Thursday, February 10, 2011

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Imagine the White Diesel from the last Post, in front of the "towed" Trailer in this photo (instead of this Black one).  The "Toter Home (would be Walt's Office)", it would be "towing" our 5th Wheel RV (instead of the type of Trailer shown here in this photo), and then we would "tow" another Trailer behind it too!!

Hey Ya'll,

Well, we made it home last night from California.  While we were there, we went to lunch with my Mom, our oldest Daughter Christa, and the Grand Kids, Walker and Emily.  This is an amazing feat, since my Mom is in constant pain, she rarely goes out of the house, unless it is to the Doctor or the Hospital!!  So we were so thrilled that she made the effort to go to lunch with us.  We took her to a great small Mexican restaurant owned by a local family, since Mexican food is probably my Mom's favorite!!

We were there for about 2 hours!  All through the lunch period, but we didn't care.  We wasn't going to rush our visit.  Luckily, there managed to be JUST enough tables available for all that came in, during the time we were there!  LOL  Then we went to my parents house to visit with my Dad too.  He stayed home with Charlie, my Nieces son.  Since he was home sick from school.  My Dad would have been crushed if we didn't spend some time with him too!!

Since we stayed with Kat while in California, we got to have several meals out with her.  My favorite had to be Monday night.  She came home from work, and told me to grab my bag we were going out!  Just the two of us....So we went to the local Shopping Mall to pick up some slippers that she had special ordered for her FIL, then a couple of other places.  Once all the shopping was finished, we went to The Outback Steak House.  As it is one of my favorite restaurants!

Since I can't eat too much Steak (I didn't want to risk getting stuck....), we shared the Filet Mignon dinner and added a 2nd Baked Potato and 2nd side Salad.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE their Honey Mustard Dressing!!  So I ate the whole salad.  I only had a few bites from my half of the Steak, but it was delicious!  And I ate the whole (inside) of my Baked Potato!  It has been so long since I have had more than just a bite or two of one!  Kat had also ordered a half order of Cheese Fries, and I have to admit, I managed to NOT eat a single one!  I knew that if I started eating one, I would end up eating many more!!  And I wanted that Salad and Baked Potato even more!  Kat only ate a few of them herself, so we took most of the Cheese Fries, part of her Potato, my Potato Skin, and most of my half of the Steak home, so that Walt could eat them for Breakfast.

Once we got home though, I instantly noticed that the temperature inside the RV was too cold.  We had left the heat set, so that it shouldn't have gone below 58 degrees.  But it was 45 degrees!!  Walt tried to turn on the Heat, but it wouldn't work.  So he called Ron, our RV Repair guy, and Ron said to go buy a couple of the Electric Space Heaters (that we used to have, but had returned, and never replaced!!) to get us through the night.  So we did, and they worked just fine.

Today Ron arrived and fixed the Heat.  It was a simple fix, but until he looked at it, he couldn't tell us what the problem was.  So there goes another $40!  Oh well, at least it is working.  And if I had stayed here, instead of going with Walt to California, I would have been pretty cold!  Since I didn't have a vehicle to drive to the store to buy some Space Heaters!  At least I would have had one cold night!  As I am sure that Ron would have come to my rescue once we knew there was a problem.  This is just one reason why I hate not having a vehicle that I can drive when I am alone......

Oh, and I think that I need to change what I said about the Diesel Truck that I had pictured in the last post.  The Diesel with the attached room is NOT what we would be living in!  It would be used for Walt's Office.  We would tow our 40 ft RV with it, as well as another Trailer behind the RV!!  So that we had all our belongings with us.  We also would like for the flat bed portion behind the Diesel's "Office Space" to be longer, so that we could place the Gold Wing and possibly another Motorcycle there, just in front of where the 5th Wheel attaches.

Does this make sense??  The Diesel with the Toter Home attached, would be Walt's Office/Bathroom, then it would have a long enough flat bed behind it, so that we could transport the Motorcycles.  Then "towed" behind it, would be our 40 ft 5th Wheel RV, and behind it, we would "tow" another Trailer!!  So essentially we would be towing 2 Trailers behind the Diesel Toter Home!!  Which is why we would need the Class A Driver's License!!

Well, I better go for now.  Walt is back from the Truck Driving School.  I need to attend to him....LOL  Till next time.....

Aloha My Friends.


amandakiska said...

Glad you had a nice time with your family!

Debi said...

Thanks Amanda!! We really did!