Friday, August 6, 2010

New Look, What Do You Think?? And Eew!

Hey Ya'll,

I updated my blog look, what do you think?  Were you tired of the giant Plumeria Blossoms?  Well, I love them, but decided it was time for a bit of a change.  Maybe I will bring them back later on.

Walt and I did a lot of running around today, and our first stop was for lunch.  We ate at one of our favorite Taco joints.  And apparently he didn't need any of the Beans to give him gas.  While we were sitting and talking (in cheap semi wood seats attached to a table), I thought that I felt, and heard his phone vibrating.  I told him I thought he was getting a call and he gestured that it wasn't his phone, but himself!  I swear, it kind of sounded like his phone on vibrate, and the seats felt like there was a jack hammer being used somewhere outside in the distance!!

Afterwords, one of our stops was at Aaron Bros to buy me some Oil Paint, since it was on sale.  OMG, he just couldn't stop himself!  The smell was horrible!  I just prayed that no one would come into the store that wanted to buy Oil Paint, until we were done and out of there!!!  LOL  Sometimes he just loves to embarrass me to death!  And he is so GOOD at it too!!

Well, tomorrow night (I had assumed it would be in the morning) my brother is having his Surgery.  So I would like to thank all of you that will be thinking good thoughts for him.  We can all use as much good thoughts as we can get!

Well, last night I had a doozy of a PB/Stuck incident!!  I made the mistake of eating some Ham before I started to eat my nightly Oatmeal (at midnight)....I shouldn't have.  I thought that I had eaten it slow enough...but obviously NOT!!  I was in the bathroom for Over 2 Hours!  Finally I went and ate one more bite, of my then cold Oatmeal, and that did the trick.  Before, all I was doing was non stop Slimeing!  So the last bite of Oatmeal, appeared to be the straw that broke the camels back.


That's when the real fun began.  But I was tired of Slimeing, and nothing else coming out, causing me to just Slime like crazy, not to mention the constant blowing of the Nose.  So the last bite of Oatmeal that I purposefully ate, caused me to finally regurgitate what was left of the Ham that didn't go down.  Which appeared to be most of it.  Let me tell you, it was instant relief though!!  These Slimeing incidents are not fun for those of you out there in the Pre-Band days!!  Most of us do go through them.  Some of us are lucky and rarely have them, others of us experience them quite often.  Luckily for me, not so often....Knock On Wood!!

Here is a story of one of my biggest nightmares coming true!!!  When I went to bed this morning at 4 am, I noticed that the Breathing Hose to my Bi Pap Machine was laying against the Window behind my Night Stand.  I instantly had a thought, "what if a Bug or Spider" slipped into the Breathing Hose.  I normally am very careful about where I place it just for this concern.  But I decided not to panic, and hooked myself up.

Well like I said, I hooked myself up to my handy dandy, Bi Pap Machine for the night at 4 am.  At 4:30 am, I realized that on this particular inhalation (I wasn't 100% asleep yet), something had dropped down out of the breathing hose just enough to tickle my Nose, for a split second.  Then when I exhaled, it went back up into the Hose (off my Nose).  Then on my next inhalation, it happened again!

I realized at that instant, that it wasn't the fabric tickling my Nose (as the only thing directly above my Nose is the opening to the Breathing Tube!!) but a SPIDER that was dropping out of the Breathing Hose!!  I almost inhaled it into my Nose!!!!  Instantly, before I could inhale again, I plugged off the material just below my Nose with my fingers, so that no more air would come through (nor the Spider), and quickly took off my Face Mask and turned off the Machine!!  I slept the rest of the night without it!!!!!

Here is a photo of what my Face Mask looks like (it's obviously not me!!  LOL).  I can't use the traditional C-Pap or Bi Pap Face Masks, as I am allergic to the materials and totally break out!  So I have to use this all Cloth Mask!!


Years ago, while I was taking some major Prescription Allergy Meds, I was asleep and my then teenage Daughter Christa, was in the Living Room watching TV.  All of a sudden I woke up, and noticed on the ceiling a HUGE SPIDER!!  I'm talking Tarantula kind of Spider!!  I kept my eyes on it and it followed me wherever I moved on the bed!!  I just knew that it was going to drop down on me at any second!!  My Heart was pounding so bad that I feared having a Heart Attack!

So I jumped out of bed, and ran to our bedroom door screaming for Christa to get it off me, get it off me!!  She asked what, and I told her the huge Spider.  She looked, and of course there wasn't anything there!  Apparently, I was hallucinating!!  So I told Christa, "when I am old and gray, and claim to see giant Spiders, she will know that I mean Tarantulas"!!  LOL

Another Spider horror story from when I was about 9 yrs old.  My Mom and her friend and all of the kids between them (me included), walked to the local small market to buy some soft drinks and a candy bar for each of us.  I chose a Payday.  You know the one?  It is all caramel inside surrounded by peanuts.  Well, I had this ritual way to eat them.  Since I could care less about the peanuts, but LOVED the caramel, I always ate the peanuts first so that I could savor the caramel last.

I was about half way finished with the caramel when I noticed something dark where my next bite would have occurred.  So I broke it open, and sure enough, you guessed it....a complete Spider in my caramel!!!!  I have only eaten about 1 Payday since and that was about 15 yrs ago.  I just can't forget what I almost ate!!!  And the one I did eat a few yrs ago, I can assure you that I checked it out thoroughly!!!

Well, I better go for now, I have a Monkey to make!!  Till next time....

Aloha My Friends  :)


Sparkler said...

I just had to google plumeria's as I was sure that it was a picture of frangipani...they are the same thing as it learn something new everyday!

In Australia we have these enormous house spiders called Hunstman's and they actually spring back and land on your neck if you try and scoop them off the wall/ceiling with a newspaper to take them outside!!! A lot of extra-loud screaming was heard for miles around when that happened to me! eeeewww! Fortunately I don't have to worry much about spiders now I live in England. xx

Christine said...

When I was in Japan, I was sleeping on a futon on the floor and woke up to the biggest fucking spider I've ever seen in my life, easily the size (with legs) of a dictionary. You could see the hairs on his legs and everything. Holy shit did I scream my head off.

And...can I say that I LOVE this blog layout much better! That massive flower was (pretty, but) obnoxious! This is WAY easier to use! Me likey mucho!

Have a great weekend!

Jennifer said...

Love the new layout and OMG on the spiders! OMG - I have the heebejeebies just READING it! ACK!

Christine said...

Oh! I forgot to add....I just finished Book 2 of Gabaldon's Outlander series! Book 2 was even better than Book 1. I love the interweaving of the characters.... Have you read the Songs of Fire and Ice series by George RR Martin? It's very similar. Political, lots of characters...gotta pay attention to keep on top of it. But brilliant. Gabaldon is similar, but with more romance and sex thrown in!


Aint slimming fun?!? I have found the lunch meat thing is not good. It comes up instantly on me.