Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Another Tragedy.....

Hey Ya'll,

Long time no post!! LOL  We have been busy....and a lot has been happening here!  Since my last post, we have had another tragedy occur here in the Reno area....Last week from Sept 21st through the 25th, was Reno's Fall Street Vibrations Event, which brings in about 25-30 Thousand Harley Motorcycles to the area!  We do not own a Harley, but we have always loved the look and sound of them!  And there were plenty here staying in our RV Park, but I didn't get any photos of them.  Alas, we decided that for our purposes, the Gold Wing is best for us, at least at this point in time.

Anyhoo, apparently the commotion was between two rival Biker Gangs which caused a lot of trouble in the City of Sparks, which is adjacent to Reno.  On Friday night the 24th, the President of the San Jose, CA chapter of the Hells Angels, was shot and killed, and two members of a rival CA Biker Gang, called the Vagos was shot, but was/are in stable condition in the Hospital (in fact, I heard that they had to lock down the Hospital, as so many of the Gang showed up there!).

The shooting took place just outside of the Trader Dick's Bar which is inside of John Ascuaga's Nugget Casino.  The following morning, another man riding a Motorcycle in that same general area, was shot in the Stomach in a drive by shooting.  Police are still looking for the car that the shots were fired out of, and the injured man is in stable condition....So the City of Sparks canceled the balance of the events planned for the rest of the weekend.  However, the Street Vibrations events taking place in Reno, Virginia City and Carson City continued on until Sunday evening.  And....they reported that because of the massive amount of traffic during the 5 days of the event, there were 84 crashes and 23 arrests were made.  But, other than the Hells Angel killed by gunfire, there were no other deaths!!  Which is amazing.....

Luckily, Walt and I were not in Reno or Sparks during this trouble.  We were in Carson City working at our Storage Unit with our son Russ.  We originally rented a 10x20 Unit, and all along Walt wanted to condense it to a 10x10 Unit.  He had originally hoped this would happen by the end of last year....I knew better.  However, through all of our mini trips there removing small amounts at a time, before we realized it, we had removed about 50% of the "stuff" that we have stored in there!

So we rented a 10x10 Unit on Friday, and spent the weekend sorting through what was left in the original Unit, deciding if we want to keep it at all (other wise, throw away), keep for now, and keep for long term.  The "stuff" that we decided to keep long term, we moved over to the smaller Unit stacking it so that the "stuff" that we know we are keeping long term was under my Love Seat, that I am still hopeful to get to use again....and or at the back of the Unit.  The rest was placed up front for us to continue to go through.

All that remains in the original 10x20 Unit is the matching Chair to my Love Seat, that we have decided to give away, the Dining Table and Chairs from our RV that we removed, and some odds and ends.  So hopefully, we will have it cleaned out completely by the end of November at the latest!!  Considering that we went from a 4 Bedroom house with 3 Full Sets Of Living Room Furniture, to what is in our RV and the 10x10 Unit in less than a year....we feel we have done great!!  And a lot of our family and friends got some awesome furniture and or appliances!!

We are anxiously waiting until our Daughter Christa drives up with Walker and Emily (the Grand Kids), to spend the day here.  Emily turned 8 in August, and Walker just turned 11 this month.  So when they come up, I will take them all out to Lunch, then spend the rest of the day shopping!!  I will let them pick out their Birthday gifts themselves (unless Christa has issues with their choices!).  Christa will be taking my full keyboard Electric Piano home with her so that they can use it until we eventually get a larger RV that we can place it in.  So at least they can use it, and learn how to play it.  She is hoping to be up next week....

We just found out a day or two ago that Walt's Mom fell again.  This is at least her 2nd fall in one year if not the 3rd, and she has fallen about 4 times in the last 18 months to 2 years!  She will be 82 yrs old in January, and we are getting more and more concerned that she will have a serious fall soon.  So far, she has only become bruised, and hasn't broken any bones.  But at her age, it is inevitable that she will break something.  She refuses to move into an Assisted Living kind of place, and she lives alone....so yes, we are concerned about her.  We are not sure who will pass first, my Mom or Dad, or Walt's Mom.  But basically she is much better health over all than my parents, who are only in their mid 70's!

We are riding the Bike down to Sacramento in a couple of weeks, so that we can visit with family and friends, and attach the Trike Wheels to the Bike.  This way I can ride it (when weather permits) this Winter, while Walt drives the Truck.  Since he has to drive to and from work in the Winter conditions, he is more likely to need the 4x4 Truck (remember that he had the accident last Winter (in the Truck) and it needed to have the body repaired both front and back!

I can ride the Bike so long as the road conditions isn't too bad, and yes, I will ride very carefully!!  I can use my current Summer riding gear this Winter (to save money).  However, I will wear thermals under my clothes to help with the colder weather.  BUT!  I will be purchasing Winter Gloves to wear!!  My current gloves are made for Summer, and air flows right through them!!  Not to mention WATER!!  LOL  Then at the end of Winter, we can purchase me some new Winter riding gear when they go on sale, for the next Winter season.

I have finished the Afghan that I was making for our family friend Hannah in Sacramento.  I am now making an Afghan for my Mom that we want to give to her in a couple of weeks!!  Then I will start the Afghan for Walt's Mom....do you see a trend here??  LOL  Yes, I do love to make Afghans.  And I have yet to make one for Hannah or Walt's Mom.  I did make one for my Mom about 25 yrs ago....but it is long gone!  So I wanted to give her one more, and it is in the colors of the beautiful Bird of Paradise flower.  I chose these colors because it was my Grand Mother's favorite flower, and it always reminds both my Mom and I of her.  Till next time....

Aloha My Friends  :)

Here is a photo of Hannah's Afghan which I have laid across our King size bed.  Sorry!  I guess I didn't make sure there weren't any wrinkles in the Comforter!



Kristin50 said...

That afghan is beautiful!

Debi said...

Thank you Kristin!! We are happy with it, so I hope that Hannah likes it too!!