Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fall Is Definately Here!!

Snow blankets the ski lift chairs at the Soda Springs Ski Resort near Soda Springs, Calif., Wednesday, Oct. 5, 2011. An early October storm swept through Northern California bringing rain to the lower levels and up to six inches of snow to the Sierra Nevada. (AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli)

Yes, it went from ZERO Snow to this overnight!!  With high winds as well!!  It is only time, for the Snow level to hit us too!!  We are at about 4400 ft above sea level and the Sierra's where this photo was taken is at about 5774 ft above sea level!!

Hey Ya'll

Well if I had any question of it being Fall a week before, I don't now!!  LOL  The winds that we were getting here almost daily, seemed to stop during July-September.  Well....they are back!!  Last night it was so windy that it Blew Over Our Huge Gold Wing Motorcycle!!  That Bike is almost 1000 lbs!!  Too bad we didn't already have the Trike Wheels on it, then it wouldn't have been tipped over!  Oh and did I say that it rained too??  Right now at 6:30, it is already down to 46 degrees, and it is supposed to drop down into the 30's overnight!  This is only the first week in October....I wonder if we are going to have another Winter of above normal Snow fall for our area, like we had last year??  Just yesterday, we were still running the Air Conditioner!!  And now we are bringing out our Ceramic Heaters....What a difference a day makes! LOL

Now at this time of year, when it rains up here in the Reno/Sparks/Carson City area, or down in the Sacramento Valley area, it usually means that it is SNOWING up in the Sierra's!  And it did!  See the photos above the post, and at the end of the post!  The Sierra's had high winds with Snow, instead of Rain!!  So I am hopeful that it isn't too late for Christa and the Grand Kids to come up for their Birthday visit!!  Her car isn't new and they don't like to take it for a long drive, especially in Winter weather conditions.  So I am hopeful that the major storms holds off for another week so that they can come up at least once!!  So please cross your fingers and toes that the weather gets better and holds for at least a week!

We've been really busy lately, getting our new Corporation up and running for the Business.  Since we moved out of California, we needed a Company for Walt to do his work through, and we decided to close out the California Company and open one in Nevada.  Especially since we have made Nevada our new home.  So we have been busy getting the Corp up and running, opening Bank Accounts, etc.  A big pain in the A**!!  LOL  But something that is necessary.

We were a bit concerned that because of the Bankruptcy last year, that the new Bank would turn us down for opening up the new Accounts.  But we were pleasantly surprised that they not only allowed us to open the Business Accounts, but Personal Accounts too!!  This means that we will eventually close out our California based Bank Accounts in the near future as well.

Like I said in an earlier post, we rented another smaller Storage Unit (half the size and interior/climate controlled) last month, and so far we have just about everything in it that we intend to keep.  We only have a few items left in the larger Unit.  But we are hopeful that this is the last month that we use it!  Technically, we could squeeze in the "stuff" from the larger unit into the new smaller unit if necessary.  We still have my Cream colored Arm Chair, that we are getting rid of and the Kitchen Table and Chairs from our RV that we want to sell.  Walt hopes that we can get $100 for my Chair (which we paid around $400 for and is still in perfect showroom condition, having been barely sat in, and never by a child!!), and at least some money for the Table and Chairs.  We are going to place them on Craig's List and see if we can get something for them....

Here is a photo of the Chair, do you think that it is worth $100???  If not, what do you suggest we sell it for???

I have finished Hannah's Afghan which I posted photos of in an earlier post, and I am almost finished with my Mom's Afghan too!!  We are planning on taking them with us to give to them, when we go down to Sacramento in a couple of weeks.  We really need to get down there and get the Trike Wheels attached to the Bike....especially since the Winter is starting sooner than expected!!  We need to get it done while we can still ride the Bike down and back!!  Otherwise, I will be stuck without transportation during the Winter again!!  I will post photos of my Mom's Afghan soon!!  Hopefully in a couple of days.

I have been reading a lot of the blogs of those who attended the 2011 Boobs weekend!!  It sounds like ya'll had a really great time!!  I so wish that I could have attended....but, like Walt says "we are going to Hawaii (my dream vacation) in a couple of months", so I can't complain, and....we are flying First Class!!  We managed to get great rates.  So....maybe one of these years, Boobs will consider having its gathering here on the West Coast????  There are a lot of us that would love to attend from this side of the States!! LOL

Walt just got home from work, so I guess I should go for now.  Till next time.....

Aloha My Friends  :)

Trucks drive along the fog and snow shrouded Interstate 80 near Soda Springs, Calif., Wednesday, Oct. 5, 2011.  An early October storm swept through Northern California bringing rain to the lower levels and up to six inches of snow to the Sierra Nevada.(AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli)


Kelli said...

I remember those days of driving either interstate 50 or 80 and it looking like your pics. I miss the Sierra's as well. Thanks for sharing. I will have to plan a trip back home sometime soon. I miss having Fall living in Arizona!

~Lisa~ said...

Stay warm!! Remember to wrap yourself in those glorious afghans while you're working on them!!

And I think that chair is worth more than $100 - at that price, it's a steal!

Debi said...

Kelly - I know what you mean, it is beautiful through the Sierra's so long as you aren't stranded in there in bad conditions!! LOL

Lisa - Thanks! You are right...I usually (at least in the past) crochet Afghans during the Winter months. They help me to stay warm while I am making something for someone!! And I too believe that the Chair is worth more than $100, but you know how hard it is to get top dollar for something used, even if it is barely touched!! So I am hoping that we can get at least $50 for it!!

Kristin50 said...

I think your chair is a steal at $100 from that picture of it!

I also cannot believe it is already snowing, I am so not ready for Illinois winters. LOL

Boobs 2.0 was amazing and worth every dime spent to get there.

I cannot say enough about what it did for me and my journey!

Debi said...

Hi Kristin! I am so glad to hear that you too had such a great time at Boobs 2.0! I know that everyone that goes, always has a great time and goes away with a lot of new friends!

I agree...I can't believe that it snowed already! We usually don't see snow until November! I just hope that we can get down into Sacramento in a couple of weeks on the Motorcycle so that we can get the Trike Wheels on it before it snows again!!

As for the Chair, my Daughter showed me a posting on the local Craig's list with a White Leather Chair for $140 and it didn't look anywhere near as good as my Chair! So we will ask at least $150 for it and hope for the best!

Anonymous said...

Oh, just ewww about that snow. I hate cold!!!

Debi said...

LOL, I know! I am new to it myself, last year was my first year in it!