Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My Latest PB And....Life

If We Can Just Get A Little More Horsepower....  

This seemed appropriate since NHRA had their Indianapolis Race this past Weekend!!

Hey Ya'll,

Well, it has been a long time since I last posted....sorry!  I had another bad session of being Stuck the other night!!  What's so funny, I had read Lap Band Girl's post on Sunday about her having her 1st  PB.  She has had her Band for a some time now, and was so careful that she had never had one!  Well, shortly after I left a comment on her post, I realized that I was going into a full blown STUCK/PB episode myseslf!!


Yes, I was praying to the Porcelain God for a while.....I hate it when I do this.  I knew I shouldn't have eaten all of the small portion of Steak that Walt gave me, as he accidentally over cooked it.  Thus making it a bit dry, and again....thus making it harder for me to chew and digest.  I also had a few bites of Spaghetti that Walt made (the sauce was only Stewed Tomatoes chopped up in the food processor and some herbs added, which made it a very low calorie meal, and I love Stewed Tomatos!!).  Unfortunately, since the Steak was so dense and dry....the Spaghetti was not going to go down without a fight!!  So I was in agony for a couple of hours, which included several vomiting episodes until all of the Spaghetti was eventually expelled!!  Sorry, TMI I know!!  But oh how much better it feels after I am able to expel something!!  At least for awhile, if there is more to come up! 

Since Walt is now working for Nevada, we decided to start up a Nevada Corp for him to work through as he is an Independent Contractor, especially since we are now Nevada residents!  Because of this, we have both been doing a lot of research regarding Nevada Corps, and where we want to open up Bank Accounts for the Business, etc.  We also are wanting to change our Cell Phone Company, now that our latest Contract is up....so we are researching all the different options there too!!  LOL

I have done the laundry twice since I last posted....I am trying to make it easier on myself, and instead of doing the laundry once every two weeks, I am trying to do it once a week.  I am not really doing a lot less as far as how many loads I do, but I am not doing loads that are as full, so I have less clothes to fold, thus making it easier for me!!  I kind of like this....and I really don't mind doing the laundry, I just hate putting it away!!  LOL  In fact, right now, this is about the only time that I get any personal "fun" reading in!!

We have also gone on another Bike ride (Motorcycle for any new readers), though not quite as long as the other ride was a couple of weeks ago.  And it wasn't as hot, so it was a nice ride.  We went to where my Mother In Law lives, and took her to lunch (in her car of course!!).  So we had a nice lunch to catch up with her, and made plans to have Thanksgiving with her this year.  Since my parents aren't doing well (they as well as our Kids/Grand Kids, live in California), we really wanted to make sure to spend Christmas with them!!  Who knows, this could be their last Christmas, and we don't want to miss spending it with them.

My Mom went in and got the Lab Work done that her Doctor ordered.  The Doctor that she saw when she fell and split her Head open, told her that she has Melanoma Cancer on/in her Scalp.  I spoke with her last night, and she said that she has an appointment for the 13th to find out the results of the most recent Lab Work.  I will keep you posted once I hear from her regarding them....

I went in to my Doctor last week, to get my own Lab Work Test results.  And as suspected, the Doctor told me that my Vitamin D and Calcium is low, and my Cholesterol is high.  She wants me to up my Vitamins and recheck my Labs in 3-4 Months.  She doesn't want to panic about the results and said that she wants to see if the Vitamin D and Calcium goes up, and hopefully the Cholesterol goes down!!  She also doesn't want to panic about my High Alt (SGPT) levels.  Of course, I didn't tell her about the high incidence of Liver problems in my family....she doesn't want to put me on any more RX Medications if she can help it, as I already take so many!!  So we shall wait until the next Labs to determine what course of action we will be taking.  And thank you to all who offered their love and support for both me and my Mom!!  I <3 all of you!!

Walt and I went to the annual BBQ Rib cook off they hold here on Thursday (the first day of the Fair).  Walt was so hungry when we got there, that we ate at the first BBQ stand that we came to.  It was good, and I am sure that we would have had good BBQ no matter which vendor we ate at!!  Of course, I could barely touch my meal!!  I had so much left over, so we brought it home with us.  After eating, we walked around to check out all of the different vendors.  It was fairly warm, but luckily not extremely HOT!!  Walt ended up eating snacks from several different vendors!  Which included, Ice Cream, Chocolate covered Strawberries, Lemonade, Churros, etc, etc, etc.  Of course, I couldn't even consider eating anything else for fear of getting stuck! 

I had told Walt that he could eat anything that he wanted (even the Ice Cream in front of me), and that I would wait until we left.  That I would drive through Dairy Queen, and take me a cup of Ice Cream home to freeze, and eat later when I could actually eat.....He didn't think that I would really do it!  He wanted to go straight home, even though we had parked close to the Dairy Queen.  He thought that if he didn't let me drive through it then and there, I wouldn't get my Ice Cream....Well, you can't keep me from my soft serve, especially since I didn't say a word about all the crap that he ate there!!  So I took him home (I was driving), let him out and said that I would be right back, as I was going back to Dairy Queen!!  It was soooo good too! LOL

Recently we have had some issues with our rear toilet in the RV.  It has been continually filling with water (luckily it fills slowly).  Causing me to have to flush out the water from the toilet several times a day to keep it from over flowing....then at night (or early morning in my case), I had to go outside and turn off the water to the RV so that the toilet didn't over flow during the night when I went to bed....it wasn't difficult, just an inconvenience!  So our RV Repair guy came by on Saturday (on his way to the BBQ fair of course) and fixed the problem (for the second time!!). 

When he came out for the same problem the first time, Walt wanted him to install a shut off valve at each toilet so that if we had continuing issues, we could shut off the water to the toilet itself.  Ron our RV guy, didn't want to do it.  Well....this time he did!!  LOL  So, if we have any problems in the future, at least we can shut the individual toilet water off leaving the rest of the RV with water until we could get it fixed.

I am hoping that my Daughter Christa and my Grand Kids Walker and Emily will be coming to visit me in a week or two!  They are planning on driving up from Sacramento for the day, so that we can go shopping with the Kids and have lunch to celebrate their Birthdays!!  Since we live up here in Nevada, we weren't able to go to their Birthday parties this year.  Emily turned 8 in August and Walker will turn 11 in September!!  I can't believe how fast they are growing up....how time flies!!

I just finished making one of my BFF's her Birthday gifts.  She lives on the East Coast now, so I am going to mail the gifts back to her as soon as I get confirmation of her current address.  And I am now making our friend Hannah, an Afghan for a Christmas present.  It is turning out really nice too.  I will take a photo of it when it is completed and post it.  The colors are a pale Mint Green (they call it Pastel Green), Turquoise Blue and White.  Which is what I have been working on at night lately.  Once I finish it, I will start working on my MIL's Afghan that I am making her for her Christmas gift.  I am also hopeful that I will have time to make one for my Mom too.  I made her an Afghan over 30 years ago, and I would like to make her a new one before it is too late!

Well, I guess that I should go for now, got lot's to do, till next time.....

Aloha My Friends  :)


Cece said...

As crazy as this sounds, tomorrow I have my first fill and I am terrified of PB-ing so I appreciate !! people's stories so that I know what to expect, or better - won't do it at all ... or for as long as possible !

Good luck to your husband on the new job ... and like you - don't get between me and any soft serve ! I've got to live a little !

Anonymous said...

I love that you dropped him off and went back to DQ!

Debi said...

Cece - don't worry about the first Fill, most of us report that the first Fill doesn't hurt at all (mine didn't). And unless they give you a big Fill...you probably won't even notice the difference. Usually you don't really start to have Restriction until about 6 cc's! And YES! I love my soft serve too!!

Robyn - LOL! I know! He thought that I would back down and not take the time or effort to go to DQ if we didn't go there direct from the Fair!!!

Kelli said...

Hi Debi, thanks for stopping by my blog. I look forward to getting to know you!

Debi said...

Thanks Kelli!! I am reading up on your blog now!!