Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sorry We Missed The PARTY!!

Hint, Hint!!  Wink, Wink!!  What do you think???

Hey Ya'll,

Well, I read some of the blogs today, of those that posted about their fun experiences in Chicago.  I was happy for everyone, and sad at the same time!!  I am so glad that ya'll got to meet each other, and bond over our Lap Band experiences.  However, like I said, I am completely bummed that I couldn't afford to make it there with ya'll too.  I did however, get to meet up with 2 of our sister Bandster's up in Oregon, and we did toast to ya'll as well.  But all three of us, wished that we were there with you!!  You looked like you were having the time of your life!!  Especially Gen from Colorado!!  Gen, I can't believe that you Broke Your Arm Dancing!!!!!  I wonder, will your hubby let you go to another of these free for all's again??? LOL

I have noticed on several of the blogs, that there is some "talk" (wink, wink), of possibly doing a 3 or 4 day Cruise next time?????  Did I mention that, I LOVE TO CRUISE???  And would do just about anything to get to make that gathering??!!  Of course, I would prefer that the Cruise be from the West Coast, so it would be less expensive for me to fly out.  But hey, I would be up to Cruise from almost anywhere!!  Just give me enough time to try to save up for it!!  And we (Walt and I, as I couldn't go to Australia without him!) are definitely interested in trying to make it to Australia in 2015 as well!!

Well, there is not much left to say right now, except that I have not been able to make myself get back on the band wagon, since our return home from Portland, food wise.  So I need to kick myself in the A**!!  If I don't want to gain back all the weight I have lost since my last Fill!!

Tomorrow, we will be riding the Bike down to Pleasanton, near the Bay Area (unfortunately not close enough to make the weather cooler!!).  We are going to a huge, Fall RV Show there.  We are hoping to get to see some of the models of 5th Wheels, that we are interested in.  It is about a 2 hour ride each way, and it is supposed to be about 95 degrees most of the ride.  However, it is supposed to be slightly cooler there in Pleasanton, with temps only around 90 degrees.  Even so, I am hoping the show is inside, but with my luck, it will be totally outside!!  LOL

Oh well, I have some more laundry to move from the Washer to the Dryer, so I better go for now.  Till next time...

Aloha My Friends  :)


THE DASH! said...

Australia in 2015?? Whahooo ..come see me?? Moi.. moi?? That would be so great!
I was bummed too Deb, sucked we couldnt make it huh. On the other hand, seems like youre making your own fun. Lucky you meeting the other girls!!

Debi said...

Yes, that is what the BOOB'S attendees are talking about now. Australia in 2015!! Of course, it will probably be in Sydney, I haven't heard for sure where yet, but if it pans out, hopefully you will be able to make it there too!!

However, I do know that Australia is such a large Country and you are on the opposite side of it from Sydney!! But at least it isn't out of the Country this time!! LOL

I saw it mentioned in several of the posts from those that went to Chicago, so they must have talked about it while there! Walt and I are really hoping to make it!

I was lucky enough to have a couple of the girls in Oregon that wasn't able to attend the Chicago meet, agree to meet with us for Lunch!! We had a great time! But it was too short.

Also, they are starting to talk about next years meet. Possibly a mini Cruise!! I am rooting for that one for sure!!

Gen said...

Debi, hope you can make the next one, we missed you! Thanks for the shout-out on my injury - what a story. Too much! Glad you got to have a mini-boobs event!

Debi said...

No, we missed you guys!! Hope to get to make it to the next one so I can experience the event too!! LOL

Nella said...

We are taking a Caribbean Cruise in March with the whole fam damily! Any suggestions?? I am so scared of the nausea!

Debi said...

Nella - I'll respond in your blog.