Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Message From Beyond, and A Miracle

Hey Ya'll,

After posting about my frightening experience the other night, I thought long and hard about writing this post.  But finally came to the conclusion that I should.  It has elements in it for those of us that do believe in the spiritual world, or at least the possibility of a spiritual world.  As well as those that have deep religious beliefs.  I find myself believing in both.

My Grandmother (my Mom's Mom) died when I was a very young girl of about 6.  I barely knew her, but I was just old enough to have some memories of her.  She was very short.  Standing only 4' 10" tall, with long red hair.  I remember that she smoked cigarettes and chewed Beamen's Gum.  To this day, when I occasionally find a pack of the gum and smell it.  I can't resist it, and it brings back a great memory of her.  In fact just thinking of it, I can bring back the smell of the gum.  My Mother loved my Grandmother so much.  When my Grandmother passed, it almost broke my Moms heart.

This story I am about to relate, happened to my Mother.  She told the story to me when I was a teenager.  One night while sleeping, my Grandmother came to her.  I am not sure how she woke my Mom up, just that my Mom did wake up.  My Mom wanted to talk to her as she missed her so much, but my Grandmother was there for one purpose only, which was to give my Mom a message.

She told my Mom that she was sick, and that if she didn't go to the Doctor soon, she would die.  After giving my Mom her message, she left.  My Mom was desperate to continue talking with her and called out, "Mom, Mom, come back".  Well, my Dad woke up at that, and thought that she was having a nightmare and sort of slapped her, thinking she needed to be woke up.  Which of course really pissed my Mom off!  Of course, my Dad didn't believe her when she told him that my Grandmother had come to her and gave her a message.

My Mom had a cold, but other than that, felt ok, and quickly forgot about the warning.  A few days later, she became very ill, very fast.  Back in those days, not everyone had a home phone (I know, we lived in the days of Dinosaurs!).  The closest phone was at our neighbor's house, but she couldn't even walk out of the room, let alone to the neighbors!  She was praying that I would come straight home from school.  But as luck would have it, I played for a bit with my friends.

When I finally did walk into our house.  My Mom immediately told me to go to the neighbor's house and call my Grandmother (my Dad's Mom) as she needed my Grandmother to take her to the Doctor!  Once there, it was determined that she had Walking Pneumonia pretty far along and could have died.  She has had Walking Pneumonia several times since then as well.  So this is my families personal experience with the paranormal.

Now, for the Miracle.  My Grandparents (my Dad's parents) owned and operated an Auto Repair shop.  My Grandfather worked it, and my Grandmother ran for parts and shuttled customers to and from the shop.  A few years after my Mom's "visitation", my Grandparents were camping.  They loved to take off for the weekend and go fishing.  This particular weekend, my Grandmother was stepping out of the trailer and slipped, twisted her ankle, fell and broke her foot!

They immediately drove back to town and went in to the Doctor.  He took x-rays of the foot and ankle and said that yes, it was most definitely broke.  But because it was so swollen, he didn't want to cast it immediately.  He wanted to wait a couple of days to allow for the swelling to go down.

In the mean time, an Evangelist that the family always went to see was in town, so they decided to go see him, even though she was on crutches.  Because of the crutches, they sat in the back of the huge auditorium, so as to not be in the way.  This particular Evangelist was famous for Healing.  However, this was not the reason for them attending.  Like I said, our family always went to see him, when he was in town.

During his Sermon, he would to go to different people in the audience, and proceed to pray for them and "Heal" them.  The auditorium was one of those that was also a Theater, so the seats were sloped up in the back.  Unexpectedly, he walked all the way to the back of the Auditorium where my Grandparents sat and picked out my Grandmother from the crowd.  He made her (clumsily) get up and walk out into the isle to stand next to him.

He told her that God had spoken to him, and told him that she had broken her foot in an accident.  She said, "yes sir".  He said that God told him that she helped my Grandfather in his business, and that he really needed her to help him.  Again, she said, "yes sir".  He told her that he was going to pray for her.  After praying for her, he told her to put aside her crutches and walk.  She did without hesitation.  She had no pain at all!  He told her that God had healed her.

Well, the next day, which was Monday, they went back into the same Doctor and he was amazed.  He took another set of x-rays and compared them to the original x-rays.  Where the first set definitely showed a broken foot, the second set showed a normal unbroken foot!  The Doctor said that it truly had to be a Miracle, as he had the before and after x-rays to prove it.  He was amazed but truly happy for her.

To this day, whenever I tell this story, I still get chill bumps, and become very emotional.  The family truly believes that my Grandmother experienced a Miracle that weekend.  Till next time....

Aloha My Friends  :)


Fat Bastard said...


Jenny said...

I have also had dreams where my grandfather who passed away in 2008 has come to see me. As soon as I woke up I wrote the messages down because I knew I would forget. Its a wonderful thing to experience these things.

amandakiska said...


Debi said...

FB, If it hadn't happened to my Mom and Grandmother, I would have trouble believing it too!

Jenny, I have had dreams like that too, but never thought to write them down, and of course I forgot them!

Amanda, yes it is kinda cool!

Bonnie said...

I am definitely a believer. I love these kinds of stories.

Debi said...

Thanks Bonnie, it's nice to know that I am not the only crazy one!! LOL

Butterfly/Amy said...

I most certainly believe these things happen. I remember most notably in my own life, I was 16 and kept having "dreams" that my grandmother was going to die on Christmas Day at 1pm and a few weeks later she was sick and in the hospital, they rushed her to surgery to remove fluid and tissue from her lungs, she had cancer and they never knew it. She died one week later on Christmas Day at, you guessed it, 1pm.

I had another experience a few years later, my grandfather who was in a nursing home well, a man looking identical to him came to me in a bar and brushed his hand on my cheek and smiled, a few hours later I got a call that my grandfather died. To this day I have never seen the man, or my grandfather's twin, whatever you want to call it ever again.

So yes, I really believe we have the ability to have paranormal experiences, miracles, and other supernatural experiences.

Debi said...

What a story! So sad that you were able to foretell your Grandmothers passing, but a great story in that your Grandfather visited you!! I've heard of others with this same type of experience. Although it has never happened to me personally.

Girl Bandit said...

I believe but have had no experience of this...