Monday, October 31, 2011

Another Shout Out! This Time To Lolli!! :)

 I'm sorry Lolli, but this is the only photo that I could find on your site.  I didn't even see an icon, or I would have used it!  If you prefer that this photo not be on here, let me know, and I will delete it immediately!

Hey Ya'll,

I can't believe my great fortune!  I just checked in, and found that I have another new Follower!  Her name is Lolli, and Lolli was just Banded on Thursday, Oct 27th!  So Lolli really is a new Bandster!!  If you haven't found Lolli's Blog yet, please follow this link: Bandipes (Like Recipes, But For The Band!), and give Lolli all the love and support she can use in this very early stage of her Journey!!

So Lolli...."Welcome to my Nightmare!".

Aloha My New Friend :)


Lolli said...

Lol that photo is fine. Part of my journey is learning to be proud of who I am and that's why I posted the photo in the first place :) Thank you sooooo much for the shout out!

Debi said...

Thanks Lolli, and you're welcome! Other than the fact that it is obvious you are in the Hospital, I think that this is a great photo of you!

Lolli said...

Haha...thanks! :) I nominated you for an award, please visit my blog to check it out!

Debi said...

Thanks Lolli! I will go check it out now! :)