!  She said that my Lungs sounded clear, which is a good thing.  But apparently I still have Sinusitis!  She took one look at the back of my Throat and said, yes....it is still full of yellow mucous.  UGH  So I guess that I still have a Bacterial Infection in my Sinuses??

Anyway, since I am out of my Antibiotics, she gave me a new Antibiotic to try.  She said that it is an even stronger Antibiotic than the first one I was taking.  And lucky me, she actually had them in samples.  So she gave me another 10 days worth of Antibiotics.  She said that if I don't sound much better by next Monday, to call her and she would setup an appointment for a Scan of my Sinuses to see exactly what is going on!!  And I am supposed to be in Surgery 3 weeks from TODAY!!  So if this round of Antibiotics doesn't do the trick, we may be forced to postpone the Surgery....So please, think good thoughts for me that this time it works!!  PLEASE!

Oh, and did I mention that it is (28 oops) 21 days and counting until my Surgery??

So this means that I had to get up at 7 am....to be at the Doctor by 9:15 am today.  And now I have to get up at 8 am tomorrow, in order to get my car to the Dealership to have the Oil Changed, Tires Rotated, etc.  I expect to be there most of the day.  So of course, I am taking my Kindle with me to read.  Now I just have to hope that I can read and not fall asleep!!

I hate to fall asleep in front of people....because I snore!!  Horribly!  I wake myself up snoring, horribly!!  LOL  I also need to stop and buy me a new 2013 Calendar too!  We already have at least 5 Doctor appointments setup for January, and I am running out of space on the borders of December to write them in!!  And since we don't have a Book Store near us with a great selection of Calendars, I have to go to the only Book store left in Reno, while I am there.  And yes, I have looked at the stores available to us for Calendars, but they don't have any of the ones that I like.  And if I have to look at it for a year, I want it to be something I love!

Hey, I just found out that Melissa Rycroft won Dancing With The Stars All Star Show.  Go Melissa!!  I thought she did great the season that she competed on, especially since she went in with practically no time to practice!  So winning it this time, shows that she was definitely in it to win it!!  Well, I better go for now, I need to start getting ready to go to bed.  Last night I had so much pain in my Head that I slept horribly.  And it wasn't a Headache per say...But Pain In The Head...and it moved from area to area, and at times it practically covered the whole Head!  So I just hope that I can sleep tonight without pain.  Wish me luck!

Aloha My Friends :)

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