Thursday, October 21, 2010

It's A Sad Day For The Local Mall!!

This is a photo of the next Painting I will attempt to paint!  It is called Enchanted Eve and is one of Christian Riese Lassen's Seascapes.  He is a fantastic painter from Hawaii.

Hey Ya'll,

Well, we finally received the Bulbs we needed for the Bike, so Walt was finally able to put the Bike back together!!  Which means that I have wheels again!  I have been without a vehicle for over a week, and even though I don't do much out of the house, just not being able to leave the house, is hard to deal with!!

As for my is still non-existent!!  But maybe this is a good thing.  At least I will be able to eat some of my favorite foods/desserts, for Thanksgiving again this year!  My Surgery was just the week before Thanksgiving last year, and YES, I should have been on a liquid diet, but I was on semi mushies by the day after Surgery, so I did eat (in small amounts) my favorite foods last year!  My next appointment is set for Dec 6th, so I will have to decide if I want a Fill at that time, or wait until after the first of the year......

In sad news today (at least for those shopaholics!) one of our local Malls was taken Hostage, and put on fire today!!!  By the time they got the Criminal out of the Mall (long after the Mall was evacuated), and realized that the original blaze he set (and thought put out), began a huge blaze that did major damage to almost the entire Mall!  So I don't see how they could possibly open it in time for Christmas shopping this year!!

The sad part of it is that a lot of the employees will be losing their jobs, just before Christmas.  And a lot of the smaller Stores will probably lose their Businesses this year as well!!  Just because of someone with a Mental Illness.  I don't know if it is true or not, but I heard that the person claimed he was there hijacking the store he went into, because his Sister had been Abducted by Aliens!!  He claims himself to be Manic Depressive (Bi Polar).  Here is a link to the local News Channel with information on the incident if anyone is interested.

Now, before I forget, I would like to ask anyone reading this, to PLEASE send out good thoughts to my Friend.  Her husband is also Bi Polar, and has been unable to get his condition under control, even with Medication.  He recently attempted Suicide again, then told her he wanted a Divorce, as soon as he was released from the Hospital (all the while screaming at her).  She is in real need of support and good wishes.  And if you pray, please put her in your prayers. 

I am really hoping that her and her children come through this unharmed.  She is in between a rock and a hard place right now, as she recently had Surgery and cannot return to work for at least another 2-3 months.  So she can't leave him, even if she wanted to!  So far, he has only been verbally abusive, never physically, never know, something could make him snap!  I can't say enough about how concerned for them that I am, and she is never far from my thoughts!!

So other than worrying about my friend 24/7, and working on my Christmas present projects, I am doing ok.  I just finished Christa's painting, which I can't post the photos of on my blog as yet, as it is a surprise to her, and she reads my blog!!  So I will post the photos after Thanksgiving, since that is when I will be giving it to her.  So since I have finished her painting, I am getting ready to begin another one.  This time I am going to attempt to copy a painting from one of my favorite Artists.  He is from Hawaii, and his name is Christian Riese Lassen.  I am going to attempt to paint one of his Seascapes titled: Enchanted Eve.  A photo of it is at the top of the blog.  This will be the first time I have attempted to recreate a true Artists painting!!  Wish me luck!

Well, I should go for now, got lots to do!!  Till next time....

Aloha My Friends  :)


~Lisa~ (Mrs C) said...

Debi.. Your friend and her family will be in our thoughts and in our prayers..

I can't wait to see your painting! The new painting is lovely - I can't wait to see your recreation of this one, too!

Debi said...

Thanks Lisa! My friend can use all the thoughts and prayer she can get. And I will definitely be showing photos of the new painting in its different stages.

Amanda said...

I'll def. keep your friend in my thoughts and prayers. Mental Illness is extreamly hard on everyone. It is good that she has a friend like you! How awful about the mall too. Hopefully some kind of support can be set up for the employees!

Debi said...

Thanks Amanda! I hope the Mall employees are offered another location to work at as well. However, unfortunately the ones that work at the small independent shops are SOOL!

amandakiska said...

I read about the mall incident in the paper this morning, but I didn't realize it was so close to you. How sad for all concerned.

And your friend too.

I think you should get that fill, my dear. Waiting until next year sounds like a recipe for disaster. Just think of how much more you'll enjoy the yummy holiday food if you aren't overeating. I understand the desire to put it off, but that's not why you got the band.

Debi said...

I agree with you on the Fill. I am fairly certain that I will get the Fill, so long as the weather permits us to drive over the Sierra's!!

I didn't realize that the fire in the Mall close to us, would be in the Paper's up in Oregon!

Bonnie said...

That really sucks about the fire and I also feel so sorry for the employees and store owners. I will also keep your friend in my thoughts.

Debi said...

Thanks Bonnie!