Saturday, January 21, 2012

Even More Bad News....

Isn't this photo just beautiful??  I wish that I could take credit for it, but it is one of Walt's.  We took it at Pearl Harbor.  You can see the USS Bowfin Submarine with a fantastic Rainbow in the distance.

Hey Ya'll,

Well, it has been a few days since my last post.  A lot has been happening in our family.  So much DRAMA and worry!!  As I said a couple of posts ago, one of my Cousins in Arkansas has Stage 4 Bone Cancer in the Hips, Femurs and Spine.

Now we find out that my Dad also has Cancer.  He went back to the Doctor today, and when he told the Doctor about his Shoulder/Arm killing hurting him so bad, that he can barely sleep at night.  The Doctor immediately asked him how long this has been going on, my Dad told him since before Thanksgiving.

The Doctor had previously told my Dad that his Cancer was in the early stages, which is good.  But since finding out about my Dad's newest site of pain today, he took even more Blood from my Dad for testing, and is going to setup a whole body scan for my Dad.  My guess is that he has Bone Cancer as well.

The problem with all this is that he is trying to conceal his true problems from my Daughter and I.  He told me that even if he does have Cancer, it isn't a bad one....but my Sister who lives with my parents, mentioned on her Facebook page, that he does have Bone Cancer....It is like pulling teeth getting him to admit his full medical problems.  But my guess is that he doesn't want us to worry about him when there is so much more to deal with in the immediate future!

My Brother, whom I also wrote about in the last few posts....well, he did go home from the Hospital, but when he went in to his Surgeon's office yesterday to find out about his latest MRI scan of the Foot, he apparently found out that it was indeed necessary to have it removed!  The Surgeon told him that the recovery time for the Amputation would be 2-3 months.  When my Brother asked him if the recovery would be easier and quicker if they removed more than just the Foot, the Surgeon said yes.

Now remember that the Surgeon and my Brother have become friends through the years of his taking care of my Brother since the Accident, so he wouldn't lie to him, or sugar coat it at all.  So my Brother went back in to his office today to discuss the Surgery, and it was decided that they would remove the Foot and part of the lower Leg from about halfway between the Foot and the Knee.  This way, they are hopeful that he will be able to have much more use of the lower Leg and Foot, as in being able to twist the Leg right and left, whereas he hasn't been able to do this since the Accident.  So hopefully, he could resume an active lifestyle again, and begin playing Softball, etc.  Trust me, if there is any way that this would be possible, he would do it!!

But...on the good news front, we got our Truck back!!  Thank goodness, as it turned really cold the day after we got it back.  It was bad enough before, but then the temps dropped down into the single digits, and poor Walt had to drive to work before Sun up....then drive home after Sundown!  So we are thankful to have the Truck again.

We have decided to save up to buy my Can Am Motorcycle in the future.  We will sell the Gold Wing to help pay for it.  As a reminder, here is a photo of me sitting on one at the dealership!!  I love that Bike!!  It puts a big smile on my face just to think about it.

Anyway, I will go for now, sorry that this has been such a Debbie downer post!!  Till next time....

Aloha My Friends  :)

If you look closely in the background to the right of my Head, you will see our White Gold Wing Bike.

And you can see the Gold Wing a little better in this photo in the background.


Kelli said...

Sorry to hear about the illness going on with your family members thats tough. Thinking positive thoughts for all of you..

Anonymous said...

I sure hope that the bad news is over for you and that the good is on its way.

Debi said...

Thanks Kelli and Robyn! I appreciate it, and hope that the worst is behind us, and the good is coming!