Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Day One - Portland Trip!!

Hey Ya'll,
Well, we survived day one of our trip!  We made it from the Sacramento area to Medford, Oregon by around 5pm.  The trip was fantastic.  We were afraid that it would be a long hot ride, but it turned out to be surprisingly cool, all day!!  It was 60 degrees at 9am when we left our house, and not much warmer by the time we arrived in Medford.  Although it did warm up to around 70 or so degrees today. 

However, when you are riding at 60 plus mph with only a Bike Jacket and a pair of Pants on, over your clothes (that are vented at that!), it can get cool.  Basically, you figure that anything under 75 degrees, you want to wear your Winter gear, or at least have your inserts in the gear, for a bit more warmth.  We have our Summer gear with us.  In fact, I only have Summer gear so far.  But we did bring the inserts.   However, we didn't think we would need them today, while still in California!!  I could have used them too, and would not have been too warm! 

Luckily, it wasn't so cold as to say I was shivering or anything.  It was just on the COOL side!  LOL  If it were, we would have taken the time to put them in the gear before continuing on!  So tomorrow on our ride from Medford up to Portland, we will be using the inserts!  Or at least I will.  Especially since it appears that we may hit some rain or at least showers during the ride.  Aah, such is life!  I will be my first time to ride in the rain, in a VERY long time!  Like 37-38 yrs!!

So tomorrow, we need to leave out much earlier than we did today.  Today we weren't in any hurry, since we didn't have anyone to meet up with.  But we are planning on meeting our friend Laurie in Salem, for Lunch tomorrow.  So we need to leave here by 7:30 am!!  Which means that I need to be up no later than 5:30 am, if I want to take a shower, and eat a bite for Breakfast before we leave.  Yikes!!

Well, that means that I need to get off here, so I can start getting ready for bed!!!  My go to bed before 3-5 am????  That is practically unheard of.  Luckily for me, I brought some handy dandy Sleeping Pills that were prescribed for me a couple of months back!!  I don't use them at home, just when we are away, so that I can be on everyone elses schedule!!  So, till tomorrow!!!

Oh, and I am sorry everyone!!  I know that it has become my custom to add at least one photo to each of my posts, but I am not on my computer, so my photos are not at my finger tips!!

Aloha My Friends  :) 


~Lisa~ said...

Aloha to YOU, Debi!!
What a glorious trip that sounds like!! Sleep well and know that we're all anxious to hear all about this wonderful trip you're on! Be safe, and keep us posted!!

Lisa C

Christine said...

like you're having fun! Have a safe trip!!

amandakiska said...

Can't wait to meet you!

It will be warm on Saturday (85 or so), but it is cold and gray in Eugene today.

So what are you doing in Portland? That's where I'm from originally. Love that town!

Debi said...

Thanks Everyone!!

Amanda, we are in Portland visiting Walt's High School BF and his Family. Their son just turned 13, so we are here for his Bar Mitzvah! We were here two years ago, for their daughters Bat Mitzvah as well. It was a great time, unfortunately, it was one celebration after another, and all involved a huge amount of food!! So I just hope that I don't gain too much weight back!! And I can't wait to meet you Sunday either!!