Friday, August 27, 2010

To He** And Back!! And Photos Of Us On The Bike!

Here we are!!  I finally got a couple of photos taken of us.  Christa took them just before we got off the Bike.  We weren't wearing our Bike Pants (which we would wear over our regular pants) since we took surface streets from our house to Christa's.  If we ride on the highway, we wear the Full Gear for protection. 

Here we are again with Walt's Helmet Shield down as well, like we would wear it while riding.  I should have moved the Mike away from my Face, so that you could see my Face better!!

Hey Ya'll,

*** My 8th Fill was on Wednesday.  I had previously stated in my blog that I hadn't felt any Restriction after my last Fill.  At least not until last weekend......We had our Family Summer Birthday Barbecue last Saturday and for some reason, from Sunday until Wednesday, I noticed that all of a sudden, I felt Restriction.....and Heartburn!!!  Even if I didn't eat anything!!  I remember reading in other blogs early in my Journey, that some of you sometimes didn't feel Restriction from a Fill, until 2-3 weeks after the Fill, could I have experienced this too???  Does this mean that I am getting close to my "Sweet Spot"???

Because of this, I was afraid to tell Laurie (the woman who administers my Fill's) as I was afraid that she wouldn't want to give me even the smallest of Fills.  But Walt (my Sweetheart), ratted me out and told her how I was doing.  He thinks that the reason that she did go ahead and give me a Fill was because I had gained 2 lbs since my last Fill, instead of losing!!!  So she gave me a small (0.25 cc) Fill.  Whats funny, since I got the new Fill, my Heartburn went away!!  At the Doctor's Office, I weighted in at 190.6 and today I weighted 188.2, so I have lost 2.4 lbs since Wednesday!!

*** For the Fill Appointment, Walt and I rode our Gold Wing up to Reno.  The ride was fantastic, the traffic was minimal, it was a really nice ride.  The only problem we had was the HEAT!!!!  Unfortunately, after having such a long time of nice weather, the day of my Appointment turns out to be the....HOTTEST DAY OF THE SUMMER, so far!!!!  It was 108 degrees and us in Full Riding Gear.  But so long as we were moving, it wasn't too bad.  But when we had to stop in town at signals, we could really start to feel the heat.

As for my Tailbone, we needed to stop once each direction for about 20 minutes, so that I could take the pressure off of it.  I forgot to take a pain pill before leaving our house!  But I did have some Tylenol 3's on me, so I took one at the rest stop which helped a lot.  Once we got home, we took off our riding gear and jumped in the pool!!  It felt so refreshing.  The water was only 82 degrees, but who cares!!!!  We needed to cool our bodies down after being in the Full Riding Gear.

*** Last night, was our Granddaughter Emily's 7th Birthday.  Our Daughter Christa always holds a small Birthday gathering the night of the Birthday just for them and the two sets of Grandparents.  My SIL Mark had barbecued a lot of different meats, as well as having salad, potatoes, fresh fruit and of course, Cake and Ice Cream (yum).  Since we will be on our way up to Portland on our Grandson Walker's Birthday next month, we also gave him his presents last night.

Today, was the Birthday party they hold for the Kids!!!  But of course, Christa always invites us to it as well, as the parents of the kids are invited too.  Emily chose Chuck E Cheese for her Birthday party, and the kids were having a blast there!!  There are so many games for them to play.  And of course, we attended this party too, as well as our other Daughter Kat and her hubby Elliott.  FYI - Walt just walked in and told me to make sure that I mention that I had a Cupcake today!!!  Well, I did and it was good!  But it wasn't a large one, and of course he made me give him the last bite!!

*** Kat had to leave the party to go to work, so Elliott came home with us as Walt and Elliott made plans to go through the Garage, to see what Equipment Elliott wanted from there.  Elliott loves Photography and will use the Darkroom Equipment.  Walt had bought a lot of Professional Grade Darkroom Equipment about 10 yrs ago.

He had planned on setting up a Darkroom in our Garage, even though we all tried to tell him the trend was Digital.  He even went so far as to have a room sectioned off and built, in our 3 Car Garage for the Darkroom, with Hot & Cold Water and everything.  Alas, the Equipment never made it into the newly built room.  It just stayed stacked up on one side of the Garage taking up space that we could have used to park one of our cars!!  LOL  Well, now Elliott will be taking it and USING IT!!

*** Tomorrow is a big day in our neighborhood.  One of the Real Estate Salesladies in the area, organizes these huge Garage Sales in our area of Town.  They are so big that she has to hold 3 different ones and the one in our area usually has at least 200-250 homes that participate!  Which means we have hundreds of cars driving by all morning checking out all the Garage Sales.  It is a Garage Sale Follower's Dream.

And lucky for us, tomorrow the temperature is only supposed to get up to about 78 Degrees!!  A big difference from Wednesdays 108 degrees!!  But hopefully we can sell off some of the "stuff" that we have had stored in the Garage for at least 10 yrs!!!!  Wish us luck, or should I say, wish Walt luck!!  LOL

Here are some photos of the two Birthday Parties.

Here is Emily checking out her new Puppy Purse I made her.  I think that she likes it!!

And here is Walker holding his Monkey.  He has named him Jingles.  I think he likes it too!

And here is Emily with her favorite gift!  A Triple Stroller!  She just loves pushing her babies around!

And here is my beloved, Walt at Chuck E Cheese today!  Doesn't he just look thrilled???  LOL  But he would do almost anything for the kids and grand kids.

Here is Emily, totally concentrating on her game.  She didn't even realize that I was taking her photo until she saw the flash go off.

Danielle (left) and Ellie (right) are Christa's two BB's.  Aren't they gorgeous?  Danielle has 7 children, and Ellie has 3 of her own!!  Why couldn't I look this after having Christa???

And here is Elliott, our great Son In Law.

I caught Kat (left) and Christa (right) playing games too!!

Here's Walker (in hat) playing a game while a friend looks on.

Here is Mark, our other great Son In Law!!  He looks on with love as Emily opens her gifts.

Well, I better go for now, till next time....

Aloha My Friends  :)


Dinnerland said...

I love garage sales, but I barely ever go to them...wish I could be there. Loved the pictures and hope this is the sweet spot for you.

Debi said...

Thanks Vanessa!! I hope that this is the Sweet Spot too!

Bonnie said...

I remember parties at Chuckee Cheese with my kids when they were younger. It was torture. Glad you could have a good time.

Debi said...

Thanks Bonnie!! LOL Yes, it can get to be loud and hectic! All those games and all the different sounds. But the kids love it, and they actually have some games that us adults can play and enjoy too now! Plus, the kids are old enough that they can run around and play without a parent with them all the time, so it isn't too bad anymore.