Sunday, April 11, 2010

Did I Say I Hurt Yesterday?

This photo is for Sandy Lee!!  It is one of me when I first got on the bike and hadn't got my riding legs back yet!  I was terrified and looked it!!  Luckily, I feel much more confident today and can't believe I forgot how much fun riding was.  Click on the photo to make it larger!  Then have a laugh on me!  LOL

Hey Ya'll,

Well, I managed to make it through, and completed the course!!!  Yea!  I was terrified that I wouldn't pass it the first time, and my nightmare was that I would have to take it again!!

The classroom portion was easy.  I do not know the exact score on my written test, but I do know that there were 50 questions, and the lowest score was 47 and of course the highest was 50!!  So that's 94%-100%.  I would have really liked to know if I was one of the 100%'s!  That is the Type A in me.  LOL  But I forgot to ask the Instructor later at the end of the day.  Oh well, at least I know that I couldn't have scored less than 47 out of 50.  Tee Hee :)

Well, I thought yesterday was bad.  At least the weather was ok.  Today it rained with some fairly fierce winds blowing.  Now, did I say that it rained.....I should have said, it POURED!!!  It was about 47 degrees out with winds making the windchill a bit lower and of course the pouring rain!!

I don't have a rain suit, so I became soaked in a short amount of time.  I wore a hooded jacket that was not waterproof but thermal lined, so I thought that with it under a water proof windbreaker, I would at least stay dry on top!!  NOT!  I forgot to put the hood inside the windbreaker so it became soaked through by the end of the day.  I never took off the helmet the entire day, and I was wearing a helmet liner so at least it helped to keep my head dry and warm.

However, my jeans were soaked through!  I could wring them out at the end of the day they were so wet.  I hated to have to pull them down to go to the bathroom, as it was almost impossible to pull them back up!!  And my shoes were supposed to be water proof....NOT!  My shoes and socks were so wet that I squished when I walked.  I felt like I was walking in water.  My feet were freezing.  My gloves were of course, not water proof, so my hands were also soaked and freezing, do you detect a theme here?  I actually twisted the gloves several times during the day and wrung out the water!

Luckily, I had taken a dry pair of pants, shirt, jacket, hat and socks!  Unfortunately, I forgot to bring a change of shoes, but since I thought they were WATER PROOF, I didn't think I would need them.  What I forgot to take was a change of underwear!!  So I completely dressed down to my bra (in the MEN'S Bathroom I might add (with Walt standing guard outside) as they kept locking the Women's bathroom, assuming that there would not be any women in the Motorcycle Class) and put on the dry clothes.  All except for the socks.  Why bother to put on dry socks if they would just get soaked through in seconds.  And I didn't want to keep on the wet ones as they were knee highs, and they would have just soaked the pants legs!  At least this way, only the bottom of the pant legs got wet.

So this is my story and at least I passed.  I really didn't want to have to go take it again!  Walt had promised me dinner after class and was going to take me home first, but I made the executive decision to go straight to the restaurant.  I knew that if I got home and dressed out of the cold clothes, I wouldn't want to go back out!  So we went to the restaurant, and let me tell you, I had major helmet hair!  But the meal was great!  Once we got home, I took the hottest shower I could stand and stayed in there until the water started to get cool.

Well, I see it is getting late, I promised Walt I would go to bed by 11 pm as we have to get up around 5 am tomorrow.  Well, it is now already after 11 pm and I haven't even attached the photos yet!!  So, I will do that and finish this off.  I will be adding most of the photos below the sign off.  Till next time...

Aloha My Friends  :)

If you enlarge this, you can see that my pants were partly soaked already.  They didn't become totally soaked until we had to dismount and remount a few times.  Meaning sitting on a totally wet seat!!

Here you can see my pants were totally soaked!!  Not to mention, my hood which you can see peeking out from the bottom of the blue wind breaker!

Early in the day, not too cold, and still happy.

This exercise was one of the hardest for me!  Doing a crazy eight inside a narrow rectangle!!  I put my foot down which is a no no!!!

This photo was to show the dreariness of the day!  This is actually what it looked like.  I just did my best to make the other photos look better!  Unfortunately, it doesn't really show the amount of water there was standing on the ground!  They almost had to cancel the session due to the unsafe weather conditions!

I just thought the accidental photo effects were kind of interesting.


LauraLynne said...

You passed!! that's awesome!!

Debi said...

Thanks Laura Lynne!!!

workinprogress said...

Well hey - if you can ride in that you can ride in any weather :-)

I also love the first pic - you really don't look like a happy camper - te he he!!

Zanna, travelling tart said...

Congratulations - a brilliant achievement especially under such dreadful conditions. Zxx

Jennifer said...

Way to go - you did it!! I *love* the first photo - that would be ME! lol :)

Debi said...

Thanks guys!!

I know, the first photo was crazy!

Amy W. said...

hahhahah...that first photo cracks me up! Congrats on passing!

Sandy Lee said...

The first photo is too funny. Too bad the weather was bad and you didn't get a Woo Hoo photo at the end. You'll have to take one on a sunny day. Congrats motorcycle momma!

DawnB said...

Congrats to you!!!!

Debi said...

Thanks guys!!