Saturday, July 2, 2011

BYOC A Day Late!!

Hey Ya'll,

Well, I finally decided to sit down long enough to answer Draz's BYOC for this week!!  So here goes....


1.  Let's stick with the pictures/exercise and shoe topic and post a picture of (or describe) your work out shoes.

Here is a photo of my Tennis Shoes.  Although I wouldn't call any of them my workout shoes, since I really don't work out.  Working out for me is to do some gentle walking.  But I do have 3 pairs of Tennis Shoes.  Two of which I have never really worn....I am the kind of person that will buy a pair or two or three because you need something new, but then don't want to get them "dirty", so I pick one of the pairs to wear most, if not all of the time.  Meanwhile, my other shoes sits in the closet waiting patiently for me to wear them....this of course can take months, or even YEARS!!!  I love the blue and white Sketchers in front, but I have never worn them other than to try them on.  I also love the Brooks which are the blue and white ones in the back on the right, but again, I rarely wear them.  The ones that I do wear all the time, are the Avias which are in the back on the left....again, they are blue and white, have you noticed a trend in colors here??? LOL

2.  Again with the Summer/hot theme of the week....what does your current swimsuit look like?
I don't really know.  Since I have lost weight, I haven't actually tried on any of my bathing suits yet.  I have several in sizes ranging from 14-20!!  I am actually afraid to try them on, and will probably wait until later in Summer so that I can see if ANY of my suits will fit me for our Hawaii vacation in December!  But I am sure that at least one of the suits will fit.  Especially since I have so many....LOL  But here is a photo of a swimsuit that is similar to the swimsuit that I have in size 14.  Except that my swimsuit, is in a beautiful shade of Blue!  Unfortunately, it is a VERY small size 14, and seems to fit like a size 12.  So it is super tight, I am hoping that after losing another 10-20 lbs, it will cross your fingers and toes.

Plus Size Sonatina One-Piece Solid Black or Berry Swimsuit image

3.  Do you lay out, fake bake, sunless spray tan or use tanning lotion?

I never lay out!!  I burn too easily.  Which is funny, since as a kid/teenager/young adult, I tanned very easily without even trying!  I just swam all day long.  But since I got pregnant (37 yrs ago), my body changed, and now all I do is burn.  And since I have already had to have several pre-cancerous spots removed from my Face, I was told by my Dermatologist, that I should always wear a high number Sunscreen AND wear a hat to keep my Face in the shade!!  So I go Au Natural as far as skin tanning, no sunless spray, no fake bake.  I go as I am.....white.  So put on your Sun Glasses if you are around me!!  LOL

4.  Describe your week in blogland and in real life.

In Blogland, I have been remiss in keeping up on everyone's blogs.  I occasionally try to read at least that days post, but that is kind of rare lately.  I will try to make myself take the time to read everyone's new posts....

In Real Life, the past week or two has been hectic and painful.  Mostly painful.  I am hoping to get some relief soon.  Until then, I just live day to day.  Oh and I have been very concerned about my parents health.  They both look like they could pass on at anytime....and I live out of the State.  Luckily for me though, I am only about 2-3 hours away by car.  So if I get the call....I could be there quickly.

Other than that, I am surviving.  Last night Walt and I went to The Outback restaurant, so that Walt could have their Steak and Snow Crab special.  I had a $5 off coupon so, I ordered the Filet Mignon and Snow Crab, so that Walt could eat my Snow Crab as well.  So all in all, I did ok.  I ate one thin slice of the bread, about 1/3-1/2 of my Salad (I love their salads and could have eaten the whole thing), about 4 ozs of my Steak, and my Baked Potato.   I know, I know, I shouldn't have had the Potato, but it is rare that I get one anymore, so I splurged and ate it!!  And it was GOOD!!  All in all, I felt satisfied, not full or stuffed, so I did ok.

However, I am still taking in too many calories.  So my goal is to drop my calories enough, so that I can lose at least 15-20 lbs by December 1st!!  Do you think it is possible?? Or do you think that this is an unreal goal???

Well, I should end this for now, till next time.....

Aloha My Friends  :)


Cat said...

I love that suit! I'm picturing yours in like a royal blue. :)

Also - I notice you're reading New Moon, I adore the Twilight series. I don't think Stephanie Meyer is that great of an author, but I absolutely love her characters.

Debi said...

You are right!! My suit is a bit lighter than Royal Blue, but it is really close...

I too love her characters. My Daughter Kat bought me the series to read, since she loved it, and got me hooked into it as well!!