Thursday, May 20, 2010


Jordan Romero is in the Yellow/Green Cap.
His dad is next to him also in Red.

"Jordan Romero, 13, began his march upward today from a north-side camp at 21,500 feet, and hopes it'll take just a couple of days to attain the 29,035-foot summit and complete his controversial bid to become the youngest person to attain mountaineering's ultimate single pinnacle."

Here is the link to the story that I read about this young boy.

Hey Ya'll,

I just read this story about a young American boy aged 13 who is attempting to climb Mount Everest!!!  I am flabbergasted to say the least!  I don't know whether to feel happy for him, because he knows at such a young age what he wants to do, and is attempting to accomplish it.  Or anger that his parents would allow him to attempt such a risky challenge so young!!

I am sure that all of you know the history of Mount Everest.  Every year, hundreds ascend on the mountain, trying to conquer it.  Many die trying.  One of the worst seasons on the mountain, was in 1996, which was made famous by the Book "Into Thin Air" by Jon Krakauer, and the movie based on it as well.

On May 10th, 1996, 9 climbers from 4 different expeditions lost their lives, and before the month had ended, another 3 had died.  A rogue storm had hit the mountain with winds easily hitting 70 kph, causing extreme white out conditions, and catching many climbers still high up on the mountain, and not yet safely back at camp.

Probably one of the saddest losses to me, was Rob Hall from New Zealand.  He was the leader of one of the main Expeditions.  His wife usually climbed with him, but was pregnant that particular year, and so she lost her husband before the birth of their daughter was born.

So I am terrified that this young "boy", is not old enough or strong enough, to make the decision to climb this unpredictable mountain.  Even if he survives it, he could have some potentially dangerous repercussions from the high altitude and severe weather conditions.  Even a good day is still living in extreme, dangerous, conditions.

I read Jon Krakauer's book after it was first published, and let me tell you, I am not a fast reader.  But it was a real page turner, and took no time at all for me to finish it!!  I couldn't put it down, and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in true stories.  It is written and told through the eyes of Jon Krakauer, who was in Rob Halls Expedition.

Another book that came out of this horrendous year, and written by someone who also, was in Rob Halls group is, "Left For Dead" by Dr Beck Weathers.  It is his personal story on how he was literally "left for dead", but managed to find his way back to camp after many hours in the extreme conditions, frozen and blinded.  He lost a good portion of both feet and hands as well as his nose to severe frostbite!!  I have this book, but have yet to read it.  But I will!!!

Anyhoo, sorry to post about something totally non band related, but I just couldn't not write about what I fear will happen to this young boy on Mount Everest!  Anyone else have any thoughts on this?  Am I wrong to be so concerned?  Or do you also think that this boys parents should be scolded for allowing him to risk his young life?  Till next time.....

Aloha My Friends  :)


Bonnie said...

I'm with you. Very mixed feelings.

Debi said...

At least I don't feel too bad knowing that I am not the only one!!

TJ said...

Happy 6 months!!!!!

Debi said...

Wow TJ! You always remember and I always forget!! Thanks, happy 6 months to you too!!!!