Saturday, July 23, 2011

I've Lost My Ride :( :( :(

Walt and I on "The Bike", our Gold Wing.  Check out how far to the ground my feet are!!  LOL

Me riding the Bike for my first time last year in a closed schools parking lot with the Training Wheels on!

Hey Ya'll,

Ladies and Gentleman, Girls and Boys.....As my post title says, I have Lost My Ride, at least until late October or early November when Walt can't ride it over the Sierra's anymore due to Winter weather.  Now that the weather finally turned to Summer, and Walt got the Bike Trailer fixed, he is now riding the Bike to and from Sacramento each week.  But at least I do have a ride....I have the Truck.  Before this, during the Winter, he was driving the Truck (4x4) back and forth over the Sierra's because of the Snow and Ice, so I had the Bike.  But of course, I couldn't ride the Bike in the Snow and I was house bound all Winter and most of the Spring.

But today we went for a nice long ride together, like an all day ride!  Walt got a bit tired though (he has been suffering from a Cold), and I would have taken over the riding, but I Couldn't!!  On Walt's trip down to Sacramento this week, he took off my "Training Wheels".  So even if I wanted to, I can't ride the Bike, as I can't come even close to putting my feet on the ground!! LOL

We rode all over Reno, North, South, East and West, as well as down the valley to a quaint small town called Gardnerville which is about 35-40 miles South of Reno.  This is where our Optometrist is, and while we were down in the Carson City area, we stopped in to get some more eye glass cleaner (she gives free cleaner for life!!).  And while we were in the Carson City area, Walt treated me to lunch at my favorite Mexican Restaurant there.  And it was sooo good!! :)

Then we went to a local "Giant" Sportsman store, to purchase some Ammo for a Gun Safety class that we will be taking next weekend.  I wasn't expecting to go to it, but Walt wants me to go through it with him, and he likes for us to do everything together....So I get to go fire off about 150 rounds of Ammo in at least 3 different types of Handguns!!  Supposedly the instructor has extra Headsets available for us to use.  I really hope so, because at our age...we can't afford to lose our hearing any faster than we already are!!  LOL

On the Band front, I haven't had any problems in at least a week now.  Go figure, one week you would think that I had all kinds of restriction and the next....nothing!!  Well, I am going to go for now, I have so much to do to finish Walt's giant Afghan.  I want to finish it this week and I will post photos of it when I am finished with it.  :)  Till next time.....

Aloha My Friends  :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Debi- New Follower!
I noticed your name and picture commenting on a lot of the same blogger's sites and thought I would pop over and check you out.
I was banded May 27th, 2011.
I love, love, love your blog design.
Also, I see you are reading New Moon. I just re-read it a few weeks ago because I LOVE IT.
I look forward to back reading on your blog and getting to know you.

Debi said...

Hi Robyn! Thanks for noticing me! I will hop over and check your blog out too!!

I do love the Twilight series of books too. One of our daughters got me into them!

And you are a new Bandster so I will try to help you any way that I can with my past experiences!! LOL

And if you are going to try to read me from the beginning good luck!! I happen to have posted a lot, especially in the beginning! But of course, that is where all the good stuff happened!! LOL

But I too like to read any new blogs that I follow from the start to get to know them...