Monday, February 7, 2011

How Was YOUR Weekend?? Ya'll,

Well, I survived the weekend, and I actually had a nice time at the Super Bowl Party!  I met some really nice people there.  We were all rooting for the Green Bay Packers so our group was HAPPY!!  The only reason I was rooting for them over the Steelers is because one of my Uncles (by marriage) Nephews, used to play for the Packers back in the 60's and was in the first Super Bowl!! Otherwise, I could really care less about Football! 

One of the couples we met at the party, has been living full time in their RV for 5 yrs!  However, they are getting ready to retire, and are moving back to Arkansas where they have family.  They will be buying a small home to "live in", and use their RV for traveling from then on!! LOL  When they heard that we had a small second Bedroom and a second Bathroom, they said they wished that their RV had the extra space, it would have been much better!!

Anyhoo, I woke up today to Walt's sending me a text, advising me that I have a Doctor's Appointment scheduled for tomorrow morning (early!! The first appointment).  He really wants me to get on the ball and start getting my CDL as well.  He already passed the written test (I just hope that it doesn't take me a million attempts to pass it), and is in the process of learning to drive the Big Rig's.  Next is my turn!!  :(  Oh well, what else do I have to add to my list of acquired licenses???  I already have my Motorcycle License and "hopefully" in the future, I will have my CDL (Class A) License.  And me, going on 56 this year!! 

Here's a small tidbit that I am not sure I ever shared with you or not.  I grew up flying in small Airplanes with my dad, and loved it!!  In fact, I never even flew in a large jet until I went to Hawaii for the first time in 1978!!  And I used to always tell Walt how much I loved to fly.  Well, he decided that we would get our Pilot's Certificates!!  We went to Ground School together, and both of us passed the Ground School easily.  Then we began our Flying Lessons. 

Well, I only got so far as to finish about 10 hours of Flying before I stopped.  I stopped for 2 reasons.  Reason 1) it was expensive, especially for two of us!  And we wanted Walt to pass his test and get his Certificate so that he could fly us to Vegas for a vacation coming up.  And Reason 2) I knew that because of all the medications that I took, I would never be able to pass the physical I just enjoy flying, navigating, etc. does this work into what I was talking about???  Well, tomorrow's Doctor Appointment is to get my Medical for the CDL....Walt seems to think that so long as I am under control with the Medications, and that they do not/will not interfere with my driving, that I should be able to pass the physical.  I will let you know the outcome later.....LOL

The reason that we are going for our CDL is because of Walt's grandiose, way over the top dream of our future RV Rig!!  He wants to eventually get a Toter Home to tow our RV and a 2nd Trailer!!  The Toter Home he wants it to be would be large enough to have his Office and a Bathroom in it, at least!  Plus a large enough flatbed at the rear of it before the Hitch, to be able to carry at least one if not two Motorcycles!  Then of course the RV, and a second Trailer behind the RV for our extra incidentals!!!  I attached a photo of what we are talking about above.  But in order to be able to tow such a long RV plus a 2nd Trailer, you need a CDL......Not to mention the Diesel itself!!  Just to drive it, we would have to have a CDL!

So tomorrow, we will be meeting our oldest daughter Christa and the Grand Kids Walker and Emily for lunch tomorrow after the Doctor Appointment.  Then going to visit my Mom and Daddy afterwords.  We would love to take them to lunch with us, but it is very difficult to get my Mom out of the house anymore.  So we will probably end up taking them lunch.  But at least I will get to see them for a while before we have to go home on Wednesday morning.  Well, my SIL just arrived home, so I better go for now.  Till next time......

Aloha My Friends  :)


Lonicera said...

Wow Debi - and interesting pic, but doesn't the living area look smaller than you showed us with yours?? Yours looked spacious - and this smaller, but I must be wrong. I'm so fascinated by your RV world... You would need to live in a big country like the US to have such a large motor home... (or shouldn't I call it that? S'pose not. Sorry Walt!!).

This one time at 'band' camp... said...

Good luck at the doctors appointment!!! That is going to be one long trailer!


amandakiska said...

My girls and I went to a home show yesterday and we were looking at trailers. I wish I could afford something like that! Someday!

Good luck with your appointment.

Debi said...

Caroline, yes you are right, our RV is bigger than this! But what you misunderstood is that this Diesel with the HUGE attached Trailer is what would be Walt's Office/Bathroom. Then you would attach the 5th Wheel RV to it to be towed!! So we would have both this and the 40' 5th Wheel!!

~S, thanks, I need the good wishes at the Dr's, and yes it will be a VERY long Trailer!!!

Amanda, I agree, some of these Trailers are fantastic!!

Bonnie said...

Sounds like a great day tomorrow (besides doc appt). Have fun going out tomorrow.

Tracy said...

Good luck obtaining your CDL - my employer has been telling me that it would be nice for me to obtain mine for over 15 years now as a back up for when my drivers are down. It just hasn't happened yet. I know that I need to get it done one of these days. You are an inspiration my dear!


Debi said...

Bonnie, thanks!! Yes, we had a great time today with our Daughter Christa, the Grand Kids and my Parents.

Tracy, thanks! I sure hope that it doesn't take to many attempts to get it, I will keep ya'll posted. BTW, can I assume that your husbands Surgery went well??