Tuesday, September 28, 2010

We're Home!!

Here we are!!  Myself, Tina and Amanda, plus Amanda's adorable daughter!!  Tina's daughter was hiding from the camera at the end of the table, and she is totally cute too!!  I did style my hair that morning, it before we left...I promise, you just can't tell!  Check out how thin their necks are compared to mine!

This is Walt, our friend Hannah, and I Saturday night at the party.  The last function before we left on Sunday morning.  What can I say, Helmet Hair again!!

And here is Walt on his way back to our Hotel to pick me up.  This is our Bike with the Cart behind.  Our friends let us keep it at their house.  This is the only way we could go with the Bike, we needed to carry our clothes!!  That thing fits a mid size piece of Luggage, and 2 Carry Ons!!

Hey Ya'll,

Well, my last post was on Thursday night.  Friday I decided to stay at the Hotel until the evening Services, as I was still tired from the long ride in.  Walt went to the Synagogue, and helped them hang decorations for the party on Saturday night.  They were happy that he showed up, as he was the tallest one, and was able to hang the things in the upper areas the easiest.

Friday night, we went to the evening services at the Synagogue, which Albert participated in as well.  After the service, the family and friends from out of town went to a nice Restaurant and had a really nice Dinner.  Unfortunately, Walt couldn't partake of the free booze and wine, as he had to drive us back to the Hotel!!  If we had the Trike Wheels attached, I "maybe" could have ridden us back to the Hotel.  No.....I could have ridden us back.  It may not have been very pretty, since I haven't had but one practice ride on our Bike, but I could have gotten us there!!

On Saturday morning, we went back to the Synagogue for the Bar Mitzvah celebration service.  Albert did really, really well.  It is really hard to memorize everything that they have to memorize for the service.  After the Service, they held a Luncheon that the entire congregation was invited to!

Unfortunately, I made the mistake of having a few "small" bites of a Bagel that decided they didn't want to go down!!  Oh NOOOO!!  To be at a Synagogue with hundreds of strangers, and have to PB!!  So I quietly slipped into the closest bathroom, and stayed there for about 2 hours!!  I had at least 2 people come in to check on me, they were so worried!!  Of course, it didn't help that Walt kept asking someone to go check on me!!  I even tried the "drink something to force it to either come back up, or go down" trick, 3 times!!!!  It didn't work, but finally it just stopped hurting and it was ok.  This was the first time the drink scenario didn't work! 

I was so embarrassed after this as just about everyone knew I was in there so long.  And because they hadn't completely finished with decorating the room for the party that night, Walt stayed to help finish.  He was going to take me back to the Hotel, then go back, but our friend Jennifer took me back to the Hotel for him.

I was so exhausted from trying to end the PB, and standing for so long in my dress shoes (did I mention that I have trouble standing very long?), that I decided to take a nap.  I really needed it, as I didn't sleep well the night before.  In fact, I think I only had about 3-4 hours sleep (and I almost fell asleep during the Services that morning, they went on for a VERY long time, like 2 hours)!  Because I was so embarrassed from the PB earlier in the day, I had decided while drifting off to sleep, that I was going to bow out of the Evening Party.  Walt let me sleep until we needed to leave, then woke me up to ask if I was going to go.

He said that he would understand if I didn't go, but he wished that I did, so of course, I did!!  But we decided that we wouldn't stay too late, as we needed to get back on the road the next morning to meet with Amanda and Tina in Eugene!  We had a nice time at the Dinner, visiting with everyone a bit more, then left by 9:30.  The kids were all still dancing having a great time!!

Of course, it rained again on Sunday, the day we had to leave and start the ride home!!  And it rained until we got to Albany!  Then the rain stopped.  Oh!  Did I tell you that we had a really great time at Lunch with Amanda and Tina??!!  Amanda brought her youngest daughter with her, and Tina came with her husband David, and her youngest daughter too!!

So Walt had another male to talk to!  He was glad to have another man to talk to.  Although he is not afraid to talk with women.  In fact, he loves to talk with women!  Unfortunately, we only had about 1 1/2-2 hrs to visit, so we tried to make the most of it!  Amanda had to leave a bit early since her older daughter had to be picked up from Soccer.  Then after another 20 mins or so, the rest of us had to leave as well.

Both Tina and Amanda looked fabulous!!  And like they said, except for us eating much less than a normal person, you wouldn't know that we had had Bariatric Surgery!!  They looked much better than I do though.  I just can't wait until my neck thins out some more!!  I guess I am just so aware of it, that I am embarrassed by it.  Oh well, it too will get smaller with time!!  That and my horrible complexion and red face!!  That I am afraid I will always have!

Anyway!  Our ride on Sunday, was really nice all day.  However....Today Was A Nightmare!!  But only because of the HEAT!!  We thought, or should I say....HOPED, that Summer was over!!  NOT!!  It was hot today....really hot!  And by the time we made it home, it was almost 100 degrees!!  Try riding all day, in full Gear, in the heat!  The ride would have been really nice otherwise though.  I can take it up to about 80-85 degrees, but over 90 degrees and it is just too miserable.  I was hot, damp and miserable.  I hate wearing gloves in the heat.  And of course my hair was atrocious!!  It was damp, and clung to my head.  I looked and felt horrible.

But Walt was sweet and took me to Dinner, at a great local Barbecue Restaurant.  We shared a plate and still had 3/4's of it left to bring home!  At least Walt will have Dinner for a day or two!!  Oh, did I tell you why he took me to Dinner tonight?  It was because he dangled a carrot over my head, to not stop for Lunch on the way home!  He told me he would take me out to Dinner.  Boy, does he know my weakness or what???  So all we had after Breakfast, was a bag of chips each at noon, and a really fantastic Super Thick Milk Shake at about 2pm, so we didn't have a Heat Stroke!  LOL

Well,  I better go for now.  Till next time....

Aloha My Friends  :)


Dinnerland said...

Great pictures-- glad it was a good trip!

~Lisa~ said...

Aloha! Welcome home!! What a fabulous trip it sounds like!! Your pictures are terrific - You look wonderful - thank you for sharing them! I am sorry about your "incident" and was glad to hear that you pulled it all together to attend the dinner! My kinda woman!

Thanks again!!

(Mrs C)

Tina said...

Great post Debi-your picture turned out great. I will snag it and share it on mine as well. Davids was horrible. It was very dark and I had some strange look on my face.

It was good meeting you as well. My face may look thin to you but it still bugs me :) and it was VERY FAT and multiple chinned before I started this whole thing. I would say the last 20 pounds have been face related but now I have a chicken neck which bugs me. I guess we are never happy eh?

I am glad you made it home!!


Debi said...

Thanks everyone!

Tina, your face/neck looks fantastic! But yes, I do understand how you feel. We never see ourselves the way others see us.

And yes, it is good to be home!! Even though it is supposed to be 101 degrees today, and I am not supposed to turn on the Air Conditioner!!

amandakiska said...

Just think of all the dehydration induced weight loss from riding in leathers in the 100 degree heat!

Your neck is fine, silly. You look great!

It was great to meet you! Thanks for setting everything up!

Debi said...

You're welcome Amanda! But you did just as much just by agreeing to meet up and helping to decide on where to meet!

Unfortunately, I didn't lose anything from riding in the heat! I actually gained 3.2 lbs during this trip!! So now I have to start losing the gained weight again, now that I am home!