Thursday, May 27, 2010

Lions And Tigers And Bears, Oh My!

winter blizzard_20080120_004.jpg by susan.babson.

Ok, so the roads did not have this amount of snow accumulated on them yet, but it looked like this other than the road, and the snow was coming down harder and faster than this picture shows!

Hey Ya'll,

Well, yesterday we drove back up to Reno for my 6th Fill.  The last couple of times I have been there, I have been given incorrect information, or at least I am assuming it is incorrect.  Based on what the APN Laurie gave me, my current Fill level should be at 6.7 cc's in a 10 cc Band.  On my first Fill, I was told that I had 2.0 cc's in at Surgery, this is based on Laurie's deduction of how much fluid she was able to pull out.

And based on her advising me of how much she was putting in each Fill, again, I should have 6.7 cc's.  On my 5th Fill, she put in .6 cc's which would bring me to 6.5 cc's.  This Fill yesterday, she gave me another .5 cc's and said that now I am at 6.5 cc's!!  But just going on the numbers she has provided me all along, starting from the first Fill date, I should have 6.7 cc's.  So who should I believe?  My numbers based on what she provided, or her numbers, guessing on what I have, based on how much she pulls out each time?  And she doesn't pull out 100% of the fluid!

Anyway!  I got the Fill and doing fine with it so far.  I have not had a PB yet and I am eating fairly normal.  I am not eating totally solid foods, but I am eating more than just liquids.  I ate a small amount of Chili yesterday with ground beef in it for breakfast/lunch, then some homemade Goulash for dinner, noodles and all!  Today, I had a Tuna salad from Subway for lunch and ate a small amount of the lettuce and tomatoes as well.  Again with no problem.

The great news is that I have been losing weight again!!  After getting down to a low of about 191.0 a few months back, I back slid and allowed my Head Hunger to rule me, and I gained back about 10 lbs.  But since I have been consciously trying to lose weight, I have lost back down to 191.0!!  Laurie and the girls in the office was thrilled.  I have lost 6.6 lbs of the 10 lbs, since my last appointment on April 16th.  So here's hoping that I can break into the 180's soon!!!

Now, as for the title of my post!  Yesterday was supposed to be a fairly mild day weather wise, with a bigger storm slated for today, so we drove my car instead of the Truck with 4x4.  Luckily, I checked my e-mails just before we left, and I had a warning for an accident at the Summit East bound (our direction), that had closed the Hwy until at least 11am-12pm!  This meant that we would have to drive all the way into Sacramento, then head up Hwy 50 through Placerville and around Lake Tahoe just to get back to where we needed to be!

So I called the Surgeons office to advise them we may be late due to the accident.  Luckily they had heard about it as well, and had a cancellation for 45 minutes later than my original appointment, so we gladly took it!  We didn't make it with too much time to spare either.  LOL

Like I said, yesterdays weather was supposed to be fairly clear with just some rain showers, even in the Sierra's.  But it didn't turn out that way at all!!  We started out with nice sun with partial clouding, then went into overcast, then rain, then sleet, then snow showers, then sleet, then sun with partial clouds, then wind.  This just on the way there!!  On the way home, it started out wind, sun and partial clouds, then wind and rain, then sleet, then snow (not snow showers, but snow!), then hail, then snow, then rain, then sun with partial clouds.....

The snowing started right after we crossed over the Summit of the Sierra's on our way home.  Luckily, we made it over when we did, because by the time we made it down a few miles, we noticed that they had stopped traffic on the other side heading up, enforcing chain control!!!  We were in my car without 4x4, so we were really lucky because we did not take any chains!!  It's nearly JUNE for crimany sakes!!  It shouldn't be snowing still.  But you know what they say about mountains....never trust them, the weather can change in a moments notice!  So it seems like we had just about every kind of weather you can drive in yesterday, all in one day!!!  So we figured that today's storm had moved in early, but nooo, we still had our Thunderstorm today!!  LOL

***I forgot to add that the trip up took us just about 4 HOURS!!!  It normally takes us 1.5-2 hrs!!!***

Anyway, that is my good news and excitement for now.  Till next time...

Aloha My Friends  :)


Barbara said...

So Glad that your fill is kicking in.. I go tomorrow and I feel like asking for 5ccs straight up.. but I will be lucky to get .5cc.
That is just incredible about the weather.. good lord.. let summer begin already..

Debi said...

I hear ya!! Here's hoping you get some Fill too!!

Bonnie said...

Mother Nature really seems off her rocker this year.

Debi said...

I agree! What is it?

Nella said...

Wow, look at all of that snow!!!
Great weight loss...keep it going sista!

THE DASH! said...

YIKES! Look at all that snow. And chilli for breakfast? You're a brave woman lol. PS Great going on the weight down so far. xx

Debi said...

Thanks guys!

Cara, don't worry, although I have been known to eat chili for breakfast, you have to remember that I rarely eat before 11 am!

Plus, since we were on the road, and couldn't get there before the appointment, in time to eat. We didn't eat until after the appointment, which was about 3pm!

Plus, I can't eat anything too spicy, so the chili was really mild. More tasty than spicy. Yum!

Sandy Lee said...

I hope this fill is the one that gets you moving downward again. The picture wouldn't display at work so I have to go by your description. Snow sucks.

TJ said...

I wouldn't worry about the numbers being a little off. From what my doc told me you can lose .5cc over a 6 month period through basic osmosis. It is one of the reasons that we will always go back to the doctor at least once a year.

Plus one thing my doc said is that the numbers really don't matter - it is how you feel. Even the max level might not be a max since it doesn't include the amount in the tubing, but most docs count it. So my doc said that I could get closer to 11.5ccs in before I max out. At the moment I have no idea how much I have in my band since he took and unknown amount out last week.

Can't wait to see you post the 180s!!

Christine said...

My doctor said that over time a little bit of liquid in the band either evaporates or seeps out or somehow magically disappears. He said that even when I reach my "sweet spot" and don't need any more fills (a point which I have already reached), I will noticed that slowwwwwly over time my ability to eat more will gradually increase. He said I should come back once every six months or a year to get a smidgen more saline put back in. So...that's a long round-about way of saying that I think it's pretty difficult to pinpoint EXACTLY how much fluid you have in your band. I used to track it like you did, but I eventually gave up.

amandakiska said...

Glad you made it safely. I hope this fill puts you where you want to be. Great job on the weight loss. I want to be in the 190's!

Debi said...

Thanks Everyone!!

Sandy, I know what you mean about the picture not loading at work, I used to hate that when I worked and things wouldn't load for me!! I would have to go home and look at it again!

Tracy, I totally hear you on the numbers not really meaning anything! I have been reading a blog where the person only has about 3.5 cc's and this is over about a years time, but has still lost over 75 lbs! Most of us need at least 6 cc's to feel much restriction. Great to know why the numbers change though! BTW, you are doing fantastic!!

Christine, thank you for all the information! I forgot about evaporation of the saline! I just popped over into your blog and it looks really interesting, with tons of information! I will start reading it today!

Amanda, thank you for caring so much :) I'm sure that you will make the 190's soon!!

--Hey said...

I hate snow... or at least I hate driving in snow. Blah! Glad you are safe and sound. And nice to meet you... I am a new bandster (3/23/10) and I ran across your site on a fellow bloggers site. I would love to add you to my blog roll. Nice to meet you!

Debi said...

Hi ~Hey! Thanks for your comment! I would love to Follow you and I am now your 15th Follower! I would love it if you Followed me too!