Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Attention Medford & Eugene Oregon Blogger's

Lower Lewis River Falls by sweber4507.

Hey Ya'll,

First off, I want to say that I have been VERY happy with my latest Fill.  I do not feel as if I am overfilled at all, but I do seem to not feel hunger much.  In fact, I have LOST "7.2 pounds" in the last week!!  And I finally made it to one of my mini goals of losing 45 lbs!!  I am almost half way to my total goal.  Of course, I should have been at this point about 2-3 months ago!!  All I have been doing, is watching how much I consumed (as I should always be doing! cough, cough), and trying not to eat what I should not be eating!  Go figure!  Who knew it could be this easy???  If only my brain would stop sending me the signal to eat what I shouldn't eat, all would be great!! 

Now, I know that losing this much weight so fast, is generally not good.  But I think that my body is finally giving in.  After not losing for so long (my own fault of course), once I started eating as I should be, the weight is just falling off!!  I am keeping my fingers crossed that it continues for a while.  I really would like to get down into the 170's before our short mini vacation to Portland, Oregon in 3 weeks!  I only have 3.5 pounds to reach the 170's, I think that I can do it!!

Which brings me to the Title of my Post.  We will be staying in Medford, Oregon on Wednesday, the 22nd, and Sunday the 26th of September.  So if there are any blogger's in the Medford area that would like to meet with us for Dinner, please let me know either by a comment, or emailing me directly to the email listed in my blog.

(((***Have you ever had a Blond moment?  I wrote Eureka, but meant Eugene!!!!!  Anyone in Eugene like to meet up?????)))

Also, we will be stopping for an early Lunch (about 11 am) on Sunday the 26th in Eureka.  So if there are any blogger's in the Eureka area, that would like to meet us for Lunch, please let me know, we would be thrilled to meet ya'll.

I almost got to meet a couple of my blogging friends, that I knew lived there in Oregon this trip, but one will still be entertaining her Family from out of State and can't make it, and the other has a meeting she can't get out of, on the first date we will be in Medford, and on the second date, she will be one of the Lucky Ones that will be in Chicago with all of the other "BOOB'S".  Lucky girl!

And I haven't heard back from Tina in Portland yet.  As to whether or not she can meet.  As she teaches, and of course classes are back in session!!  So we are still hoping this meeting can take place, but we do know how hard it is for those that work, to meet on a work night.

So, here's hoping that someone can meet with us.  If not, maybe another time.  I will keep my fingers crossed that we can meet up with at least one of ya'll.  Till next time.....

Aloha My Friends  :)


Tina said...

I sent your reply today-was in Eugene and Cottage Grove riding my bike! :)


Debi said...

Thanks Tina!! We can't wait to meet you and your hubby!!

Wow, you are really doing a lot of riding!! Good for you! It's great exercise, I wish that I could do it.

Christine said...

Oregon and Eureka! How exciting! What lovely places to visit. I hope you have a great trip! Sadly I live on the opposite side of the USA. Maybe someday when I go to Hawaii....**grin!** Congrats on the weight loss! Wow, 7 pounds!? That's remarkable!

Bonnie said...

Holy crap! 7.2 in a week! I didn't lose that much when I was on liquids. Congratulations for losing 45 lbs and almost being half way to goal. Don't worry about not reaching the goal sooner - the important thing is you're doing it. Congrats!


Nice, half way, way to go. There is a support meeting in Medford on the 22nd, maybe...........

Debi said...

Christine, thanks!! Hawaii is great and I love it! But unfortunately, I don't live in Hawaii, I only visit it as much as possible!! I live in California in the Sacramento area. :(

Bonnie, thanks! I know! I didn't lose this much in a week on my Pre-Op diet either! Which is why I am wondering how I can keep up this level of weight loss! And I know that the reason I haven't lost faster is my own fault.

CHRISTINE, thanks! Hey, we should be in Medford no later than 4pm, maybe we could meet up for an early Dinner? We prefer to eat early anyway. Or Drinks after your meeting? Let me know!

Christine said...

Oh! Sacramento! Oh, well, it's too bad that it's not Hawaii. I have family in the San Fran area, and I'll probably be visiting them sometime in the next five years! LOL!

Debi said...

At least San Fran is pretty!! And not hot like it is here in the Valley away from the Sea Breeze!!