Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Big Welcome To Lisa (Mrs C) !!!

Hey Ya'll,

I have a new Follower, and her name is Lisa (Mrs C)!!  She is Pre Band and can use all the help and support we can give her, so why don't you hop on over and check out her blog!!  The link to her blog is here, The Rest Of My Life.  So Lisa, "welcome to my nightmare".  Till next time.....

Aloha My New Friend  :)


~Lisa~ said...

Wowza! Wowza! Wowza!! Thank you for the warm and wonderful welcome! I'm getting all blushy here!!

I am so thrilled that Amanda has led me to your blog!!

Thank you again!!
(Mrs. C)

Debi said...

You're welcome Lisa!! You deserve it! And thanks for Following me too!!