Sunday, August 22, 2010

I Was A BAD GIRL....

Hey Ya'll,

Warning, Warning...Lots of photo's at the end of the post!

*** Lady's and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls......I was a BAD GIRL YESTERDAY!!!  I never ate to the point of getting stuck, or having a PB, but still I overate!  And for the first time since my Surgery 9 months ago, I had Heartburn!!  I don't like Heartburn...:(  It hurts :(  In fact, I have had Heartburn off and on, for two days now :(  I was ok with the amount of food, but the Desserts I definitely overdid it.  Christa made a German Chocolate Cake from scratch (my favorite) and I had two pieces throughout the day, as well as a piece of the Cake that I made.  Not to mention some of my Dad's Peach Cobbler.  See what I mean?  I was a bad girl!!!

Did I mention in an earlier post that I have been eating like a horse lately?  Ever since my last Fill in fact.  Usually I lose at least a pound or two between Fills, but for some reason, I feel like I actually lost Restriction, rather than gain some, after the last Fill.  And I am sure that I have gained a few pounds back!!  My next Fill is THIS Wednesday, so I don't have much time to try to lose it!!

*** This trip up to Reno for my Fill, will finally be taken on our Gold Wing.  We had intended to ride it up the last trip, but wasn't able to, and because of the Summer storm in the Sierra's, it was for the better as we hit rain, and sleet.  This will be the longest trip for me on the Bike, and a test as to how my Tailbone will hold up on a long ride, before we attempt to ride to Portland, OR next Month.

*** Here's the story on my Tailbone, maybe someone can give me a heads up on why it still hurts so much, as I know that some of you are Nurses, etc.  I fell down a whole flight of stairs about 12 yrs ago on my Tailbone, the whole flight of stairs, On...My...Tailbone.  It hit every step on the way down!  It hurt so bad that I could barely stand it.  I went to the Doctor hoping that they could do something for it.  The Doctor said that there was nothing that they could do about it.  All I could do was be careful and wait for it to "mend".

That was 12 yrs ago, and it still hurts.  Once it "healed", and after about a year, it only bothered me if I sat for too long, or in the wrong position.  But I have noticed that since I have lost 40 lbs, the pain is almost constant, it hurts every singe day.  Sometimes, it hurts so bad that I can't continue to sit, I have to either stand up, or lay down for a while to take the pressure off the Tailbone for awhile.  Oh, did I mention that I sit on a pillow at all times now?? 

I am considering going to the Doctor again, to see if there is anything that can be done.  Even if it means Surgery to cut off the tip "or parts thereof", of the Tailbone so that it STOPS HURTING!!!  I would like to be able to sit like a normal person.  I realize that I have lost some cushion in my weight loss, but was it enough to bring back the pain as if I just broke the Tailbone again???  Any information would be much appreciated.  

*** Yesterday we had our Family Birthday Barbecue, celebrating all of our Summer Birthdays.  The day turned out to be a beautiful warm, but not hot day.  Which was fine for us adults, but the kids wanted to go swimming!!  Since we are not heating the pool this Summer, the water was only about 72-78 degrees, I'm not sure since I didn't check the water temperature.  Normally we would have temperatures in the upper 90's to low 100's here in August, but yesterday we had another unseasonably cool day of about 88 degrees!!  And tomorrow, it is expected to reach the 100's again for at least 3-4 days!  Go figure, the party was a relatively cool day, while tomorrow, just two days later, will be about 100 degrees!  Oh well, that's life I guess.

As you probably guessed....the kids prevailed and was allowed to go swimming!  They had a blast.  In fact, Charlie, my Grand Nephew, was in the pool most of the day, at least half of the time by himself!  I remember those days!  When I was a teenager, my parents had a pool built in our backyard and once it was built, we were in it practically every day, all day long!!  We lived in the water, and I loved it.  But now, if the water isn't the right temperature, I just don't want to go in.

We were lucky in that my parents made it.  Their health is deteriorating more and more each day, and we never know if they will be able to make it.  My Mom is really bad.  She can barely walk anymore and is in constant excruciating pain.  In the past, she would have stayed home in bed.  But we figure that she knows at each gathering, this could be the last one she attends, so she forces herself to get out of bed and dressed and make it to be with all of us, and we really appreciate it too!  We love her so much, she is the best Mom I could have ever asked for.

*** For my Birthday, I was extremely blessed with Gift Certificates from our two Daughter's and one of my BFF'S, Nadene, for Amazon.  So now I can purchase new books for my new Kindle!!  Yea!  There are so many books that I want, that it is going to be hard to choose.  But with my Gift Certificates, I can actually choose at least 15 new books.  And potentially a lot more!  Now I have to take the time to really check out the books.  But what a problem to have, don't you think???

Well, I should go for now, I have been writing this post most of the day, on and off, giving my Tailbone a rest periodically.  I will be posting some photos from yesterday, I hope that you like them.  Of course, since I took them all, I wasn't in any of them, as usual!!  Till next time....

This is a photo of my Mom and Dad and Kat, or 2nd oldest Daughter.

This is again, my Dad and Kat's Husband, Elliott.

This is Christa's Husband Mark, and my Uncle Emery.

This is Charlie, my 8 yr old Grand Nephew.  He was resting up before getting back into the pool, since the rest of the kids was now getting in!!

This is my beautiful Grand Daughter Emily!!  She will be 7 this Thursday!!  Isn't she cute?

Here is Emily and Walker, our Grandson.

Here is Emily, talking with Walt & Christa sitting on the side of the pool with my Niece's baby.  My Niece Cara is the one standing and her boyfriend Michael is sitting on the swing texting someone!

Here is Christa and Walt again holding my Grand Nephew Landon.

Again, this is my Mom, the backside of Elliott and my Sister In Law, Robin.  NO, this is not the SIL I was talking about that lives out of State.

So I hope that I didn't overwhelm you with photos!!  Again, till next time....

Aloha My Friends  :)


DiZneDiVa said...

Wow! Sounds like a great party! i am glad you enjoyed yourself! *Maria*-Blogger from "This one time at BAND Camp..." Check out my blog at

Debi said...

Thanks Maria! I am actually a Follower of yours, but I have not been reading & commenting on blogs lately, something that I hope to start doing again very soon!!

Sandy Lee said...

I ate more-3 pieces of apple pie and ice cream over 5 hours. Oy! Back on track today. Since losing weight I too have had a sore butt. I'd say it's because you too lost the padding. Go to the doc and see what they can do.

Loved the pics, but where were you?

Dinnerland said...

Good pictures-- but where are you?
I had a similar title post-- we'll do better today, right?

Christine said...

I love the photos! And your granddaughter is adorable!! But where are the pics of you?

Sorry to hear about your tailbone issues. I have absolutely no suggestions to help, but it sounds like going to visit as many doctors as you can until you find one that can help you is definitely in order.

Jenny said...

Love the photos!!

Not sure about your tailbone, but if its really bothering you I would see a doctor, or 5!

Debi said...

Thanks everyone! I was taking the photos, so none of me! I think my daughter Christa may have took some of her own, I will see if she took any of me that I can post later.

I am going to call and make an appointment for the Doctor about my Tailbone soon!!