Thursday, April 29, 2010

What Is It About Del Taco????

Hey Ya'll,

I just have a gripe to make here, but it is only with myself!!  With my last Fill (#5), I have noticed that I do have some restriction (hallelujah!!).  But since I am up most of the night, and don't get out of bed until somewhere between 10am-11am most mornings, I find it hard to eat very much, too early!!

On the days that Walt is working from home, or doesn't have to go in until after lunch.  We usually go out to eat, and it is usually at a fast food place.  Because Walt loves Del Taco, and it isn't expensive, we do tend to eat there at least 1-2 times a week.  The problem, is that every time we have eaten at Del Taco since my last Fill, I have had to spend at least a half hour in the ladies room, slimming!! 

I don't get it.  I am eating hard shell Tacos for god sake!  It's not like I am eating something that can easily block my stomach pouch.  I can easily chew up the hard shell into tiny pieces, so it shouldn't be a problem.  So why can't I eat 2 hard shell Tacos, yet I can eat a whole Cheeseburger from Carl's Jr (at the same time of day) with no problem, including the bun, so long as I eat slowly, and chew, chew, chew???  

And at night, I rarely have any trouble eating, so long as I am careful.  So I guess that I will have to experiment some more there.  I think that I can eat 1 Taco without getting stuck, so next time, I am going to eat just 1 Taco and a cup of Refried Beans.  Time will tell......

In other events today, not too much happened except that we completed our Post-Filing Credit Counseling Self Study Course online today.  It is the next to the last item we had to accomplish before our Bankruptcy could move forward.  The last step is to actually attend the Trustee Meeting in May.  Then wait for the Bankruptcy to be discharged.  Whew!!  This Course was a bit more comprehensive than the Pre-Filing Course was, and was to take a minimum of 2 hrs to complete.  And we had to complete it together.  Today was not the day for me to try to read, concentrate and retain the information necessary to pass the test!  I say this because today was one of those days where I needed to take an afternoon nap!!  But I managed to get through it anyway!

By the time we were finished, it was dinner time and both of our stomach's were growling!  So we decided to walk down to our local pizza joint to get some Spaghetti and Meatballs, then walk home!  And of course, the entire walk back was uphill, as usual!!  But this time, I made it without too much pain or trouble.  So I am happy about that.  Yes, I can still eat Pasta!!  So why not some lowly hard shell Tacos? (tap, tap, tap of the fingers on the desk)  LOL

Tomorrow we leave early in the morning to drive to the San Francisco for Walt's Specialist Appointment.  Cross your fingers that this Doctor thinks his problem is nothing too serious!!  And of course, I will be taking my crochet bag so I don't have to watch Walt weaving in and out of the heavy Bay Area traffic!!  I will let you know what they say later.  So, till next time...

Aloha My Friends  :)


Girl Bandit said...

Looks like you nheed to avoid those Taco's. the last 2 times we had tacos at home I pb' maybe it is just too much for us???

Debi said...

This may be true! I have been able to eat them in the past, in fact, I can eat them from another Taco shop with no problems so long as I go slow and chew! So I will give it another try with just one and the beans and see how that goes!!

workinprogress said...

Our bands are fickle things aren't they?!!!

I've discovered I have trouble with corn chips (so I guess pretty much the same as a hard taco). Really strange as some people consider them a slider food!!

On the bright side - guess you got some restriction now :-)

Debi said...

You're right! I finally have some restriction! But in the past and at different times of the day, I can eat chips! Just not early.

Kristin said...

It's funny, Debi, and I think Barbara (?) said this before, but even though pita chips should be fine for bands, I can't eat them. They cause all kinds of irritation. It may be that those shells just don't agree with you for some crazy reason. I have, on occasion, ordered a burrito or taco without the tortilla and just eaten the insides. Just think of the calories you'll be saving by ditching the shell!

Sandy Lee said...

Right now I'm finding I can eat almost anything so am waiting for some restriction. I too am bored with cooking but need to get back to it and make some dinners for the freezer. I'm out for lunch today at an Italian Restaurant (someone at work leaving) and am wondering what I'll order. I have no problem with taking half my dinner home with me for another time. Stop the Tacos. Maybe this is the restriction you need. Fickle little band.

Lonicera said...

Debi, I went to a Mexican restaurant a couple of weeks ago, and I'd bet a lot of money that the problem you had was nothing to do with the tacos, but the refried beans. I noticed it particularly and swore never to eat them again. They're quite dry, aren't they? Maybe that's why they get stuck.

Jenny said...

It must be something in them. Maybe the meat is dry. Good luck with the appointment!

TJ said...

It might be the. The lettuce maybe covering the openning of the stomach and causing the slimming. If it doesn't bother you other times it might be the way they cut it. I was warned about thin items like lettuce, spinach, cabbage and things like that. They are harder to chew into little tiny pieces and you normally wouldn't think it would block anything, but it is kind of like place a piece of plastic wrap over an openning. I hope it gets better!

Debi said...

Kristin, I suppose that their particular Taco shells could be bothersome for me like you said. I can eat the hard shell Tacos from Taco Bell with no problems, but I think that their shells are thinner, so that may be it!!

Sandy Lee!! Your so funny...and right! I wanted restriction and when I get it, I am complaining! I need to figure out how to eat with it now!

Lonicera, I don't have any problems with Refried Beans here at all! In fact where we live, the Refried Beans are almost runny, but definitely not dry! But our Tacos here are not made with them anyway. However, I have in the past had dry Refried Beans and I agree, if they are dry, they are not any good!!

Jenny, I agree, it is either the Taco shell being on the thick side or maybe the meat is too dry.

TJ, I suppose it could be the Lettuce or in the way they chop it up. I am able to eat the Lettuce in the Tuna Salad from Subway with no problems though, so like you said, maybe it is the way they are chopping it up?

Anyway, thank you everyone for your insight, I will think about all of the ideas you gave me.