Saturday, August 20, 2011

What A Week! R U Sure I Had A Birthday?

Just thought that I would share this photo that I took from my Truck, while sitting at an Intersection during Hot August Nights here in Reno, of this classic Corvette.... Classic cars were everywhere!!

I Want To Apologize Up Front, For All Of The Photos That I Have Included At The Bottom Of The Post!!

Hey Ya'll,

Well last Sunday, Walt and I drove down to Sacramento.  Originally I was going to drive myself down on my Birthday (Aug 17th (now age 56 and proud of it!)) so that I could have lunch with my Family, then drive myself back up to Reno....But since Walt got a job up here in Nevada.....this week will be his last week working down in Sacramento!  When our Daughter Kat, married and bought their first house, we helped (or should I say.....we did most of the painting) paint the majority of the inside of her house.  What we didn't paint at the time, we said that we would paint later on.  Well, finally Kat decided that it was time to do it, and since this week is Walt's last week down there.  I decided to go down with him last week to help paint.  This way, Walt doesn't have to paint this week, which will be his last and he can enjoy spending time with family and friends for lunch and dinner each day!!

My only stipulation in helping paint last week, was that I didn't want to paint on my Birthday.  Which is why we drove down on Sunday.  This way we were able to figure out what supplies we needed, and for Walt to wash the walls (Sunday) so that I could start painting/cutting on Monday morning.  Luckily, we only had to paint her spare Bathroom, the Closet in her 3rd Bedroom, and her Kitchen Pantry.  So I primed the walls all day Monday (about 7 hours), then finished with painting them all day Tuesday (another 7 hours).  But at least they were done, and I had my Birthday off!

So on Wednesday, Kat and I met up with my Parents, Christa and my Grand Kids, and my Sister-In-Law Robin for lunch.  We originally were going to eat at one of my favorite Mexican Restaurants close to where my Parents live, but Kat doesn't really like Mexican, so I changed it to Chili's Restaurant so she would go as well.  Which was fine for everyone except my Parents.  They both have trouble eating anything that takes a lot of chewing (I forgot).  So I wished that I had stayed with the original Restaurant.  Especially since my Mom thought that she was going to get to eat Mexican (her favorite), and she so rarely gets out of the house.....Oh well, next time I see her, I will have to take her a plate from there to make it up to her.

Just before we left the Restaurant, I gave Emily and Walker their gifts that I made for them.  I made Emily the Crocheted Baby Bear and Ballerina Bear as well as a new Crocheted Hat for this Winter, and a kid sized Crocheted Tote Bag in her favorite colors (Pink and Purple) of course!!  OMG!  I just realized that I didn't take a photo of it before I gave it to her, since I only finished it the night before....I made it different than Christa's, and I added some hand made Flower's to it too!!  Maybe I can get Christa to take a photo of it for me and send it to me online....? 

For Walker, I made him a Crocheted Hat and a Mom and Baby (set) Crocheted Alligator!  He really seemed to like them too.  Plus, Walt bought him a Hat from Cabela's (a local Sportsman's store here) for wearing outside hunting, etc.  I told them that since we won't be there for their actual Birthdays (Aug/Sept), we would celebrate their Birthdays when they come up here to visit (hopefully this week or next). 

Both kids really want to go to Cabela's, and to Sheel's (also a huge Sportsman's store (they have an indoor Ferris Wheel)).  And Christa wants to go to one of our local Outlet Malls.  Plus we will be eating lunch and who knows, maybe dinner too, depending on how late they are here before they have to drive back down to Sacramento.  So I told them that they can pick out their Birthday presents while here.  They seemed to like that idea! LOL

So while Walt and I were down in Sacramento, we ate at an Italian Restaurant, called Johnny Carino's on Sunday night with Kat.  I decided to break with tradition and eat their Lasagna (I usually eat Spaghetti and Meatballs).  It was fantastic, the best Lasagna I have ever eaten!! Then of course our lunch at Chili's on my Birthday, then we came home on Thursday.  And no, I didn't get to eat out for Dinner on my Birthday.  Which is kind of a tradition in our Family.  But Elliott, our SIL wanted Walt to make his BBQ Meatloaf, so Walt made that for dinner on my Birthday.  He promised to make it up to me....I am still waiting! 

Today, Walt and I had a bit of a blowup.  Walt goes through "things", I can't really say what.  But sometimes he seems to have a stick up his butt, and he is moody and an asshole (sorry) all day, and even he doesn't know why sometimes.  Well, today seemed to be "one of those days".  I just got sick of it, and blew up right back, so as of right now, we are not really on speaking if he goes down to Sacramento on Monday morning without taking me out for my Birthday dinner, I just may have to take myself out to dinner while he is away!!!  At least it would be cheaper!  LOL

Before I forget, the Friday before we drove down to Sacramento, Walt had his first Colonoscopy.  They found and removed 3 small Polyp's, and sent them for testing.  We got a call while in Sacramento from our Doctor letting Walt know that they were all benign as was expected, so all is good!!  :)

Well, I guess I will go for now.  I have a lot to do.  I want to make a couple more Tote Bags and Hats for gifts, plus I am making 2 Afghans for Christmas presents.  So I have a bit of work to do!!  LOL  So....till next time, I will leave you with a TON of photos of just SOME of the cool Classic Cars/Trucks that was staying here in the RV Park.  We didn't want to drive into downtown Reno, since they tend to get about 800,000 people here for this event every year!!

Aloha My Friends  :)
This one was probably my Favorite!!

This guy reminded me of Darth Vader's Helmet from the rear!!

Talk about ORANGE, and LOUD!  They usually drove in around midnight!

 A Classic in the making....

I'm not too sure that this one will EVER make it to fully restored Classic!!

Not too sure if you can tell, but this Motorhome is HUGE!!  At least 45-50 ft long.  And it towed a giant Trailer just as high (I never did see what was inside of it!)


~Lisa~ said...


Great photos!


Debi said...

Thanks Lisa!! I can always count on you to pick me up!!

FitBy40 said...

I may have mentioned before but I was banded on your birthday, so we both have reasons to celebrate! Happy Birthday to You!

dede said...

You have earned you wings in the Momma department for the painting!! Glad you took your birthday off! Looks like all of those cool classic cars were celebrating with you!! How much fun...GAW...get a load of the 1/2 million dollar motorhomes that go with some of them!! Wowza!! How fun!
Thanks for sharing .... you're doing a great job!

Ronnie said...

Happy late birthday to you, Miss Debi! Can't believe you're already 30. ;)

Sounds like Walt's going through man-opause.

Debi said...

Rhonda - Wow that's amazing!! I didn't realize it, so Happy Bandiversary to you!! And thank you!!

Dede - Thank you!! And yes, I was happy to help out in the painting. I actually don't mind painting so long as it isn't in hard to reach areas!!

And yes...those cars are fantastic and the huge Motorhomes was awesome!! I would have loved to have seen the inside of them....LOL

Ronnie - Thanks so much for noticing that I am only....30!! However, since my oldest Daughter is now 37....I guess I should at least bump it up to say...40??? LOL

And yes, my Walt is definitely going through Man-O-Pause...even he admits that he has been going through it for more than 10 years now!!! LOL

Bec said...

Happy Birthday, and my hubby has the same kinda days. I hate it. Hope all is well

Debi said...

Thanks Bec!! Hang in there too!! LOL

Cece said...

Hi Debi ! Happy Birthday from your newest follower :) Those cars are awesome. We just had the Dream Cruise here this past weekend (well, it's morphed into an entire week). My Sweetie just bought a 1931 Ford Model A .. it's fun !

JRD said...

Hey Debi! I just saw your comment on my blog, so I came on over and started following you too! thanks so much for taking the time to comment on my blog - I really appreciate it. Looking forward to reading all about your adventures!

Lonicera said...

Belated happy birthday Debi! Sounds like you had fun. Love those cars, particularly the fabulous colours. Funnily enough, I'm not into yellow particularly, but that first car looks pure egg yolk, and is gorgeous. What a photographic opportunity!

Debi said...

Cece - Hi Cece! Thanks for Following me too! My ex-boyfriend used to own a couple of Model A's that he was planning on restoring, I love them!

JRD - Hi JRD! Thanks for Following me back!!

Cece and JRD - As a new Bandster, if you have any questions, just ask and we will always give you our response. And since everyone's experience is a bit may get several different approaches to take!! LOL

Caroline - Thank you for the Birthday wish! It's too bad you weren't here for this event, as there are a ton of beautiful cars here that you could have taken photos of!! My photos are pure amateur compared to yours!! LOL