Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Mr Monkey Is Finished!!

Here is the photo of the Monkey, as it was meant to look like.  I hope that I did it justice!!  LOL

Hey Ya'll,

Well, I finished Mr Monkey for my Grandson Walker tonight!!  I took a pattern that called for it to only be about 2 1/2 inches long, TOTAL!  When I finished it, it measures 12 inches with the Feet splayed out, or 13 1/2 with them pulled straight.  Here is a photo of it.  I sure hope that he likes it and he doesn't think that he is too old for it!  He will be 10 next month.

His Nostrils appear too big in this photo now that I am looking at it.  And the Mouth is too low in the Face to be seen.  But it is there!!  The pattern called for it to be about the length of the Head in my finished product!

I placed Mr Monkey next to a Teddy Bear for sizing.  What do you think?  I made a Red bow for a splash of color to break up the monotony of the dark Brown.  You can kind of see the corner of the Mouth in this photo.

Walt loved Mr Monkey so much that he put in an order for two of them!!  To be made immediately!  He wants one in the darker colors like the one I just made and the other one in lighter browns.  Kat also saw it tonight and immediately said that she wants one too!!!  I am just afraid that their Puppy will tear it to pieces!!  But I will still make it for her of course.

Well, now on to Band information.  I was a BAD GIRL the other day!  Walt and I went to Sams Club to purchase some items, and normally I am able to ignore the free samples that they give out there and at Costco.  This time, they actually had some that I didn't want to resist!  But I was good and only ate what I really wanted to eat, not just because it was there.  So all in all, I did ok.  But I did partake.  And I haven't had a PB since the one I blogged about earlier in the week!!

Now, I want to ask everyone a question.  I have noticed lately that I have been receiving e-mails that go directly to my Spam Folder (thank God!).  But the disturbing thing about them, is that they are using MY E-MAIL ADDRESS!!!!  Like I am sending them out!!!  How is this possible?  I thought that only I could use it.  So how could anyone else log on, or begin using MY PRIVATE E-MAIL ADDRESS?

The reason that I am so concerned about it, is that the e-mails I receive with my own address, are usually something to do with PORN.  Or at least involves things that I would never want my address to be involved with.  Like Viagra, or Love Toys, etc!!  Am I wrong in worrying about this?  Should I go through the problems of changing my e-mail address?  I am really interested in what ya'll think.

Now on to some more heavy information.  As you know, we filed for Bankruptcy in April of this year.  Well, our Discharge was granted on July 26th!  So now we are waiting for the Notice of Default from our Mortgage Lender.  Once we receive this, we know that the clock starts running on when the Foreclosure process truly begins.  We have received some papers from them allowing us another 30 days to try to catch up, and either stop the Foreclosure, or to try to sell the House.  We will not be doing this, so once the 30 days are up, our Foreclosure will begin.  More information to come.....

Tonight we had our Daughter Kat, and her Husband Elliott over for Dinner, as well as her friend Kayla and Kayla's two children, to celebrate Elliott's birthday.  Walt Rotisseried two Chickens on the Barbecue, and made Mashed Potatoes and Corn.  Yes, I said Walt made them.  He is the cook, not me.  I can cook of course, but for the most part, I hate to cook, and Walt loves to cook, and play with recipes.  I am a follow the recipe by the book kind of person.  He loves to experiment, sometimes for the good, sometimes for the BAD!!

However, there are some things that either I make, or I at least help with, as it is one of my Families recipes.  For Dessert, we had Vanilla Ice-Cream and Strawberries.  Yum!!  I thought it would be harder to resist eating another bowl of the Ice-Cream late tonight, while Walt was asleep in bed.  Don't get me wrong, I do want it.  Vanilla Ice-Cream is my favorite, but I have resisted without too much difficulty, so I count that as an NSV!!


And a big thank you, to all of you that kept my Brother in your thoughts on Friday!  He made it through the Surgery fine.  They had to take most of the Big Toe, leaving him a small Stub.  But even a small Stub will help, as the Big Toe really aids in controlling balance.  Now we just have to keep our Fingers and Toes crossed that this is all that he will lose, and not the whole Foot, or Leg in the future.  However, because he is on such heavy duty Pain Meds (we all know how this is, right?), he has been fighting nausea ever since Surgery.  Hopefully, as the Pain Meds are lowered, his nausea will go away too!!

Anyway, I just know that I had other things to discuss.  But as usual, this old lady can't remember them!!  So...till next time....

Aloha My Friends  :)



Christine said...

Regarding your question about the emails and spam: It wouldn't hurt to run a virus scan on your computer. That being said, I wouldn't worry about the spams too much. It's most likely NOT coming from your own email address. Tech-savvy people (aka: spammers) can change the display name of their email address to reflect whoever they are spamming. They do this in order to hide their own identity! It doesn't mean that it ACTUALLY is coming from you.

But....just to make sure....it wouldn't hurt to run a virus scan, just to make entirely sure.

That monkey is totally cute! Is he soft and cuddly? If they placed an order for more monkeys, they must have loved it too!

-Grace- said...

Cute monkey!!!

Debi said...

Grace, Thanks!

Christine, Thank you for the information. I will look into it. As for Mr Monkey, No, right now he isn't soft and cuddly. The instructions called for him to be stuffed tight. But over time, from handling, he should become very soft and pliable.

Sandy Lee said...

Cute Monkey. You are so talented. And great about giving up the ice cream.

Debi said...

Thanks Sandy!


too cute. I love your grandsons name Walker. Thats my maidin name and my sons middle name.

Debi said...

Thanks Christine! Walker is my Son-In-Laws middle name and is a Family name on his side of the Family as well. They like to make sure that it is known they did NOT name Walker after, Walker, Texas Ranger!!!