Saturday, March 5, 2011

Still Working On The Bloody Taxes!! :(

This is my 2nd Painting.  I little bit better than the first, but still a long way from great!  LOL  It was completed in Dec 08.  Believe me, it looks better in its frame!

Hey Ya'll,

Well, I have been working feverishly on the taxes, and I am close to being done.  But it is so hard to work on them when Walt is home.  He wants all my attention, but then wants to know why I am not accomplishing much when he is around!!  LOL  Well, I am really close to being done, so if I don't finish them before he leaves for Sacramento, then they will definitely be done by the time he returns!

Today we had planned on going into town, and picking up the mail.  Then doing some light shopping for necessary items, then returning home and working.  Me on the taxes, and Walt on his work related project.  But.....Walt talked to his mother, and found out that she was in the area and agreed to meet us for lunch.  Take a huge guess where she wanted to eat.....if you said at a Buffet, then you would be right!  So we met her at the local Casino's Buffet.

Luckily, both Walt and I ate very responsibly today!  I ate only about half of what I would have normally eaten, even after the Band!!  So I am pleased with myself.  Even Walt only ate about half of what he would have eaten there.  So all in all, it was an expensive lunch, but at least we didn't over eat!

We are still waiting to hear about getting a week in Hawaii through our Timeshare before the year is out.  We would like to get the time in September, so that one of my BFF's could go with us.  But like I said before, she is under such restriction as to when she can go, that it is highly unlikely that we will be able to get a week at that time.  We will probably end up going sometime in October or November.  Which is fine with us, we are not locked into when we can go.  But it would have been nice to go with her.  So if we end up going in October or November, we will probably ask our Daughter Kat and her husband to go with us as they have never been there.

We also found out today that Walt's mom is going to go to Hawaii the last week in December! LOL  She has a Timeshare on Kauai that she has access to Bi-Annually.  So she has decided to go this year, and is now looking for someone to go with her.  The last time she was there was in 2000!  Can you imagine having a fantastic Timeshare in HAWAII and not using it????  Her Timeshare is also a 2 Bedroom/2 Bathroom Condo like ours.  I told her that I would love to go with her.  But then I realized that we are probably not going to be able to save up enough for me to go to Hawaii with her, AND on our own trip!!  That would be paying for Airfare twice plus expenses!  Well, I can dream can't I???  LOL

I just checked into the price of Airfare for a direct flight from Sacramento.  And found out it will cost us somewhere between $700-$982 each (depending on which week we went), and if we flew First Class (which we love to do, when we can afford it), it would be $1420 each!  So....we have to start saving now!  LOL  But I checked into the cost of Airfare for December for Walt's mom, and was surprised to learn that it wasn't that much more expensive to fly in December.  It would be about $960 each.

If we are unable to get the time needed in September, so that our friend would be able to go with us, then we are hoping to get a week during one of the lower priced weeks to fly, in Oct or Nov.  Really, the only bad days for us to fly cost wise, would be departing from Sacramento on Sept 23rd, and returning from Hawaii on Sept 25th.  For some reason, that particular weekend is the most expensive time to fly during the months of September-December!  Go figure....And flying First Class costs the same, no matter what day you fly.....just saying..... :)

Anyway, I am lining up Appointments for the time I will be in Sacramento again.  I will be there from April 11th (PM) and we will be leaving either Thursday or Friday (14th-15th).  So I am planning on getting my hair cut again, since my Hairdresser is there.  And I am hoping to be able to get together with our Daughter Christa, the Grand Kids and my Mom, for lunch while I am there.  Since they are all in the same area, I am hoping to do all of that on the same day.  We will be house sitting at our Daughter Kat's house.  They will be spending time in Monterey, for their Wedding Anniversary.  And she has said that I could use her car while there, so I can go visit my Mom, etc without having to wait until Walt gets home from work.

I am also hoping to meet up with Tracy, from Banded Adventures while there, as we would be close enough to be able to meet up.  Tracy if you read this, let me know if you would be available for Dinner while we are there.  I left you a comment in your last post letting you know which days we are there.  Hopefully this time we can actually make it!!  LOL

And today, Walt told me that he really, really is tired of driving from Sacramento to Nevada every week.  And if his job continues as is expected, then we will probably move the RV back into California nearer his work.  My family would be happy to hear this, so we shall see.... 

Well, I better go for now, till next time.....

Aloha My Friends  :)


Bonnie said...

Husbands are so funny sometimes. Good luck with getting your taxes done and a week in Hawaii.

Debi said...

Thanks Bonnie!!