Sunday, February 13, 2011

Did I Say That I Had NO RESTRICTION ??? Oh My !!
This is not me, just a photo I found on the Internet, showing a Frustrated Woman.  Which is how I feel right now.

Hey Ya'll,

Well, just yesterday I was crying that I didn't have any Restriction after my last Fill on Friday.  But today, when we went to eat Dinner for our early Valentines Day celebration, I realized that I DO have Restriction!!  LOL

I came THIS CLOSE to having a full blown PB!!  I became very tight for awhile in the Restaurant, but then started to feel better, so of course I had just had to have one more bite of the Fried Ice Cream....well, as you probably guessed, it was the last straw!!  Luckily, after sliming up a good gollup of melted Ice Cream, I started to feel much better!!  At first, I was afraid that it wasn't going to pass so easily.  Whew!  At least I dodged this particular bullet!!  And Walt was saying I told you so, I told you not to eat anymore of the Ice Cream!!  LOL  He was right, but I will never admit it to him!!  And he knows it too!!  LOL

Well, after staying up until 1 am this morning, Walt woke me up at 7:58 am!!  Just so that we could be the first ones in the Laundry.  I would rather do the laundry late at night (they are available 24 hrs a day).  But for now, we do the laundry in the mornings.  All 11 loads of laundry!!  We really had 13 loads, but I doubled up on one, and didn't do the other.....which I will do later in the week.  Because there are 6 machines, we can do 6 loads at a time!  So even though we had 11 loads, we were done in about 3 hrs. 

And I've got to say that Walt really helps out with the laundry.  He was doing some work on the RV, and running in to check in with me periodically, and taking the loads that were completed and folded back to the RV for me.  He will even do it totally himself when necessary.  :)  How many others can brag about their hubby like this??  He is a great cook, and can do the laundry as well!!  Now if we can just work on his temper some more......

And it looks like the weather will hold long enough for Walt to be able to stay through tomorrow.  He was originally going to drive to Sacramento tomorrow morning, to beat the Snow Storm coming.  But now it looks like the Storm will hold off until at least Tuesday afternoon, so he is planning on staying until then.  But then he will be in Sacramento until Saturday (mostly due to the weather again).  So we are making the most of our time together while he is here......(wink , wink ).

And as I predicted after my last post, I have already lost a Follower!!  I hate it when I lose a Follower.  I always wonder, was it something that I said, or was it that I talk too much about my everyday life, and not enough about my Band issues???  Or is it because I didn't leave any comments in their blogs for such a long time??  Well, if you have been Following me for a while, then you know that our lives have been in utter turmoil for the last year and a half.  We are just now getting to some normalcy.  But I still have to get through the Taxes!!  And now Walt wants me to get my CDL too!!  But I promise, that I will get back into everyone's blogs SOON!!!  I truly miss reading everyone's blogs on a daily basis, I truly do!  Which is why I have the Frustrated photo at the top of my post.

Well, I have lots to do, so till next time.....

Aloha My Friends  :)


This one time at 'band' camp... said...

People come and go, don't fret!!! My hubby does it ALL too! Military training! Lol

Tina said...

i wouldn't worry about followers...You are really good at making everyone feel welcome. If they choose to leave don't feel bad.

I sometimes wish I could do my laundry all at once. I tend to let it pile up then have to do marathon all day sessions.

Good on the will be off and running on the weightloss again.

Debi said...

Sandi, Thanks, but I always take it personally when I lose a Follower. Like I had done something wrong. I guess this is why I am such a perfectionist, trying to be perfect so everyone would like me! And congratulations! Isn't it great to have a hubby that isn't afraid to do it all??

Tina, Thanks! I know that I shouldn't fret about it when I lose a Follower. Either they like my blog or they don't, but still...I always wonder why they left. As for the laundry, the 11 loads are only 2 weeks worth of laundry! Walt goes through tons of underwear! And thanks on the restriction, lets hope that this time it works for me...LOL

~Lisa~ said...

I hear you about losing followers - I take it sooo personally...

(((hugsssss))) to the Hubs for being so thoughtful!! Enjoy!!

Tracy said...


Gearing up for the storm's going to dump a lot of snow!!!

Hurray for restriction - be careful! (I have YET to experience that!!! Be careful what I wish for!!)

Debi said...

Thanks Tracy!! We are expecting Snow on Wednesday here too! And yes, once you get the restriction, you WILL know it! LOL