Thursday, December 13, 2012

I'm Nervous About Tomorrow!!

Hey Ya'll,

Well, today Walt begged me to go with him to Reno.  Well....maybe not exactly begged me....But he said that I didn't have a choice!! LOL  He had an appointment with an Ear, Nose & Throat specialist.  He had received the news after his Sleep Study that he needs to sleep with a Bi Pap Machine like me.  But he is hoping to be able to avoid sleeping with a Machine....So he wanted to be seen by the specialist in hopes that she would recommend Surgery as an alternative.  But she told him that Surgery really wouldn't help him.

So, his next alternative is to have a Mouth piece made for him.  It would force his Tongue forward and out of the way of the back of his Throat, hopefully keeping him from snoring and waking himself up.  Of course, there is no guarantee that it will work.  And if not, then his only choice will be to either use the damn Machine, or continue on the way he has been.  Which is not an option, as he hasn't had a good nights sleep in a long time!  So....Walt, if you are reading this, and I know that you will eventually, deal with it!! LOL

So, as of tomorrow, I only 5 days to Surgery....And my Pre-Op appointment with my Surgeon, Dr Kozar is tomorrow.  And, the appointment is for 8:15 am!!  Which means that I have to leave our place no later than 7 am to be there on time!  And....we are supposed to get snow tonight, and the overnight temps are supposed to get down to about 19 degrees, and will stay there until I leave.  So I am hoping to not have any problems with Icing!  Also, the temps are supposed to stay cold, and not warm up until after I get back.  It is not even supposed to get into the low 30's until about noon....So please cross your fingers and wish me luck that I don't have any problems driving.

Now, the reason that I am nervous about tomorrow, is because of my weight.  I was supposed to lose 10 lbs by Surgery.  Which I still have 5 days to do it in.  But of course, the Surgeon is hoping that I will have lost it by my Pre-Op appointment in the morning.  At the Pre-Op Class that Walt and I attended on Tuesday, according to their scale, I weighed 218 lbs.  Well, I had gained back up to 228.8 lbs after I had last seen the Surgeon.  And at that appointment, I weighed 220 lbs.  So they are looking at it like I have only lost 2 lbs!!  When in actuality, I had lost about 10 lbs.  However, as of this morning, I was down to 210 lbs on our scale.  So even if I add 3 lbs, I should be much closer to the 210 lb mark.  And I still have 5 days!  I am just concerned that the Surgeon will give me a tongue lashing....

I was doing so well yesterday, and then today....going into Reno with Walt, of course he couldn't go without eating, and there is just no way that I could sit and watch him eat and not eat myself.  Which is why I didn't want to go with him, I knew that I didn't have the strength to not cave in at this point.  So we ate at Chili's Restaurant.  I should have had a salad, and I wished that I had had the strength to order it.  But I had an order of the Classic Nachos without the Sour Cream.  They were good too!

So I came home and took a Water Pill, which I need anyway as I retain water so badly.  I figure that it would be better to not go into Surgery with a lot of excess fluid retention as far as Circulation goes, etc.  I usually lose at least 2-5 lbs in a day when I take one.  And I don't intend to eat or drink anything tomorrow morning before my appointment!!  So hopefully I will weight close to 210 at their office.... :)  I will let you know.  In fact, I will weight myself on our scale fully dressed but without my shoes as I would there, just before I leave, so I can see how far off our scale is to theirs.  It will then give me a way to keep a more accurate reading of my true weight!  As I said, I will let you know!!

Anyway, after lunch we went to a place in Reno that installs aftermarket stuff on vehicles.  We ordered some Running Boards for my car, as I have a little trouble getting into the car.  And Walt is concerned that in a few more years as I get older, it would be much harder for me to get in and out.  So the Running Boards will help me out in the long run very well.  He is going to have them installed on Wednesday of next week (the morning after my Surgery).  We won't know if I will still be in the Hospital that night, or if I will be staying over a second night.  But just in case, we have the Hotel room through Thursday morning.  So we can stay overnight if need be, even if I am released.

So, because I need to get up so early....I will be going to bed early tonight, and I pray that I will actually be able to get to sleep!!  Even with Sleeping Pills, I don't always go to sleep when I want to.  Oh well, I will be getting plenty of sleep after the Surgery!  So for now I will just close and say....Till next time....

Aloha My Friends!  :)


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