Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Big Welcome To...Lucy!!

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Hey Ya'll,

First off...I want to apologize to my newest Follower!  I just now realized that I had a new Follower....When I open up my Blog, I always look at the number of my Follower's to see if it had changed.  This works....most of the time.  Unfortunately, she started to Follow me at the same time that I LOST a Follower, so the number stayed the same!!  I finally looked at the icons, and realized that I had a new icon and didn't recognize the photo or name....

Soooo, after all this, I would like to introduce my newest Follower!  Her name is Lucy, and her Blog name is: Lucky Lucy's Lap BandLucy was Banded on Sept 8th, 2011 and has lost 16 lbs already!!  So if you haven't found Lucy's Blog yet, please follow my link to her Blog, and give Lucy the love and support we all need in this Journey!!

So....Lucy, "Welcome to my Nightmare"! 

Aloha My New Friend :)


Cece said...

Your new blog is awesome !! I'll never forget your kindness in giving me a shoutout when I first started blogging ;)

~Lisa~ said...

I love your new fall "look"!!

Debi said...

Thanks Cece! I always like to welcome new Follower's and try to bring attention to their Blogs too so that they can get all the support we all need.

Thanks Lisa! I do like to change my Layout at least 3 times a year so that I don't get tired of looking at it! And I decided last year to begin changing it with the Seasons!

Lucy said...

Thank you so much! I really need to pay more attention to my new followers like you do!

Debi said...

You're welcome Lucy! I know, even though I do look at the Follower Counter, I don't always look at the icons! Which sometimes makes me late in welcoming them!