Saturday, November 19, 2011

One Of THOSE Days!! :(

Coconut Palms
I keep picturing myself here in this hammock reading a good book, and doing nothing.....

Hey Ya'll,

Have you ever just had one of those days, were you were so tired, that all you wanted to do was sleep, and was in so much pain, that it feels like someone beat you up during the night???  Well that's how I feel Neck, upper Back, left Shoulder, left Forearm, left Wrist and Hand, feels like I want to have Surgery to replace them!!  Basically I feel like a Mac Truck just ran me over!!  LOL

And to top it off, Walt wanted me up earlier than he normally wakes me up on the weekend, and I just couldn't get up, so I went back to bed after.....well you get the picture I'm sure.  So in hopes that it would make me want to get up, he turns the heat on in the Bedroom!  Usually this will work, as I hate sleeping when it is too warm.  But because of how I am feeling....I slept right through it.

Unfortunately the heat just plugged up my Sinuses giving me a headache as well!  So now I am up, and have been for a couple of hours.  But I feel like S***, hurt all over and am just a Bear today!!  Oh, and I forgot to mention that Walt heated up a meal that I purchased for the 2 of us to eat, and because I wouldn't get up, he decided to punish me and eat it all!!  Knowing that it would piss me off, then he gets upset at me, because I am upset!  But today, I could care less, because I feel like.....crap!

Anyway, I have been working my hands off trying to finish my MIL's Afghan, that we are wanting to give to her on Thanksgiving (since she won't be here for Christmas)!  I believe that I may be able to get it finished, if I continue to work at it like I have been.  So far, it is a bit over 2/3's done.  So if I can work another 10-12 inches plus the border, and of course, weave in all the ends (of which there are a lot!), then it will be finished!!  So hopefully by Monday night, I will have it finished.....I hope so, then I will have more time to get things done for the vacation, instead of having to wait until the last minute.

But!!  I can say that most of our Christmas shopping is done!  Over the years, we have made an agreement with most of the adults in our family, that we wouldn't buy for each other, just for the kids.  Now of course, we do still buy/make gifts for our Parents, my Uncle, our Children/Grandchildren and of course my Brother and Sister's Children.  So....we have pretty much got it all done!  We have a few trinkets to purchase in Hawaii, but other than that....our Christmas shopping is done!  And I would like to say thank you to my Daughter Christa, for giving us the tips on what the Grand Kids really want, so we could buy them online in advance!!

So....we are now in the homestretch, counting down the days until we leave for Hawaii.  We only have 13 days.....only 13 days!  Where did all the time go??  I have so much to do in order to get ready.  I am hoping to be able to start packing by next Weekend at the latest.  The unfortunate part is that I COULD start to pre-pack, but we have no place to put the clothes, nor do we have the floor space to keep the luggage!  That is my biggest problem.  I could start to pack, but I have no where to put the packed items in the meantime.  Remember, we are living in a 5th Wheel RV!!!!  So to say that I am becoming stressed, well....that would be an understatement! LOL  So, till next time.....

Aloha My Friends  :)


Kelli said...

I am sorry that you are in so much pain, I hope you get to feeling better especially in time for your trip. Take care. Hugs.

Debi said...

Thanks Kelli! Except for the lingering, dull ache in my left Arm from my Elbow to my Hand, I seem to be mostly back to normal....whatever that may me! LOL

I think that it is the change in the weather. We are expecting snow possibly over night, so I suppose that my Bones could have just been letting me know!

At least in Hawaii, it will be warm!

Cece said...

Wow, Debi ! 13 Days ! I remember when I first 'met' you (lol) back in July when I first started blogging and here it is ... 13 days ! Please take photos :)

Kristin50 said...

I hope that you have an amazing time!!

Debi said...

Cece. I will!! I am just praying that they turn out since I have a new Camera and don't know how to use it!!

Kristin, thanks...I am sure that we will. We plan on visiting some areas that we know we can get some great photos from, plus leave us a few days just to rest too!!