Sunday, October 30, 2011

I'm On The Losing Track Again!! :)

Here are the Maui Jim Sunglasses that I choose!  Walt let me buy them this week, so I wasted no time in getting them!  It was a hard choice between the Black frame with Gray tint, or the Tortoise frame with Bronze tint.  But since I have problems with the sun and glare, I went with the Black/Gray as they are darker.  So now I am ready for Hawaii....well...almost!!

Hey Ya'll,

How do you like my new Fall Blog Look???  I was going to choose a great one that was darker, but I felt that it looked too much like Halloween, and that it would be outdated after tomorrow, and before I change to a Winter look.  So I choose this one since it definitely looks like Fall!!! LOL

In my last post, I finally faced the music and came clean with my weight that time, I was back up to 189.0 lbs.  This morning I am down to....184.2, giving me a weight loss of 4.8 lbs so far!  Lets hope that I can keep it up!

I had Lunch with Carol, one of my Sister In Laws on Friday, and then we went to Joann's to get the materials for me to make her one of the Tote's that I have been making.  We changed it up a bit this time though.  Instead of me making the handles out of the yarn, as the pattern calls for, she is choosing to have leather straps attached.  So this will be interesting to see how it turns out!!  I will keep you posted on it.  But before I can start her Tote, I need to make my Mother In Laws Afghan, that we are giving to her for Christmas.  We won't be seeing her at Christmas time this year, as she will be in Hawaii, so I am trying to get it to her in time for Thanksgiving! 

I am finishing up the Chef Bear today that I am making for Kelly, one of my BFF's (I have already finished the Tote Bag) so that I can get it in the Mail tomorrow since her Birthday is the 10th.  Now I just have to figure out how I am going to get the box with her gifts, and the even bigger box with all the Books that I am sending her, On The BIKE!!  I think that I can fit the smaller box in the Trunk, but I will definitely have to strap the bigger box onto the back seat somehow!!  Then drive carefully....straight to the Post Office!!  LOL 

By the way, if anyone is unaware of this....I found out (It's on the USPS website (buried of course)) that if you are mailing Books, CD's, DVD's, etc, so long as you are sending only this type of material, you can Mail them via Media Mail for a TON LESS MONEY!!  But you cannot have anything personal in it, such as a note, photos, or letter.  It must be only the Media items!!  The last huge box that I sent to Kelly with Books, weighted about 40 lbs and only cost me about $17.50 vs $191 sending regular mail with large box!!  Even sending it in 3 of the Large, Priority Flat Rate Boxes would have cost me over $45 after tax and extras that is attached....I am so glad that I figured this out!! LOL

The Company that Walt is now working for, is holding a Bowling night to Benefit some local Charity a week from Monday, so he is going to attend it!  I might have attended it too, but it is in Carson City, and I would have had to ride the Bike there and back, and it is getting cold here!  And I do not have Winter Riding Gear to keep me warm!  Plus, because of my Spinal problems, I am not supposed to do anything like Bowling....but if I was living close, I would have at least attended for support!!  Oh well, Walt should have a good time with his co-workers.  It will give him more time to bond with them.  It is always hard to start a new job.

Walt also told me that he would buy me a new Camera to take to Hawaii (we bought his new Professional grade Camera this week).  I don't do well with Camera's that are too fancy, and with too many choices....I like a point and shoot!!  So I will just get me a newer Camera similar to the one I have now, with better abilities.  My old Camera was given to me 6 yrs ago this Holiday Season!!  I can't believe that it has already been 6 yrs.  Oh well, I better go for now, got lots to do, and lots of research to do for my new Camera as well.  We leave for Hawaii in 1 month and 2 days!!  Till next time.....

Aloha My Friends  :)


~Lisa~ said...

What a terrific loss - good for YOU!! I can't wait to see the projects you're going to making - OR the pictures you take with your new camera in Hawaii!!

Keep up the good work!!

Debi said...

Thanks Lisa! I can always count on you to be so supportive!! And I truly hope that I do get some great photos in Hawaii!!

Andrea said...

Congrats on losing again! I love your new fall blog design!

Debi said...

Thanks Andrea!