Monday, October 31, 2011

A Big Shout Out To Banded Cupcake !!

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Hey Ya'll,

I just checked my Blog and found that I had another new Follower!  She goes by Banded Cupcake, and her Blog site is.....TahDah....: Banded CupcakeBanded Cupcake is so new that her Surgery is actually on Wednesday.  THIS Wednesday (11/2/11), so please follow the link provided above and give Banded Cupcake the love and support she needs right now!!  So Banded Cupcake, "Welcome to my Nightmare!", we will all be waiting for you to Blog post Surgery, letting us know that all is well, and you are doing ok.

Aloha My New Friend :)


Banded Cupcake said...

Aloha!! Thanks so much for the post/shout-out! :)

Debi said...

You're welcome Banded Cupcake!! I will be thinking of you tomorrow!!