Thursday, September 23, 2010

Day Two and We Made It To Portland!!

Hey Ya'll,

Well, we made it up to Portland, after a very interesting day!!  First off, it was only 45 degrees when we left Medford this morning!  We were not expecting it to be that cold, but we figured that once the sun had been out for a while, it would warm up....NOT!!!!  The warmest it got all day, was about 60 degrees, and that wasn't for very long!!  But for the most part, it was just a it on the cold side!!!! 

Luckily, we were expecting it to be colder today, so Walt took the time this morning, before he woke me up, to zip in our Bike Gear inserts, to help with the cold weather.  Plus I wore my fleece long sleeved jacket as well!!  Thank God!!  I would have froze to death otherwise!  But because we were so well wrapped (like the Sta Puff Marshmallow Man), only my face (because I didn't have the part of my Helmet attached that covers my chin, what can I say, I am claustrophobic so we didn't even think to bring it) and hands were cold (and yes, I was wearing my gloves, but they are for Summer and vented).  The rest of me was chilled, but not enough to make me shiver or anything!

We stopped in Eugene just long enough to fuel up, as we had Lunch planned with our friend Laurie in Salem, but couldn't make it all the way without fueling up.  It was chilly there, and looked like it could rain, but we had high hopes that we would make it to Salem before it hit.  WRONG AGAIN!!  Almost as soon as we got back onto the highway, it started to sprinkle.  We figured, sprinkles weren't bad.....but then it started to RAIN!!!  And it didn't stop until we got to Salem!  Luckily, while we were in the Restaurant eating, it stopped (we were in there for about 2.25 hrs)!  So the balance of our ride to Portland was dry!

We had a fantastic Lunch with Laurie, and really enjoyed getting caught up with her!  She used to live by us until her husband was transferred to Salem for his work.  She is a FANTASTIC Travel Agent, so even though she moved out of State, we still use her when we go on vacations!!  However, that has been a while, ahem!  As we planned our last vacation ourselves. 

We are staying at an Embassy Suites here in Portland, not too far from our friends house.  We love this Hotel as it includes cooked to order hot breakfasts, plus a nightly Manager's Happy Hour (2 hrs actually) with free drinks and chips/salsa and nachos!  Plus it is a two room suite, so if one of us is still in bed, the other doesn't bother them!!

Tomorrow starts the marathon of scheduled activities.  We are here to help our friends son Albert, celebrate his Bar Mitzvah.  Tomorrow, we (or should I say Walt) will help them to decorate the room for Saturday nights party (he is tall and can easily reach the high areas, and I am not supposed to get up on ladders).  Then, tomorrow night, is a Church Service (which we will be attending), afterwords, we will be attending a Dinner for family and out of town friends, at a local Restaurant.  Saturday, we will be attending the actual Service that Albert will be participating in.  With a Buffet style Lunch after the service for the entire congregation.  Then Saturday night, is the big party with another Buffet Dinner and DJ.  Like I said, the whole weekend involves food!! 

Then on Sunday, we will get up and drive to Eugene on our way home, for our Lunch with Amanda and Tina!!!  Yea!!  I am so looking forward to this!!  I think that we will all have a great time!  Luckily, Amanda made a comment on my blog today, letting me know that it is supposed to be a beautiful, warm 85 degrees on Sunday!!

I'm sorry to say that this may be my last post, until Sunday night.  As I am not sure that I will have Internet available again until then.  But I will post as soon as I can!!  Till next time.....

Aloha My Friends  :)


Tina said...

I am glad to hear you made it..I got home and started a blog entry typing at the same time as you...See you Sunday. I lost my cell phone so if you need to reach me call my husband Davids-I will email the number to you.

Debi said...

Oh no Tina!! That's horrible to lose your phone. But thank you for letting me know. I will see you on Sunday!!!

~Lisa~ said...

Wow! Wadda trip!! Enjoy your busy weekend! Can't wait to read more!! I am just greeeeen with envy reading about your plans and travels - enjoy every blessed second!!

Debi said...

Thanks Lisa!! I have a feeling that this is just the 1st of many road trips on the Bike!!