Sunday, October 10, 2010

I Came THIS.....Close!!! :(
Hey Ya'll,

Well, I can definitely say that my Band is still a bit tight!  Today, Walt and I drove over to our Daughter Kat's house, to look into what it will take to convert part of their garage into Elliott's Dark Room.  We are giving Elliott all of Walt's Dark Room Equipment.  Afterwords, we drove over to a local Italian Restaurant called Johnny Carino's.

I love Johnny Carino's.  We used to have one close to us, but they closed it down, due to lack of Business.  :(  But there is one located near Kat's house, so we decided to go there today as we haven't eaten at Johnny's since ours closed down over a year ago.  They always bring out a home made loaf of Bread, and I had about a Thumb size portion of the Bread before my meal.  Then we ordered a family size meal to share, of Spaghetti and Meatballs/Sausage (the Sausage for Walt).  It was more than enough for all four of us!  I even have a serving left for another meal for me.  Yum. 

However, I realized almost too late, that I was really tight and needed to stop eating.  I did manage to stop in time, but my Rib Cage was tight, and it hurt all the way through from the front to the rear.  Luckily for me, it didn't become painful until after we left the Restaurant and was driving home!  Also, luckily for me, the pain ended by the time we reached home, about a half hour later.  I needed to spit a couple of times in a  bag that we had in the Truck, but then it passed.  :)))

Anyway, I haven't been doing too much lately, except for Crocheting some items that we are giving away as Christmas presents this year.  Plus, I have also been working on Christa's painting and almost have it finished (The painting is based on one of her photos.  This photo won either 1st or 2nd place in the Sacramento County Fair).  The painting would have been finished, except that I felt the need to try to bring in the glow from the Sun on the Rocks more.  Now the Rocks are too ORANGE!!  So I need to work some more on the Rocks.  And since we want to surprise Christa with the finished product, I can't post any photos of it until after we give it to her, because she reads my Blog!!  But I have to say that...this painting has the best Waves that I have done to date!!  I can't wait to post the photos of it, for your viewing.  We plan on giving it to her at Thanksgiving since most of the immediate family will be here, and they can see it too.

Well, I am going to end this now, I have lots to do, and sooo little time....Till next time.

Aloha My Friends  :)


Maree said...

Argggh - hate stuck episodes. I had one on the weekend - forgot to chew roast lamb - nasty! Glad you managed to get through it.

~Lisa~ (Mrs C) said...

I can't wait to see your painting!! I hope you post it soon!

Debi said...

Thanks guys!!

I am sooo glad that I managed to get through the Stuck problem without having to head into the bathroom as well!!

I will post a photo of the painting on Thanksgiving, since we plan on giving it to Christa then!! We just want her to see it for the first time completed, in person, not in a photo!!

Jenny said...

Our JC closed too, my husband was so upset!

Debi said...

I know!! We didn't find out until we went to go eat there one day. They were locked up, with a sign on the door saying they were closed temp for renovations (on a new building?). Then later the notice changed to say, we are closed, and a new notice on the door with leasing info!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hee-Hee, Hi Mom, it's me "anonymous"
Did you notice that they are converting the "old" new Mervyns building into a 16 screen MOVIE THEATER? Emily and I watched them putting the neon in the signs on Saturday. Too bad Johhnys could not stay long the rest of the complex will be REALLY busy.

Can't wait to see the painting....
Love, Christa (it won two 1st places, and a second in different show competitions)

Debi said...

Ha! When I saw the Anonymous, I wondered if it was you!!

Yes, I did see that they are converting the Mervyn's into a Movie Theatre. And yes, too bad that Johnny Carino's couldn't stay open long enough! We ate at the Johnny Carino's by Kat on Sunday with Kat and Elliott!

And thanks on the reminder of what awards your Photo took!! I can't wait to give it to you!!