Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Woo Hoo!! A New Fill!!

Doesn't this photo just make you think of Scotland????

Hey Ya'll,

Well, today Walt and I drove up to Reno for my 9th Fill.  They were totally ecstatic about my weight loss since my last Fill.  This is the first time that I have lost this much since about the first Month or two after Surgery!!  I told them that I had actually lost another 3 lbs, but I had regained about 5 lbs while we were up in Portland!  I have since lost about 3 lbs of that regain.  So once I lose another 2.1 lbs, I can show another loss on my Ticker Tape!!  I'm one of those that only shows the losses, not the gains.

So I may go a Month without being able to show a change in my weight, on my Ticker Tape!  Although I did have a great loss (for me, at any rate), I was afraid that Laurie wouldn't want to give me another Fill.  But after discussing it with her, we decided that she would give me a small Fill of .25 cc's.  Which is what I was hoping for.  I feel that I am really close to my "Sweet Spot", and don't want to become overfilled and have problems, especially since it is a long drive back up to get an unfill.

After the appointment, Walt and I drove down to Carson City, to meet his Mom, Sister Carol and Carol's Son, George for Lunch at Applebee's.  I had a great lunch today.  I ate one of their Lunch combos, which was a small bowl of Chili (really tasty) and a half order of Three-Cheese Chicken Penne.  Of course, I was only able to eat the Chili and about a quarter of the Chicken Penne!  Walt ate the rest.

Yes, I know (as I hang my head in shame).  I am not supposed to be eating anything, right after a "Fill".  But I am one of those that have always eaten right after a Fill.  And don't forget, I started to eat "Mushies" the day after my Surgery!!!  I have always been careful and have never had a problem.  And yes, I did tell the Surgeon on my follow up appointment for the Surgery, that I had started eating "Mushies" almost immediately after Surgery, and he said that he doesn't recommend it because most can't control what they eat, how much, and how well they chew it, etc.  But since I had no problems, what could he say???  A lot of Surgeons tell their patients that they can begin eating when they feel up to it, but to be careful.  Others say not to eat anything for the first 1-2 weeks!!  Just liquids.  :(

**UPDATE** In the last paragraph, I said that I NEVER had a problem from eating right after a Fill.  I just re-read this, and realized that I DID have my FIRST MAJOR PB after one of my Fills!!  Remember the post that was about...Pancakes Are Evil???  Other wise, NO PROBLEMO!!

Anyway, after our Lunch, Walt and I drove over to the RV Park we plan on living in, when we move out of our Home at the end of the year.  We still feel that it is the best park we have seen.  It has extra wide spaces. :)  They can hold up to a 40' RV, and the spaces are 35' Wide!!  Which means that there is at least 15'-20' between RV's!!  This is phenomenal, people!!  In most parks, you are LUCKY if you have 6' between RV's, but 4'-6' is probably the norm.  So if someone in the next space farts (sorry), you will hear it!!

Which is why we will have to buy one of those special headsets for Walt, like you see advertised on TV, so the person trying to sleep next to him, CAN SLEEP!!, because he is getting a little hard of hearing, and our current neighbors can hear what he is watching on TV, and there is a whole lot more distance between our bedroom and the next homes!!!  LOL  Of course, this doesn't bother me most of the time, since I don't go to bed until almost time for him, TO GET UP!!  But for the neighbors, we will have to keep the noise down!!

Now, for all you Diana Gabaldon fans out there that have been hoping for her 1st Book "Outlander", to be made into a Movie.  Through the years since the Book was published, the "Rights" had been purchased several times by different Company's, in hopes of making it into a Movie.  But the person/person's/Company that had purchased the "Rights", had never been able to acquire the necessary financing before their purchased "Rights" had run out of time.

But this just may happen people!!!  I discovered this via my DH Walt.  He had recently read an article about Katherine Heigl, where they claim, one of her next Movies is to be "Outlander".  He remembered this when I made mention of the Book being made into a Movie at some point.  According to the article, she is set to play the lead character of Claire.  I don't know how this will turn out, since Claire is an ENGLISH WOMAN, and Katherine is NOT!  So we shall see how it turns out.  You never know, some actors can speak with fantastic accents, and some....CAN"T!!  Either way, I will want to watch it!!  The Screenplay is being written by Randall Wallace, who wrote "Braveheart", and I don't know about you, but Braveheart is one of my favorite Movies.

So here's hoping that this time the Movie actually gets made!!  Here is the paragraph from the article published Sept 29, 2010, which mentions the Book being made into a Movie:

"Ms. Heigl spent the summer in Pittsburgh, producing and acting in “One for the Money,” an adaptation of the popular Janet Evanovich novel (this one's for you, CARA!!!).  She portrays Stephanie Plum, an unemployed lingerie buyer from New Jersey who becomes a bounty hunter.  If all goes well, Ms. Heigl will then turn toward sharply dramatic work, starring as a Scottish heroine in an adaptation of “Outlander,” the novel by Diana Gabaldon.  “Scotland?  2012?  What do you think?” she said."

And here is the Production Credits for the proposed Movie:

Production Credits
Screenplay - Randall Wallace
Source Material - Diana Gabaldon
Producer - Jim Kohlberg
Actor - Katherine Heigl
Producer - Neil Kaplan

So, are there any others out there that is as excited that this may actually happen???  Ever since I started to read the Books, I have always said that this would make a great Movie or Mini Series.  I will continue to cross my fingers and toes, that the Movie actually gets produced this time!!

So, I guess that I will say goodbye for now, it has been a long day, till next time...

Aloha My Friends  :)


Amanda said...

Holy cow! I would love it if this turns out!! Not sure about the actress, mostly because she plays a lot of romantic comedy roles! But I do kinda like her! Yay

Sandy Lee said...

Wow, look at that weight loss. We are at almost identical weights (I'm 173.2-up after my jaunt to Chicago and California). Haven't lost anything for a month but am still getting stuck. Wonder if I should have an unfill so I can eat more. Somedays, it's like I have no band and other days it makes itself felt.

So glad things are moving for you. Good luck on finding a new habitat.

Debi said...

Amanda, I agree with you. I like her in the Romantic Comedies, but not too sure how she will be in this role, especially since she will have to use an English accent, and I am not sure if she can!

Sandy, you are doing so fantastic! And sooner than I did, I think. I was banded 3 months before you!! Anyway, I wish that I could have been in Chicago and met you!! Maybe if they decide on a gathering closer to me, I MAY be able to make that one!!

And thanks on the good luck in finding the new habitat. We are considering buying an interim RV to use for a year or two, while we save up enough to have one custom made for us!!