Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Did I Say That I Was Frustrated Before???

And no, this isn't me!!  I wish I looked this great!  LOL

Hey Ya'll,

Yesterday, I woke up to Walt wanting to tease me awake!  We were going to head into Reno to check out the new RV Park we will be staying at.  I almost always check my e-mails right after I get out of bed, which I did yesterday.  But I forgot to log out of my e-mail account before we left, and apparently someone took advantage of this and hijacked my e-mail account, in the hopes of extorting money from everyone in my Contacts!

We found this out, when my Dad called me frantic that I had gotten into trouble in the Philippines, and needed money to get home.  After I assured him that I was well, and in Nevada, and that I still had my purse, wallet and credit cards, he slowly felt better.  Then I received another call from one of my two best friends, Nadene telling me the same thing.  And then my Brother called as soon as we got home!  So....needless to say, I had some trouble to deal with!

Whoever hacked into my account, changed my Password, so that I had to go through a lot of trouble to gain access to my account again!  Once I was in, I realized that they also deleted out my entire Contacts Folder.  It didn't get restored until today, which delayed my ability to contact everyone!  And unfortunately, I had a handful of my fellow blogger's e-mail addresses in my Contacts as well, since I had been in contact with them last year while setting up a time and place to meet.

Luckily, Walt doesn't believe that they will be able to hack into anyone's account, just by having their e-mail address.  But as a precaution, I would highly suggest to those of you that did get this e-mail from "Me" requesting money, to change your Password and make it hard to hack into.  Such as using both Upper Case and Lower Case Letters, and possibly adding in Numbers and Symbols too!  I did this yesterday, when I finally re-gained access into my account.  I wish I had done it to begin with!!  And again, I am really sorry if this has caused trouble to any of you, my fellow blogger's!

I will be canceling the old e-mail address soon, and attempted to send out my new one to those that could receive it.  I am still working on getting everything changed.  Just in case, since I had a lot of information in my account, I am now having to change all my Passwords in everything that I can think of!!!  Hence the photo above.  :(  And my Shoulders and Neck are killing me today!!  Partly because of all the stress from the situation I found myself to be in, and partly because I couldn't sleep last night and my body didn't really relax.

I forced myself to go to bed at 1:30 am, because I knew I should, not because I was sleepy.  But I couldn't sleep.  Finally around 4 or 4:30, I began to get sleepy, then Walt got up to get ready to leave for Sacramento, so I didn't get to sleep until he left.  Then....because of the WIND, I couldn't sleep and got up before 9 am!!  Partly because of the wind, partly because of everything else!!!

The wind is killing us here!  I had to go outside today to place large rocks on some items outside so that they didn't blow away, and I could barely step up into the RV and close the door!!  The wind almost blew me over.  And it isn't supposed to lessen until tomorrow around 4 pm!!!!   I hate the wind!  I would prefer rain any day!!  And it is supposed to start snowing tonight and it isn't supposed to stop until Saturday or Sunday!!  But so long as it isn't super windy, all will be well....

Well, I better go for now, I have so much to do, and this is now added to it!!  But I learned my lesson, and I will be super careful from now on!!  Till next time.....



Linda said...

Ughh - that sucks! I had that happen to me about a month ago. It's hard when you have to sit down and think of all the accounts and sites you go to. I hope you can get off the computer soon.

Rachel said...

Sorry for your pain...that is frustrating.

Bonnie said...

That really sucks. All I can say is I hope karma bites the person in the ass.

Debi said...

Thanks everyone!! You all managed to put a smile on my face today! :)

Linda, so sorry to hear that it happened to you too! I just wonder how they manage to hack into our accounts?

Rachel, thanks! I hope so too! I took a short nap so that I could lay down for a bit, and I feel a bit better, we'll see how long it lasts!!

Bonnie, LOL!! I love it! I too hope that karma bites them in the ass!! :)

Tina said...

that really stinks. I didn't get any emails from you but did before you trip a few months ago.

I hope the weather improves..you need to park that rv somewhere warm and sunny!


Debi said...

Thanks Tina! I am glad that you didn't get one of "those" e-mails from me!! LOL

As for the weather, well...I don't mind the cold, or rain. I just hate the wind!! LOL

~Lisa~ said...

I'm sorry to hear that you're going through all this frustration - sounds absolutely maddening..

Just don't blow away on us like one of those tumbleweeds you see on tv!!

Debi said...

Thanks Lisa! Yes it has been maddening. It just seems like its one thing after another.

As for the wind, well...it is still blowing pretty strong here. The Weather Channel says that it is only blowing at 15 mph, one of the TV Stations in Sacramento says it is blowing at 22 mph. The local TV Station in Reno says that it is blowing 70-80 mph on the upper ridges of the Sierra's, which is directly above us. With winds blowing 30-45 mph here in the valley. Usually the Weather Channel is pretty right on, but not the last couple of days when it comes to the winds!!