Saturday, May 22, 2010

Whew! We Made It!!

Aggie's Plumeria Blossoms

Hey Ya'll,

Well....after only getting about 3 - 3.5 hrs of sleep, we made it to downtown Sacramento, and into the small room set aside for the Trustee Meetings with only about 15 minutes to spare!  We were set to be the 5th case to be seen, starting at 8am.

We were glad about this, as it gave us time to see how each case was handled, so we knew what to expect, but not have to wait the full hour, before the next group was set to arrive!  Apparently they set about 10-12 cases per hour, which is why they only spend a few minutes per case.  Also why the Trustee totally goes over each of the cases and asks all the cases prior to the date so that it is really just a formality.  So we were in and out by 8:30!  The Trustee literally only spent about 5-6 minutes per case and there were NO CREDITORS was there!  Yea!

Afterward, we were planning on meeting with Aggie for lunch, so that we could give her, her Plumeria Painting that I just finished.  Since we had a couple of hours to spend, before we needed to drive over to meet Aggie, we decided to walk over to the "K" Street Mall in downtown Sacramento.  We hadn't taken the time to eat before leaving, so we found a small shop that served coffee, soda, and breakfast pastries.  We decided to share a large Cinnamon Roll with Walnuts, I had about 3-4 bites out of it and it was good.

While we were sitting there wasting time and eating the roll, some small birds seeing food, flew in, and at first we thought, "oh, how cute"!!  But let me tell you, it didn't take long before they became very aggressive!!  I mean, they would take flight and try to fly in towards the roll and snatch a bite out of it!  So Walt was spending his time flailing his arms and legs to keep them from getting too close!!  If only I had my camera with me!!  LOL

Finally it was time to go meet with Aggie.  She came out of the meeting and loved the painting!!  At least I think that she did.  She definitely appeared to love it.  And Walt says that he could tell that she was really jazzed by it.  And since he works with her, I have to believe him.

We also took the Lake Tahoe painting in, but Barry wasn't in today.  We left it in his office for him as we didn't want to carry it back home.  So Barry would arrive back in his office to a surprise, as he wasn't aware that I was painting this for him!!  He is American Indian and his offices are decorated in an American Indian theme.  When I saw this, I told Walt that this painting me look out of place there!  But he said that there were American Indian's living around Lake Tahoe, so why not have a painting set there!  But the style is totally different!  I just hope that he likes it.

Well, I better go for now, there are some more things that I need to do before I start getting ready for bed.  Which means that I will hopefully be in bed sometime between 3 - 4 am!!  I will leave you with a photo of my sketches for Aggie's painting.  If only I could take a photo of it that looks halfway decent!  Till next time.....

Aloha My Friends  :)

The original sketch on top, then I reproduced it larger in the middle sketch.  The larger sketch was the exact size I was using for the canvas.  Yes, I re-sketched it each time, I did not use a photo copier to blow it up.

This photo shows the 2nd sketch laying on top of the canvas for placement.  I then traced the outline of the blossoms onto another sheet of paper, then cut out the outline so that I could trace the outline onto the canvas.  Once this was done, I free handed the interior of the blossoms.

This photo shows the outline of the blossoms on
the canvas with my free handed blossom interiors.  If you look closely, you can see the tracing taped on the wall behind the canvas.  Once I had the blossoms free handed on the canvas, I free handed the leaves where I decided to place them, then voila!!

I counted at least 22 sessions from the first sketch to the finished painting and a minimum of 80 hours into it.


Stephanie said...

Beautiful painting...Plumeria's are tied with Gardenias as my favorite flowers. :)

Camille said...

I love plumeria. I am glad you guys got through your day. I hope it keeps going so well.

Band Groupie said...

Debi, So glad to hear everything went smoothly!

The painting is beautiful!

Linda said...

I'm so glad things went well!
The painting is pretty - I really like the sketches, I would frame those.

Debi said...

Thank you everyone!!

Linda, I have never framed any of my sketches, but I do place them in protective covers to keep!

Butterfly/Amy said...

Debi, you are very talented! Beautiful work.

Debi said...

Thanks Amy!! I have a long way to go, I just hope that I actually get better with each painting.

Jenny said...

WOW! You are really talented!!

Debi said...

Thanks Jenny!